Discover powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Agni Way. She will softly guide you through this dynamic yoga path. Practicing asanas with holistic approach, you will experience all eight limbs of yoga.

Feel very welcome to visit a beautiful yoga shala in Lagos, where you can discover a powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Agni Way. Her hospitality and openness will make you feel home. After a common practice you can share lunch together or ask for a green smoothie or even homemade bread. In Agni Way charming Portuguese shala with a garden and ocean view, you will follow your breath and your needs, adapting intensity level of yoga practice to your own rhythm.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga can be translated as “eight limbs yoga”. The third limb are yoga poses (asanas) arranged in a fixed dynamic sequence. The most important aspect of asanas practice is to combine a deep breathing with the movement (vinyasa), holding bandhas (energetic locks) and drishti (focused gaze).

We practice with prana and apana pattern to deepen the energetic experience during the session.




There are different types of classes:

  • Basic – you will learn deep breathing and the order of asanas from the Primary Ashtanga Vinyasa Series. You will learn how to adapt each asana to your own individual body to make it safe and beneficial. You will memorise the order of asanas to help include the practice in your own everyday ritual. Last few minutes we devote to the theory of this powerful practice.
  • Led – led classes of asanas from Ashtanga Primary Series.  We move in one rhythm with the flow of our counted breath, making this common practice a powerful movement meditation.
  • mysore – it is your individual meeting with your Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and the teacher who will give you the space and assistance to deepen your practice. The teacher observes your practice, gives advices and assessments if needed. You can join mysore classes at any level, but it is good to know at least a sun salutation sequence.
  • Spine soft yoga – this class is for everyone with spine problems and back pain. It is a gentle practice that will help you to strengthen your spine and core muscles, increase your flexibility and make you feel better in your body. It’ s a great opportunity to start your yoga journey if you haven’t tried it before.
  • Water Vinyasa – a dynamic yoga form based on breath and asanas from the first and second ashtanga vinyasa yoga series including preparations. It will give you both straight and flexibility. Fluent transition from one asana to next one makes the sequence rather soft with enough time for resting and focusing on your inner breath flow.
  • Fire Vinyasa – also a dynamic form based on ashtanga vinyasa yoga, but in contrary to water vinyasa it contains more fire energy. It will significantly strengthen your arms, legs, spine and core muscles. You will feel intense inner fire and remove toxins with your sweat.
  • Own practice – if you need a place filled with good energy for your practice, came and join me for my morning ashtanga series. You can do your own yoga or other practice if it doesn’t disturb others (for example Osho dynamic meditation is not the best choice at this time). If you also practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga, you may take advantage from my assistance. You enter in silence and stay silent until everyone is finished. After 10.00 we can have a breakfast together with a good cafe (6 euros extra).
    Pranayama – breathing practice for controlling prana (life energy). We include few minutes of Nadi Shodhana pranayama after asanas practice on Monday and Sunday afternoon.



Own practice: 5 EUR
1 class: 10 EUR (first class by donation)
10 classes: 80 EUR
Class + head & neck massage (available always after classes): 20 EUR


“She’s surely the best teacher that I have ever had. Her presence is comforting to the point that you feel fully open to just let your body guide you with no fear nor hesitation. She’s taught me that yoga is about letting it be yet not settling. Beautiful experience to participate in her classes.” Anna 

“A truly inspiring teacher, extremely attentive, dedicated, knowledgeable and genuine. I feel really safe under her guidance, each time feeling encouraged to try out new things I thought were way out of my reach. I absolutely love classes, peaceful vibe, clear instructions & personal approach.” Ola

“Full of passion and big heart! So happy when i am a part of her beautiful circle and impressed by the progress of each person. Here is where magic happens!” Karolina:






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