These unique signature Agni Way massages are a combination of tantric, bioenergetic, thai massage techniques and bodyworks. Deeply therapeutic, healing and very pleasant. Working not only on a physical level, they help to connect with your inner self.

Agni invites you to her beautiful home yoga shala in Lagos for a deep journey through the body with her unique signature massages. She works with the intention to help you to release the tension that no longer serves you – in your physical, energetical, emotional, wisdom and bliss body.



Agni Touch
Hole body massage. Deep and intimate, skin to skin, performed using various body parts and body weight and in constant energetic flow. Moves the energies from lower to higher chakras removing the blockades. Very pleasant but also engaging you to work with intention and breath. Always performed with full respect to boundaries and your comfort zone. Duration: 2h, price: 90 EUR.

Back Release
Very deep, muscle and facia massage of the back: from sacrum up to neck, including shoulders and hands. Using an unique approach of applying also the body weight to deepen the massage. It will help you to release physical and emotional tension. Duration: 60 min at price: 60 EUR.

Head Release
Deeply relaxing massage of the upper body parts: neck, back of the head and face, ending with an orgasmistic massage of the ears. Targeting both muscles and facia. Deep, focusing on major energetic points located in this area of the body. Duration: 30 min at price: 25 EUR or duration: 50 min at price: 40 EUR.

Five Elements
Healing and energising ritual based on five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Affecting energetic body more than physical. Performed using hands and forearms and accompanied with music of healing frequency 432 Hz. Duration: 50 min, price: 40 EUR.

Butterfly Touch
Massage of gentle bioenergetics according to Dr. Eva Reich’s method. Gentle technique which works through a soft and delicate touch, melting away tension in the whole body, relieves symptoms of stress, improves overall health and dissolves hidden traumas. Duration: 15 min, price: 15 EUR.

“Agni Massage took me to other states of pleasure and relaxation. Although small in size Agni has strength to go deep into tensed muscles giving relief of stress and pain. Surprising body to body strokes gave me additional sensory stimuli. Agni’s presence and tender care made me feel safe to open up.” Freya, tantric teacher.

“In the arms of the Angel… If you need head & heart reset – I can only recommend Agni Way massage. This almost 3 hour “trip to heaven” was the most relaxing massage I ever had! It was pure physical and mental pleasure. A true reset of my body & mind. Agni was so soft and delicate but somehow she managed to release my tight muscles. Stress, anxiety and fatigue just disappeared. She made me feel fantastic. Agni you’re an Angel! I definitely must repeat it!” Beata

“The massages AGNI makes are hard to forget, you feel relaxed, renewed or better “reconstructed” both in a physical as well as mental sense.“ Danka:





Phone: +48 668 314 869 (Also Whats App) or 351 920 581 070