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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

The Art of Composting in Portugal

Creating a successful compost pile is an enriching endeavour for any property owner in Portugal, blending seamlessly with the pursuit of sustainability and the cultivation of lush, productive gardens. It is not as simple as ‘chuck it in a pile and leave it’ but it certainly does not need to feel daunting either! We thought we would share some top tips on the ‘art’ of layering your compost, this is really a critical process that balances green (nitrogen-rich) and brown ...Read more

Growing Your Own Food in Portugal: February – Preparing for Spring’s Arrival

February in Portugal is a transitional month, bridging winter’s end and the onset of spring. It’s a time to prepare and anticipate the burgeoning growth ahead. Understanding February in Portugal: As the days start to lengthen, there’s an air of expectancy in the garden. The north remains cool, central regions begin to warm up, and the Algarve starts to feel the first hints of spring. Soil and Water Work: It’s vital to prepare the soil for early planting. Adding well-rotted ...Read more

Permaculture in Portugal: December Delights and Duties

Ah…December in Portugal! While the rest of Europe dons heavy coats, Portugal, with its mild winters, offers a unique gardening landscape. As Christmas bells jingle in the distance, those with green fingers still have a wealth of permaculture tasks and opportunities. Let’s dive into the world of December gardening in Portugal from a permaculture lens. Portugal’s December Garden: A Snapshot Sure, the days are shorter and nights cooler, but the Portuguese soil is far from dormant. Winter rains grace the ...Read more

Surviving and Thriving: November Permaculture in Portugal

In the realm of survival, every advantage is essential. In Portugal, as November ushers in the final lap of autumn, the earth is not dormant; it’s just more selective. Leveraging permaculture principles, even in the slightly cooler climes, can be your ace in the hole. Let’s explore how to maximise yields and prepare for the coming months. The Lay of the Portuguese Land in November While Portugal’s coastal regions benefit from the tempering influence of the Atlantic, its interiors can ...Read more

Permaculture in Portugal: October Planting and Nurturing

  If you’ve been wondering how to harness the beauty of Portugal’s October season, you’re in the right place. Let’s deep dive into the permaculture world, tailored to the Portuguese landscape. Understanding October in Portugal From the rolling expanses of Alentejo to the picturesque slopes of the Douro Valley, Portugal boasts a wealth of diverse environments. As summer’s heat gradually mellows into autumn’s crisp embrace, October emerges as an ideal month for planting and tending. Harnessing Water: With summer drawing ...Read more

Sustainable Living in Portugal: A Neighbourly Guide to a Green Home

With its captivating landscapes and inviting climate, Portugal welcomes not just tourists but those who are keen to embrace a sustainable way of life. If you were to walk through the beautiful streets of Lisbon or the rustic countryside, you might find neighbours sharing tips on water conservation or proudly displaying solar panels on their roofs. Here’s a neighbourly guide on how to join the growing trend of green living in Portugal. Portugal’s Friendly Approach to Sustainability People in Portugal ...Read more

Water Management in Portugal: Embracing Sustainable Water Usage for Off-Grid Living

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, and its management is crucial for sustaining life and promoting a healthy environment. In Portugal, a country blessed with diverse water resources, the concept of sustainable water management, especially in the context of off-grid living, is gaining significant attention. Water Sources in Portugal You will see properties for sale on our website with a varied range of sources, wells, springs, water mines, dams, rivers and lakes. With a long coastline, desalination also provides ...Read more

Edible Landscapes and Organic Gardens: Reaping Nature’s Bounty

Edible landscapes and organic gardens represent a shift towards sustainable and healthy living. Growing your food not only reduces your carbon footprint but also connects you more intimately with nature’s cycle. Edible Landscapes and Organic Gardens Edible landscapes and organic gardens transform your living space into a productive environment. You can grow a variety of food, from vegetables and herbs to fruits and nuts, right in your backyard. These gardens promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and can provide a substantial ...Read more

Animal Integration for Sustainability: Harmonizing Ecosystems

Integrating animals into our living environment forms a crucial aspect of sustainable practices. An aspect of permaculture, animal integration fosters a healthier and more balanced ecosystem, facilitating mutual benefits for both humans and animals. Animal Integration and Sustainability In the realm of sustainability, animals play a key role. Their integration into our ecosystems has numerous benefits. For instance, chickens can control pests and contribute to soil enrichment through their droppings, goats assist in managing overgrown vegetation, and bees, through their ...Read more

Permaculture: A Sustainable Approach to Living and Its Implication in Portugal

Permaculture, is a combination of ‘permanent’ and ‘culture’, also seen as a holistic design system for creating sustainable human habitats. This approach is not merely about growing plants; it encompasses energy-efficient building design, integrated water resources management, and even community development strategies. With an emphasis on the principles of ecology and the interconnectivity of life, permaculture strives to work with nature, rather than against it, in a self-sustaining manner. Permaculture in Portugal Portugal is a country with varied landscape, abundant ...Read more

Which Natural Building Technique is Best For You?

A list of the pros and cons for earthbag building, cob, straw bale, wood, stone and wattle & daub. Many people are planning and researching at the moment. January does that to people. If it’s natural homes you’re thinking of then here’s a comparison of a few building techniques you might be considering: earthbag, cob, straw bale, wood, stone, and wattle and daub. I’ve compared the cost, difficulty of technique, how the buildings fare in extreme weather, heating, and other ...Read more

DIY Natural Swimming Pool in Portugal

We bring you this article from the wonderful Quinta Kania – please do head to their website to see the fabulous workshops and events they are holding!! There is no need to explain why the idea of a natural swimming pool makes everyone so excited. Summer in Portugal, with temperatures often above 30°C, makes you want to spend all day in the water. Plus being able to replace all the chemical pool treatments with beautiful plants, sounds brilliant! A Natural ...Read more


If you find your new home through the Pure Portugal website we will send you 50euros to spend on anything you like! Trees, a meal out, some hens, flowers, seeds, tools, fabulous Portuguese wine… just let us know the property reference, your bank details or paypal address and we will whizz it straight over to you with love and hugs from the whole team!   ...Read more

Explore Portugal – The Dão Valley

This blog is bought to you with many thanks to The Caminho do Dão project, a new long-distance hiking trail in the Dão Valley in Northern Portugal. The Caminho do Dão is a week-long nature pilgrimage through the beautiful valley, from the source to the mouth of the river. For more info and booking see here. The Dão valley and its rich patchwork of landscapes that tell the story of what is happening in and to nature in the entire ...Read more

Fire Resistants – Documentary Film

It gives us great pleasure to share and support the making of this documentary which shares stories of resistance and rebirth following the 2017 Portugal wildfires. Two Italian anthropologists, along with a team of Portuguese filmmakers decided to make a documentary about the new opportunities the fire brought to the lives of five families of the area and also talk about the pulp plantation policies, which are, of course, the main cause of the massive dimension of the wildfires. Offering ...Read more

To treat or not to treat the honey bee? The question so much in discussion.

This topic can trigger fear and judgement and especially cause panic for commercial beekeepers who’s livelihood could be at jeopardy from hives loses due to disease. However recent research provides powerful insights as to the case for not treating diseases such as varroa.     IBRA (International Bee Research Association) shares: “This is always a dilemma beekeepers face when deciding whether or how to treat varroa. In parasitology there is a tendency in time for a parasite to become less ...Read more

Celebrating Bees: Happy International Women’s Day

My relationship to bees is a mixed bag of rational awe at what they do and their role in nature, and irrational fear about getting stung. I say irrational not because it’s such a wild notion to think that I might get stung, but because even if I did, it would not be half as bad as my fear makes it out to be (note: I am lucky enough not to be allergic). Focusing on my awe, I thought I ...Read more

Is the answer to saving the honey bee rewilding?

Deborah Richmond, from the Pure Portugal team, shares why she came to Portugal. To set up a bee sanctuary an regenerate 12 hectares of land through reforestation, land regeneration and water retention strategies. A passion for the honey bee, this article was written for Pure Portugal by one of people behind the project, Angharad Barlow. For more information about what we are up to visit  Is the answer to saving the Honey Bee re-wilding?  I believe it’s entirely possible. ...Read more

Grief after the WildFires

Dealing with Personal and Collective Grief… Life after the WildFires “The village is the place you go to be seen. It is this being seen for what we most deeply value that helps repair the “break in belonging” and lets us plant the seeds of hope and renewal”. Sobonfu Many traditional indigenous cultures hold that the sharing of grief is essential for the connectedness of a community. Grieving is one of the ways we express love for what we’ve lost, ...Read more

Bees and Bee Keeping Course

The bees have arrived at Quinta dos Covões! I didn’t know they were here until I heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Harald there holding out a bee keeper’s suit for me and saying “Do you want to come and watch me open the hives up?”. So off we went, suited up, to release the bees! I know very little about bees other than they’re entirely fascinating and I really want them on the quinta and ...Read more

Rocket Stove

Nice and comfy, nested on the heated sofa-bench… The house is warm, the water hot, and the stove gently crackling as it finishes hits burn for the day. Temperature meant to go down to 1°C tonight. Right now it’s 4.7°C out there, but 20.2°C in here. Our rocket stove is now in its second week of its second season. Only 2 blow backs so far ; once after I rushed putting a big log in shortly after starting it, the ...Read more

Eating Invisible Flowers: the Delicious Mystery of FIGS

© Keith Irwin Their skins are golden or leaf green, delicate cream with a pale pink blush, amber, mauve, royal purple shading into eau de nil, or inky violet tinged with midnight. There are dozens of varieties in Portugal, and their names echo like the words of a song – surely a love song in praise of the beloved’s beauties: Olho de Perdiz, Douro, Pingo de Mel, Paraíso and Princesa. Every year, millions of people around the world watch the ...Read more

Sustainable Forests for Portugal

We – a group of Portuguese and foreigners who believe there has to be a better way for the environment AND the people – have set up this page because we believe that NOW would be the perfect opportunity to replant the devastated forests of Portugal with the indigenous forest of sweet chestnut and oak. But local people need an income, so chances are we’ll see more pine and eucalyptus, This is the real root of the problem – massive ...Read more

Beber de uma Nuvem

15 de agosto de 2015. A Vida em Portugal – autora: Dra. Jude Irwin Hoje, enquanto fazia a minha corrida matinal e me movimentava calmamente através da névoa fria que se espalhava pela encosta arborizada abaixo, eis que me deparo com um mistério. Os raios de sol já começavam a queimar, criando manchas de azul vívido por cima de mim. Porém… Eu conseguia ouvir um ruído: era a inconfundível e bem-recebida água neste violento verão de seca e de incêndios ...Read more

Depois do Fogo. Uma Caminhada pela Floresta (Muito) Negra

15 de agosto de 2015 – A Vida em Portugal – Autora: Dra. Jude Irwin Ao lerem isto, alguns de vós já devem estar “habituados” a isso aqui em Portugal. De certo que já presenciaram incêndios florestais e leram sobre eles, e certamente também já experienciaram a amargura de ouvir o som das sirenes, o fumo a deflagrar e os desvios rodoviários tantas vezes que, mais um incêndio, é apenas “só mais um”. Mas para mim e para o Keith, ...Read more

Drinking from a Cloud

August 17, 2015. Life in Portugal by Jude Irwin As I took my morning run today, jogging rather ponderously through the cool mist that billows down the wooded hills, I encountered a mystery. The sun had started to burn through, creating patches of vivid blue above me. And yet…I could hear a sound – unmistakable and welcome in this gusty summer of drought and forest fire: It was raining! Or was it? If it was, why wasn’t I getting wet? ...Read more

After the Fire. A Walk in the (Very) Black Forest

Some of you reading this are “old hands” here in Portugal. You’ve seen forest fires and read about them, and put up with the wailing sirens, smoke and road diversions so long that another one is just ho-hum. But for Keith and me, the burning around Figueiró dos Vinhos during the first week of August 2015 was our first experience of a rapidly-spreading and potentially catastrophic conflagration. It was both shocking and fascinating. One week after the last of 600+ ...Read more

When the Forest Burns

In this world of “bucket lists” prioritising things to see and do before we die, there are a few dramatic scenes one never wishes to see. One is a forest fire practically on your doorstep. It is August in Portugal – prime holiday time, but also the danger zenith of the forest fire season. Everything is tinder dry. While the firefighters of Rocky, California slog on against a blaze engulfing 90 square miles, other smaller but no less frightening Mediterranean ...Read more