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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Cressida’s House

  Cressida, or Cress for short, featured in a recent episode of House Hunters International in which she purchased a property advertised through Pure Portugal.  At the beginning of 2016, Cress left behind her life in London and a corporate job in finance, as she felt it lacked any true purpose. After volunteering in Chile and learning more about permaculture practices she came back to Europe and found herself in Portugal. The landscape reminded her of her childhood home in ...Read more

Portugal is a region full of the wonders of nature

Portugal is a region full of the wonders of nature, where you can find tons of fantastic excursions. The most famous is certainly the Rota Vincentina, a network of walking trails in SW Portugal, totalling 450 km along the most beautiful and best preserved coastline of Southern Europe. However there are a lot of wonderful alternatives we wanted to share here.         Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos: located in the extreme south of Portugal in the area of ...Read more

Q&A With One Of Pure Portugal’s Longest Standing Sales Agents

As part of our Pure Portugal Past & Present 14th Birthday Celebrations we decided it would be nice to interview one of the agents who has been advertising their property for sale with Pure Portugal since the early days. See their featured property for sale here  What were you doing before you started selling properties?  We’ve always had our own smallholding producing about 95% of our own food so there was never any lack of work. Over the years we’ve ...Read more

Water retention techniques. Permaculture swales by Doug Crouch

Pure Portugal is passionate about the work of permaculture designer Doug Crouch. He shares his knowledge and experience on swales. Swales in a Pattern Reflection In a pattern sense, swales deal with pulses of energy also seen as a wave, just as sound frequency moves in waves. Their shape is a ditch and a mound and one summer in Portugal we built a swale at the beach to demonstrate the technique and take advantage of the easily moved substrate for ...Read more

Q&A With One Of Pure Portugal’s Longest Standing Rental Clients

As part of our Pure Portugal Past & Present 14th Birthday Celebrations, we decided it would be nice to interview one of the people who have advertised their rental property with Pure Portugal since the early days. See their rental property here What were you doing before you started renting properties?  We came here to retire , but soon decided that we needed to do something to keep us busy. How did you first find out about Pure Portugal, and ...Read more

Pure Portugal – Past Blogs

As part of our Pure Portugal Past and Present series in celebration of Pure Portugal turning 14 years old on May 10th we thought we would find some of the old blogs from Sophie, Andy and some of the volunteers they had way back where Pure Portugal all began at Quinta das Abelhas! You can now catch up with what Sophie and volunteers are up to at her new home Quinta dos Covões who have a Facebook page – click ...Read more

Q&A With Pure Portugal’s Founder and Director Sophie Kempin

  As part of the Pure Portugal Past and Present 14th Birthday Celebrations we interviewed Sophie Kempin who is the founder and director of Pure Portugal to fine a bit more about her life, hat journey took her to starting Pure Portugal and where she sees things in 15years time! Read on to find out all about what she had to say! How did Pure Portugal come about initially? What was the inspiration behind it? Pure Portugal originally came about ...Read more

What does ‘Living the Good Life’ mean to the Pure Portugal team. And you?

As we are in the 14th anniversary celebration year of Pure Portugal, we reflect on what Living the Good Life means, from both the original founder Sophie and the seven other team members that now make up the Pure Portugal family. The organisation has come a very long way through hard work, and continues to grow alongside its community. “Originally the tagline ‘Living the Good Life’ came from the TV series in England called The Good Life” said Sophie. The ...Read more

The right tree, in the right place

Pure Portugal’s natural resource consultant, Micheal Steed, shares his overview to forest management. The recent devastating forest fires have turned lives, livelihoods, the landscape and forestry management upside down in central Portugal. As awful as it has been, often in the midst of such chaos and trauma is presented opportunities. Opportunities for change. Changing the way things are viewed, perceived, valued and done. In central Portugal the percentage of actively managed forest is quite low. This is now recognized as ...Read more

Tiny Homes – The Magic of Yurts

Mongolia is known for its endless steppes, wild horses, and nomadic people. An integral part of that culture is the type of structure the nomads call home, a round building that can easily be put up or dismantled and is designed to be resistant to the wind and cold. This is called a “Ger” or a “Yurt”. Today, the yurt is a “tiny home” option many people use on their land, whether it is as a primary residence or a ...Read more

Pure Portugal Podcast Episode 1: May 2018

  You can use the links below to find out more information relating to the information shared in this months Podcast       Missed it? Listen to the Podcast in full here Our fabulous Podcasts are presented and produced by the wonderful Carl Munson. Carl is a radio presenter, with nearly 30 years’ experience – on pirate, community FM, RSL and Internet stations. He created The Barefoot Broadcast in 2010 to explore and share all manner of spiritual, ecological ...Read more

Pure Portugal Past – The Team Recount Their Memories Of When They First Found Pure Portugal

  In celebration of Pure Portugal turning 14 years old we asked the Pure Portugal team to share how they first came into contact with Pure Portugal. You can also click here to find out more about the team!   Clare Monson – I first heard of Pure Portugal many moons ago, when moving to Portugal was still a daydream and way back in the hazy days when ‘forums’ were used more than Facebook. I met Sophie through a forum which ...Read more

Importing a vehicle, trailer or caravan to Portugal

To experience Portugal is to experience breathtaking views, majestic castles, spectacular beaches and some of the best people on the planet. Portugal is a haven for those who love to really experience life to the fullest each and every day. While there are many reasons to go to Portugal, one fact holds true and that is the fact that Portugal is one of the places that once you arrive, you never want to leave. This is why so many expats ...Read more

Pure Portugal’s – Must Have Books!

  This book list will be added to monthly as each months ‘must have book’ is shared on our facebook community page – Pure Portugal Living The Good Life.  You can pop over to this blog page looking for an ever increasing list of essential book inspiration! We will ensure it is a varied selection about Portugal, learning Portuguese and other useful books to enable you to start living the good life. LEARNING PORTUGUESE April 2018 – First Thousand Words In ...Read more

Tiny Homes – Tipi Living

  The Pure Portugal team thought we would share a blog for each of the different types of Tiny Homes we have on offer. The first one is about tipi-living and was written by Clare Monson, a Pure Portugal team member and founder of MyTipis. The other tipi provider we work with is Tartaruga. The Sioux word tipi is formed of ‘ti’ meaning to dwell or live, and ‘pi’ meaning used for – thus tipi means used to live in. ...Read more

Wellbeing – Remembering To Look After YOU

Wellbeing, or wellness is a term generalised for the over all condition of a group or individual person.  You moved to Portugal because you wanted a better life, more relaxation, more time spent doing the things that fulfil you, eating better, feeling healthier. However a change of country, job and lifestyle isn’t always all that’s needed, previous to your move you may well have had pamper sessions, practiced yoga, or arranged a massage, and being in Portugal doesn’t mean these ...Read more

Tips for Buying Property Overseas

If you’ve been viewing lots of beautiful houses and have finally found the perfect place, you may be keen to put a deposit down, get the keys and start decorating. However, when you’re buying a property abroad, it’s important to do your research to ensure you know exactly what the overseas purchase process is like, and are aware of any obstacles that may come up. Our currency partner FC Exchange share their top tips to consider when you’re looking to ...Read more

Discover Portugal – Sintra

An easy half hour away from Lisbon, Sintra is a lush valley a stone-throw away from the Atlantic Ocean. With its stunning view of the ocean, it’s no wonder that it was always a favorite getaway and the location of Lisbon’s elite family’s holiday and summer homes. Although the term “homes” is used loosely, because Sintra is in fact full of mansions and palaces, with quite a few open for visits – and well worth the detour! If you’re in ...Read more

7 Reason Why Everyone Is Going To Portugal

If you have been to Portugal before then you must have experienced the warmth and the vibrancy of its culture and the marvel of its abundant nature. Whether you want to experience the tranquility of nature or the thrilling daredevil then you’ll love the quality and unique activities that Portugal has to offer. As a matter of fact, not many countries can offer such a wide range of delights and experiences. Read below to learn about the 7 reason why ...Read more

Architecture: How to contemporarily approach vernacular

There has been a surge of interest in renovating traditional ruins for their beauty and charm. With today’s needs, one should do it carefully, not to repeat vernacular answers and at the same time not to “disrespect” the existing structures. The approach should be a balance between old and new, where the new should highlight and respect the pre-existence of what once was, and at the same times prepare the new owners for a contemporary way of living.   Filipe ...Read more

Tax Return and Tax Status Q&A’s

You may remember a few months ago we asked the Pure Portugal community what questions  they had relating to tax and tax returns… Well it’s fair to say you all had a lot!! Thanks so much for your input! We sent the questions off to Euro Finesco who are one of the accountants on our services directory and they kindly answered as many of them as possible. If you sent a question in and haven’t seen a reply below then ...Read more

Place Of The Month – March 2018 – Monsanto

The place that time forgot….Somewhere from out of the Flintstones……The most Portuguese village in Portugal… just some of the ways that March’s Place Of The Month is described by people. credit: visit portugal In actual reality this beautiful and fascinating little village, sat 758 metres above sea level in the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, near the Spanish border is called Monsanto. In 1938 it really was dubbed the most Portuguese village in Portugal and in 1955 it was also named as ...Read more

Latest Sales – March

Olá! Here is a selection of Pure Portugal properties SOLD last month. If you missed out on these opportunities, you can find some similar listings following the links below each image. SOLD! WKN85: Casinhas Auto-sustentáveis Two self-sufficient, organic wooden houses. 1.5ha land with several trees and its own water spring. Price: €85,000 This property was a huge success turned out on a very quick sale! Unfortunately there`s not much propertys like this available, specially because it is located on Algarve ...Read more

Paying taxes by direct debit

Even with lot of technology nowadays, sometimes we forget some responsibilities. Direct debits are a simple and convenient way to make certain periodic payments. To help taxpayers, the government tax department started allowing the payment of several taxes by direct debit. Because when paying taxes, forgetting can lead to paying fines. If you want to be free of the anxiety of keeping track of tax payment dates and duties, you can now schedule these payments so they can be payed automatically by ...Read more

Tiny Homes Permission – The Lowdown Part 1

Raphael Silvares Jerónimo, from Ecositana, is a professional builder of wooden houses in Portugal. He shares his knowledge on building and permits for Tiny Homes in Portugal. This is part 1 in the series, it is a big topic asked about by many people. Permits A wooden house needs a permit, just like any other type of house. A regular building permit with a very important «licença de utilização» (given at the end of the project) that allows you to ...Read more

Sharing his love of technology and travel – Daniel from the Pure Portugal team

Technology Since little I’ve been amazed by technology and how we are at exciting times of profound breakthroughs. Twenty years ago it was unimaginable to have the level of global connection and knowledge sharing that the internet has gave us. I try to follow closely the evolution of new technologies and how they can be put in good use as a solution for a more conscientious, responsible, sustainable and fair world. Palheiro conversion My ancestors come from a small village ...Read more

Joana sharing her love for her job and the countryside

Pure Portugal – What I love about this job I have joined the Pure Portugal Team in june 2015. The job wasn’t completely new to me as in the past 8 years I was helping my father with his business of Buying & Selling Properties. During that time I gained experience dealing with clients, some knowledge regarding the property buying & selling process, and an overview of the business. During those years I also become passionate about rural properties, the ...Read more

Sharing her love of horses, growing food, meditation and more – Clare from the Pure Portugal team

Aside from work with Pure Portugal I am also a Tipi Maker, I love being creative, and when not writing I adore sewing and making the tipis, seeing a roll of fabric become a wonderful retreat space/bedroom/communal gathering space fills me with joy each time and, in nearly a decade of making Tipis I still find myself filled with wonder when I put them up and see them in their new homes. So… having Pure Portugal and the tipis as ...Read more

Deborah shares her love of creativity and the indigenous ways

My biggest drive is my curiosity about the endless possibilities that exist on this beautiful planet through connecting with the intelligence of nature. Creativity  I spent 15 years working in advertising, an industry I was passionate about. How do you connect with the soul of something and share its essence through communication? This, for me, is the heart of branding. The creative industries attract driven and talented people and I thrived in many ways in this environment. Over time though, ...Read more

Living in Portugal – The True Costs of Retiring In or Visiting This Country

Although not as popular as Italy, France, or Spain, Portugal remains a dreamy European destination we encourage you to explore as soon as you can. It is far more affordable than other trendy places on the old continent, providing hundreds of miles of coastline, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, divine dishes, and endless nights of entertainment. If you plan on taking a trip to this country as soon as it’s safe again or even retire to enjoy the amazing waves ...Read more

Why Move to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country and investing in a property here or just paying rent is a great way to make a change in your life. There are a lot of reasons why people who have done this already are extremely happy that they have done it and we have listed a few reasons why you should definitely consider this option. 1. Low expenses Life in Portugal has a relatively low cost. Not as low as in Vietnam, but relatively ...Read more

Sharing her love of travelling and making connections – Raquel from the Pure Portugal team

One of my biggest passion is travelling, knowing people, projects and being inspired from the world around me! Transition Network I’ve discovered Permaculture some years ago and it makes a lot of sense to me! I’ve been exploring since then other ways of living, so I’ve been visiting some sustainable projects, doing connections, and now I’m a part of the Transition Network Movement, on the Beehive LIGAR, for Transição Portugal. In this Beehive, our aim is visiting Transition groups and ...Read more

Sharing her love of education, inspiration, property and Portugal – Sophie, director of Pure Portugal Ltd

I’m one of the founders of Pure Portugal and the company was born from the things I love to do! I’ve grown up with a love for property and remember as a child looking through property adverts in magazines, and spending endless hours designing houses (all of which had an indoor swimming pool!), and making dolls houses out of cardboard boxes. I’m also passionate about nature- with a particular love for forests (I spent a year living in a tree ...Read more

Celebrating Bees: Happy International Women’s Day

My relationship to bees is a mixed bag of rational awe at what they do and their role in nature, and irrational fear about getting stung. I say irrational not because it’s such a wild notion to think that I might get stung, but because even if I did, it would not be half as bad as my fear makes it out to be (note: I am lucky enough not to be allergic). Focusing on my awe, I thought I ...Read more

Place Of The Month – February 2018 – Berlengas

Looking for adventure? Wanting to find one of those magical looking islands that looks like its come right out of a fantasy book? Well February’s Place Of The Month is quite possibly for you! With the added bonus of only being an hour or so off the mainland of Portugal, Berlengas (known to British mariners as “the Burlings” ) is one of the 3 archipelagos that Portugal has (the other two being the somewhat better known Madeira and The Azores) ...Read more

Latest Sales – February

Olá! Here is a selection of Pure Portugal properties SOLD last month. If you missed out on these opportunities, you can find some similar listings following the links below each image. SOLD! DCG130: Moinho da Fadagosa Windmill House (63m2) and Miller`s House, both fully renovated. 3.8 hectares land bordering a pure water stream. Very private. Tourism business opportunity. 130,000 euros See more properties with wind and water mills. SOLD! ANB38: Terreno em Escaramouços Land with rural construction and an annex ...Read more

4 Days Of Activities In The Algarve For Under 100 euros

We love the Algarve, but often when we head down it’s for work or seeing friends and family. This February we had the chance to head down for some real family time and were surprised at how much we managed to cram in without spending a fortune! We didn’t set out with a 100€ budget but, being only a few weeks since Christmas, and as self employed Tipi makers, winter is usually an especially dry time financially and we knew ...Read more

Sharing their love of food & adventure: the couple behind the francophone version of Pure Portugal

We are the newbies on the Pure Portugal team and the ones taking care of the new website in French, Pur Portugal, as well as the French-speaking Facebook group. This video gives you a first taste of what we are all about: Living in Portugal since April 2017, we are in the process of buying a property near Guarda. Our hope is to be as self-sustainable as possible and to set up a small ecotourism project. We love to travel ...Read more

Carnival In Portugal!

There is no doubt that being in Portugal for Carnival (Carnaval) is one of the most memorable times to be there, the whole country seems to explode into a big bundle of colour, smiles and music, excitement fills the air even in the weeks leading up to the big celebration. Many cities and towns come to a complete stop while long parades of adults and children in fancy dress, and beautifully decorated carnival floats glitter their way through the streets. ...Read more

Is the answer to saving the honey bee rewilding?

Deborah Richmond, from the Pure Portugal team, shares why she came to Portugal. To set up a bee sanctuary an regenerate 12 hectares of land through reforestation, land regeneration and water retention strategies. A passion for the honey bee, this article was written for Pure Portugal by one of people behind the project, Angharad Barlow. For more information about what we are up to visit  Is the answer to saving the Honey Bee re-wilding?  I believe it’s entirely possible. ...Read more