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Has your life in Portugal inspired you to write? Maybe you want to share your experiences in a memoir, a permaculture handbook, an off-grid guide or that novel you always wanted to write.

Every year, authors successfully publish their books after the in-depth feedback and expert advice from Novel Gazing.

Authors come to Novel Gazing for detailed story and character analysis and professional copy-editing.

Invest in your own success

All best-selling authors work with an editor to improve their writing, and the world’s biggest publishers use editors for all their books.
Join the world’s top-selling authors and have your book edited by a professional editor.
Send the first 1500 words of your manuscript to Novel Gazing for a FREE SAMPLE EDIT.


Writer Portugal Jim

Your personal professional editor
Jim Dempsey is a professional member of the Society of Editors and Proofreaders.
His experience and critical thinking will improve the flow and logic of your writing while still respecting and retaining your unique voice.

Jim has written many articles on writing and editing, and is a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed.

He works in both UK and US English, and specializes in editing work from non-native English speakers.

Jim is based in central Portugal and also offers one-to-one coaching sessions. 


“Thanks so much for getting me into submission shape. I mean it in the best literary way!” David Swatling

“Thank you Jim Dempsey for knocking it out of the park once again!” Mylo Carbia

“Highly professional, artful work.” Lily Markova

“Thanks again for the awesome work! Beyond ecstatic with how it turned out.” Chad V. Holtkamp

“Jim is very skilled, professional and detailed oriented.” Genique Crowder

Detailed analysis of your book from Novel Gazing
Jim will compile an in-depth feedback document of your book covering:

  • each individual chapter
  • your story as a whole
  • all the main characters
  • perspective
  • pacing
  • plot
  • tone
  • target audience
  • potential market


Also included is line-by-line copy-editing to

  • correct grammatical errors, typos, spelling mistakes, and ensure spelling and formatting consistency
  • give detailed suggestions to improve sentence syntax and paragraph structure
  • check for repetition, redundancy and factual errors


How much does this in-depth analysis of your book cost?

Personal, professional editing and analysis of your book at an amazing price:
Only 5 eurocents per word (includes IVA).
No hidden charges.
No extra costs.
Affordable and transparent.

The typical turnaround time for a 60,000 word novel is only 15 working days.

The small print
The cost may be more when English is not your first language, up to 1 eurocent extra per word on the above-noted price.
Please get in touch for prices in other currencies.
The free sample edit applies only to the first 1500 words of a completed novel manuscript (of more than 10,000 words).

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