Agua Solo Water StrategiesThe goal of Agua:Solo is the hydrological management of the landscape and of the need to sow rainwater when it falls so that it infiltrates soils in order to:

  • Restore aquifers and water reserves
  • Regenerate the ecosystem
  • Enhance the resilience levels in low precipitation seasons
  • Reduce damage in infrastructure and on the landscape
  • Reduce equipment, energy and water costs
  • Secure your landscapes productive security



Contact us when your land presents one or more symptom:

  • Dry land
  • Inundation
  • Desertification
  • Fire
  • Soil erosion
  • Yearly reduction of water levels in aquifer, water mines, ponds, dams, wells or streams



Consultancy on sustainable landscapes/water retention landscapes/ climate change adaptation
For land owners with problems in the yearly water management, in particular with the partial/total loss of water levels in water mines, dams, ponds, wells, streams, etc. It includes one property visit and one report with the problems and proposed solutions.

Consultancy, design and support to the development of a water retention landscape
Direct intervention on the client´s land after identifying problems during the visit, after which a report and master plan are proposed to the client in order to implement a productive, resilient, ecological and economical sustainable landscape that meets the client´s goals.

Support land buying decision
You want to buy a property and have doubts about which fits better to your needs and goals? We visit the potential lands with you so that the most accurate decision possible is made.

Food forest
You have a garden area up to 1000 m2 and want to add life, new colours, smells and flavours through fruits, flowers and aromatic plants in a system adapted to a more unpredictable context? We design and implement it to your own needs.


“We have a land with a dried water mine. We wanted to understand if its possible to reactivate it and if so, how to do it. Andre visited our land and proposed measures so that the water could flow again. It was very nice to work with him. He gave us a lot of useful information on how to manage the water on our land better. I’d certainly recommend him.”

“Andre visited us and later wrote a report with propositions on how we could solve this problem. Even though only one rainy season has passed after we hired his service and applied the recommendations, we still have some water left this year and yes we recommend him. He is friendly, punctual and knowledgeable, offering advice that is not just theory but instead key practical steps that are working on our farm.” Joana Ferreira Martins

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