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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Creating Your Dream Home: 9 Essential Considerations for Residential Architecture

Creating your ideal house requires a careful examination of residential architecture. We will examine nine crucial factors in this article that provide the groundwork for realising your goal. Every component, from subtle aesthetics to clever space planning, is essential in creating the house you will call your own. Creating the Dream Home Let us explore these considerations to ensure that your ideal residence, designed in collaboration with a reputable residential architecture firm, encapsulates both your personal design preferences and functional ...Read more

Architecture in Portugal: Building Houses with Eco-friendly and Low Impact Features

As nations worldwide make strides towards a more sustainable future, Portugal has not been left behind in adopting eco-friendly and low-impact practices in its architectural sector. A country with a rich history of architectural prowess, from the traditional Manueline to contemporary designs, it is on a path that entwines sustainability with architectural innovations. This is a journey through the noteworthy steps Portugal has taken in establishing eco-friendly and low-impact homes that are not only architectural marvels but also testaments to ...Read more

Architecture for off grid living

Sharing an amazing testimonial for Joana Rosa Architecture on the Services Directory. “If we were ever to do another build, Joana would be our first phone call. We approached Joana Rosa Architecture with a vision to build our off grid dream. Joana listened to our ambition, offering innovative solutions whilst also keeping us realistic. She went above and beyond in her role as our architect, having our backs from initial property purchase all the way through to the big move ...Read more

The Perfect Place To Create A Community

We bring you not one but three incredible properties, all are available as separate units but come with the unique situation of being set next to each other, which, for those people who wish to start a community is a dream come true!  Property 1 – Land Of Oaks – 3 ruins with 180m2, another ruin footprint showing 73m2. Land with 12ha, a cork oak plantation, a lake with fresh water perfect for swimming in! Click here for more info. ...Read more

Meet Dan Kruger Of The Merkaba Community

  What bought you to Portugal in the first place? Too much work in the UK really, I had jobs coming in from all areas, and lots of customers, I always want to take on so much as I am really passionate about what I do but, it wore me down to the point of feeling like I was having a breakdown. I had already been sick for a while before this with Crohn’s disease and had to have 6 ...Read more

Adi, the nomad architect

Olá Good life people! Finally, I am here. My name is Adi and I am a nomad Architect. Two years ago, I visited Portugal and completely fell In love. The landscape, the colorful buildings,the kind and open-heart people. It was only a short vacation and I promised myself to come back some day. Back then I had no idea what is about to happen. In what ways my life are about to change and which opportunities will present themselves  before me. ...Read more

Tiny Homes Permission. The Lowdown Part 2

Following on from our Tiny Homes Permission, Part 1. Paulo Borges, a professional architect, from Plataforma – arquitectura, shares his insights on legal permissions around Tiny Homes. Is there such a thing as ‘non permanent dwelling’ in the Portuguese system? It’s a difficult question. In the Portuguese system there’s no definition for a non permanent dwelling. What we have is a definition for camping and a definition for dwellings. Camping is a temporary installation of a portable shelter to be placed ...Read more

Woodworking… which are the best tools?

One of  the main topics of conversations for renovation projects in Portugal is which tools are best, which brands are best and where to get them from. It can keep people engaged in conversation for a long time. For this blog piece, Healthy Handy Man, shares the best random orbital sanders for woodworking in 2018. If you’re serious about advancing your craft, you can’t put off buying a random orbital sander for long. But, the process of buying your first ...Read more

Corpo Atelier features in the respected magazine Architecture

We are excited that one of the Pure Portugal architecture services, Corpo Atelier, have been featured in Architecture. The project in the publication shows the renovation of a small stone house, refurbished on a low budget. Congratulations Filipe from the Pure Portugal team. Details below: WOOD STRUCTURE INSIDE STONE WALLS Tipology: Refurbishment of a single house Location: Sernancelhe, Portugal Date: 2014 Architecture: Corpo Atelier ( Design Team: Filipe Paixão Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves ( Awards: Shortlisted for the “Portuguese Wood ...Read more

Pure Portugal Podcast Episode 2: June 2018

You can use the links below to find out more information relating to the information shared in this months Podcast     Missed it? Listen to the Podcast in full here Our fabulous Podcasts are presented and produced by the wonderful Carl Munson. Carl is a radio presenter, with nearly 30 years’ experience – on pirate, community FM, RSL and Internet stations. He created The Barefoot Broadcast in 2010 to explore and share all manner of spiritual, ecological and inspiring subjects ...Read more

Architecture: How to contemporarily approach vernacular

There has been a surge of interest in renovating traditional ruins for their beauty and charm. With today’s needs, one should do it carefully, not to repeat vernacular answers and at the same time not to “disrespect” the existing structures. The approach should be a balance between old and new, where the new should highlight and respect the pre-existence of what once was, and at the same times prepare the new owners for a contemporary way of living.   Filipe ...Read more

Olive Pruning and Wall Repairing

There’s lots of work going on here at Quinta dos Covões this month. There are a couple of fantastic local guys here pruning the very overgrown olive trees to get them back into production. Also there’s a digger and two men repairing the tallest wall that suffered a collapse at some point in the past.  The bee hives are going to be installed on the terrace immediately above the newly-repaired wall, just in time for the Monthly Bee Keeping Course with Harald ...Read more

Let the Renovations Begin!

I’ve just signed the promessory contract for my new little quinta. It’s been a long time coming this satisfaction of my longing to settle and (literally) put permanent roots down – I’ve moved, and made gardens (an irresistable urge I have whenever I find myself in a new place), four times in the last 18 months. Once all the paperwork is finally sorted out – the property was divided into two halves when inherited by two daughters. When I say two halves of a ...Read more