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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

5 Tips for International Moving

Moving internationally can be an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a challenging and stressful experience, especially if you’re not well-prepared. There are numerous factors to consider, from finding a suitable property to packing and shipping your belongings, dealing with customs regulations, and arranging international moving companies. With careful planning and preparation, however, you can make the process smoother and less stressful. In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips on how to prepare for an international ...Read more

Golden Visa Update

Last week morning we received the government’s final wording of the “More Housing” bill following the public discussion over the withdrawal of the golden visa program. A copy of the final draft is available upon request. You’ll be pleased to know that overall, it’s good news. Although the final proposal is still to sunset the programme, the withdrawal will not be as harsh as first feared –     No retroactivity The government has now confirmed that potential applicants have ...Read more

How to learn Portuguese — and why you should!

Thank you to the wonderful Leslie Smith for another great article and insight! Portuguese is a difficult language to learn. Ok, let’s be frank, it’s notoriously difficult. Part of the problem is that Brazilian Portuguese tends to dominate, and grammatical rules, expressions and the accent (“o sotaque”) are noticeably different. Just when you think you have mastered something, a great expression, say, boom, it’s Brazilian. There are lots of different local accents throughout Portugal which can complicate things, as well ...Read more

Easter In Portugal

Easter is probably one of the biggest and most important of all celebrations held in Portugal along with Christmas time.  Here is what you can expect from spending Easter in Portugal! Easter is full of symbolism, many people attend church over this time, it is traditional to eat fish only during Lent and there are Holy Week processions and Catholic rituals to be seen in small villages and large cities alike! A special gathering and celebration is held on Easter ...Read more

Grant Opportunities In Portugal

Many thanks to Rachel Rachel Zedeck for this article. Hello Pure Portugal Farmers! Today I am here to talk to you about NEW Grant Opportunities (PDR2020) I receive a LOT of inquiries about grants.  More funding has been released into PDR2020, an existing grant program. These funds seek to support Youth, Low Density Areas and Marketing of Local Agri Products. There is also support for tourism projects too. A quick update with some things to note! 1) Youth means under ...Read more

Five reasons to consider a water filter in Portugal

The merits of good hydration cannot be overstated; as well as keeping kidney function optimum and joints well-oiled, a good fluid intake also helps regulate body temperature and a host of other crucial bodily functions. Of course, this is even more important in a hot country like Portugal. But how can you ensure you are drinking high-quality water? Tap water in Portugal meets EU standards of safety, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is perfect. Read on and discover why ...Read more

Selling Your Home FAST in the UK? An Expat’s Guide!

Finding yourself needing to sell your home quickly can be daunting, especially when living abroad. As an expat, selling your home might be a rollercoaster of emotions and a challenging experience, but it is still possible. You just need the right resources and careful planning. So, let’s get in-depth and explore the best ways you can sell your home quickly from abroad. Ensure You Have a Reliable Conveyancer As you may be residing miles away from the UK, making frequent ...Read more

Films And TV Shows To See Before Visiting Portugal

Before departing on an excursion to the enchanting nation of Portugal, immersing yourself in its lifestyle through film can be both enlightening and locking in. Films and TV shows set in this picturesque nation not only showcase stunning landscapes and historic design yet in addition give insights into the Portuguese lifestyle, history, and values. Whether you’re drawn to the dramatic cliffs of the Algarve or the interesting cobbled streets of Lisbon, the accompanying list of movies and series will improve ...Read more

The B1 Exam

Thank you to Leslie Smith for sharing her experiences with us all here! In November of 2022, I wrote the DEPLE or B1 exam offered by the official Portuguese- language CAPLE Evaluation Centre. My exam was held at the Portuguese Consulate in Toronto, Canada, a five-hour train journey from my home. I needed to stay overnight in Toronto to be sure to be fresh and ready for the 3.5 hour exam. The exam started at 2:30 p.m. but candidates needed ...Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Renting an Apartment as an International Student

Renting an apartment in a different country where you are studying can be nerve-wracking and equally exciting. You are excited about the experiences you will have and the kind of independence you will get to experience but you are also worried about the expenses and the burden that comes with renting an apartment. When you book a cruise for a special occasion, it is for a temporary rush of happiness and fun but renting an apartment is a long-term commitment ...Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Heating Solutions for Your Home

Selecting the right heating solution for your home is crucial for ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With numerous options available on the market, making the right choice can be overwhelming. Factors such as climate, energy efficiency, cost, and convenience all play a significant role in determining the best heating solution for your specific needs. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of various heating systems and factors to consider when making your decision. Understanding Your Heating Needs: Understanding ...Read more

Tax calendar: Dates you need to put in your diary for 2023

We wish all readers a healthy and happy 2023! Below you can find some of the dates that you need to put in your diary, concerning taxes in Portugal. Please remember that before you submit your Personal Income Tax (IRS) you need to perform some tasks as per the new habits acquired in the previous years: tasks like validating or registering invoices at the tax portal, are now procedures that became part of the routine of any taxpayer. Your role ...Read more

Differences Between Buying Property in the UK and Portugal

Purchasing a property is a significant investment that demands careful consideration of several factors. For those interested in buying property overseas, it is essential to research the local property market, legal procedures, and associated costs. In this article, we will discuss the contrasts between buying a property in the UK and Portugal, highlighting key factors to consider. Property Market The UK property market has traditionally been a reliable and secure investment. However, in recent years, a surge in property prices ...Read more

Free Tax Review with Holborn Assets

In collaboration with Pure Portugal, Holborn Assets offers a free introductory meeting to answer any questions you may have with regards to tax. Holborn Assets are a leading International, cross-border financial planner and their team has helped hundreds of people just like you. There are a number of financial considerations, how do you navigate all the options and put yourself in the best possible position whilst also utilising the legal tax breaks available to you? We will set your mind ...Read more

Top tips for moving to Portugal

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you are not familiar with the customs, language, and culture of the place. Portugal, located on the western coast of Europe, is a popular destination for expats looking to relocate. Famous for its sun, food, stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a top pick for many expats. However, before you make the move, there are a few things you should know. Accommodation Before you set out on your ...Read more

Green Tourism Gold Award for Quinta Do Cobral

We are very proud to announce that Quinta Do Cobral, a long standing collaborator of Pure Portugal, are the first holiday destination in Portugal to receive the prestigious Green Tourism GOLD Award – This is one of the most rigorous certification programmes of its kind in the world, it is endorsed by many partners including Visit Portugal. The Bronze/Silver/Gold awards are acknowledged worldwide as an indicator of good environmental practice, acting as a hallmark of green quality and commitment ...Read more

Free currency consultation with Global Reach

Speaking to a foreign exchange expert can help you get more currency for your money when making overseas transfers. Our trusted currency partner, Global Reach, can guide you through the process of sending money abroad for property purchases, pensions, and everything in between. Having helped over 32,000 people send their money overseas, Global Reach has a track record of satisfied customers, and has been awarded Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Award multiple times, as voted for by clients. Click here to ...Read more

Architecture for off grid living

Sharing an amazing testimonial for Joana Rosa Architecture on the Services Directory. “If we were ever to do another build, Joana would be our first phone call. We approached Joana Rosa Architecture with a vision to build our off grid dream. Joana listened to our ambition, offering innovative solutions whilst also keeping us realistic. She went above and beyond in her role as our architect, having our backs from initial property purchase all the way through to the big move ...Read more

Golden Visa Advice

In collaboration with Pure Portugal, Holborn Assets offers a free meeting to answer any questions you may have with regards to the Golden Visa & Second Citizenship programs. Holborn Assets are a leading International, cross-border financial planner and their team has helped hundreds of people just like you.       In the meeting you can discuss: Your current situation, motivation, goals and reasons for interest in the Golden Visa Program Details of the Citizenship and Residency programs, including the ...Read more

DIY Natural Swimming Pool in Portugal

We bring you this article from the wonderful Quinta Kania – please do head to their website to see the fabulous workshops and events they are holding!! There is no need to explain why the idea of a natural swimming pool makes everyone so excited. Summer in Portugal, with temperatures often above 30°C, makes you want to spend all day in the water. Plus being able to replace all the chemical pool treatments with beautiful plants, sounds brilliant! A Natural ...Read more

Free Financial Review with Holborn Assets

Finding a trusted financial adviser that understands local tax regulations and the investment marketplace can be hard. Holborn Assets are a global, award-winning financial services provider, who specialise working with international clients in over 100 different countries. Quality financial advice often comes at a cost, but courtesy of PurePortugal, you can claim a financial review with up to two hours professional consultation, for free! Just click the link below to schedule your meeting today. BOOK HERE What are the potential ...Read more

The A2 (CIPLE) Portuguese language proficiency test

The A2 exam is held several times annually in Portugal and usually two times per year in locations outside the country, often at a Portuguese consulate. Pre-registration is mandatory and the cut-off date is usually about a month before the exam. This exam is necessary for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency. It confers the necessary ”CIPLE” or ”Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira”, showing holders have a basic understanding of everyday Portuguese. However, there are some exceptions to who needs a ...Read more

Purchasing a House Virtually – Part 2

With thanks to Leslie Smith for her follow up on her journey – Please see the first instalment of her adventure here. Following several attempts to buy a house in Portugal virtually due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, I was finally able to travel last fall. I thought I would be visiting my dream house in Sertã and signing the final purchase documents. I had already met twice via video conference with the real estate agent and found her warm, helpful ...Read more

Mind and Body Healing Retreat – May 2022

CRANEOSACRAL THERAPY, HYPNOTHERAPY, SOMATIC MOVEMENT & SOUND THERAPY We are excited to announce the new date for our retreat at the stunning location on the banks of the Mondego River, near Tábua, Central Portugal. The theme of our retreat is ANXIETY & CHANGE. Are you feeling anxious more than you would like? Is the thought of stressing you out? Whether in the middle of change, want to make future changes or looking to find ways of coping with unwanted/unexpected change. ...Read more

Hay & Silage

If you aren’t planting your own, it’s a GREAT time to pre-order spring hay. Prices in bulk can be negotiated and you know that really fresh hay is available. A few notes to consider – 1)  Find a regular supplier – they will save you when you really need a delivery! 2) Ask about the contents – NOT all hay is equal – native grass, azevem (rye grass), aveia (oat), luzerna (alfalfa) and more. 3)  Nutrition – Think about protein, ...Read more


Once you have made your move and unpacked you might want to keep animals, grow food or even start an official farm business. Here we share some guides offering top tips and ways you can get things started on your farming journey! SPRING PLANNING – Get ahead and ready for Spring NEW Grant Opportunities In Portugal – Pure Portugal – Grant opportunities in Portugal GROWING HEMP IN PORTUGAL – We get asked about this a lot! Here are some ways ...Read more

AGRICULTURE – Spring Planning

Happy 2022 Pure Portugal Farmers & Agri Lovers.  For those of you with BIG ideas, please start your planning now! Below are my TOP 5 tips to mull over in front of the fireplace this month – and then you can get moving! 1)      Agri Associations – This the time to find and join your local agriculture association.  They will have LOTS of resources and advice for you.  They also get busy in the Spring so now is ...Read more

Free Investment Review

Thanks for requesting a meeting with the leading International, cross-border financial planner. This is a free introductory meeting for potential clients looking for investment advice via PurePortugal. Our team has helped hundreds of people just like you. There are a number of financial considerations, how do you navigate all the options and put yourself in the best possible position whilst also utilising the legal tax breaks available to you? We will set your mind at ease with real world examples ...Read more

Exploring Alternatives in Azores

Escola Novas Rotas Hi Portugal Lovers! Did you know that there is an alternative public school in São Miguel island, Azores? We have a guided visit to Escola Novas Rotas by the two families: A Pequena Grande Casa  and Quinta do Bom Despacho, as their children are students from this school. It is a school without classes and with an unconventional organisation. It follows the national school curriculum and all learning moments are identified and have correspondence, but the students are free to investigate ...Read more

Azores Ecoliving Experience for thriving nomads

Hi Portugal Lovers! This time our destination is the Azores islands and the reason that moves us is an invitation to live an Ecoliving Experience for Thriving Nomads. They are digital nomads who have projects driven by the impact on the environment and communities.     So, a group of nomads from around the world who work online have been invited to spend two weeks living together, working and visiting the Azores. This proposal came from an eco farm in ...Read more

Agriculture – Growing Hemp In Portugal

Since the interview with Clare Monson and Rachel Zed on Pure Portugal Plus about starting an agribusiness, Rachel has had a number of inquiries about starting an agribusiness. More than any other, she is asked about growing HEMP in Portugal (Cannabis Sativa NOT medical cannabis). Here Rachel has kindly shared some information and the list of official requirement as posted by the Ministry of Agriculture (DGAV). You need a permit to grow hemp! Anything medical is regulated by INFARMED – ...Read more

Agriculture – Buying Agricultural Supplies

Rachel from WIKID Farms shares some top tips for finding agricultural supplies in Portugal. Where to find agriculture materials. The best option is to look on google maps for the closest AGRILOJA or CASA AGRICOLA (as a business category). Every town has at least one local shop. AGRILOJA is also a big, national retail store name but I find them very expensive. Most of these shops will sell everything from planting soil, seed, water fittings, fencing, shade net, greenhouse plastic, ...Read more

Agriculture – Buying A Tractor (Used vs New)

This is a major purchase for any farm operation. I hope to cover the major points in helping you make a smart equipment investment. This is just an intro on the BIG issues so questions welcome ! Why do you need the tractor? What chores or work do you need this equipment to accomplish? Every village will have someone who also offers tractor work and will either charge (an average) of 30E/Hour or you can negotiate a fixed price. If ...Read more

Vote & be in with a chance of winning £1000!

Our currency partner Global Reach are shortlisted in the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards, and you could win £1,000 by casting your vote! We’re thrilled to announce that our trusted currency partner, Global Reach, has been shortlisted for International Money Transfer Provider of the Year in the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2022. Global Reach pride themselves on their personalised service, and so being recognised in respected consumer awards like this is a great achievement. If you’ve used Global Reach to make a currency ...Read more

Pumpkin Spice Golden Syrup Oatmeal Crunch

Pumpkin Spice reminds us all of the loveliness of autumn and the changing seasons. This recipe includes a lovely warming spice mix to make a lovely syrup crunch. Especially nice when eaten warm! INGREDIENTS; 100g butter 100g golden brown sugar 2 Tbsp Golden Syrup 100g Self Raising Flour 100g porridge oats 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda Pumpkin Spice mix 1tsp Nutmeg 1/2tsp each of cinnamon, all spice, ginger and clove For an added kick pop in another 1/2 tsp ginger ...Read more

What to Do When Visiting Serra da Estrela  

Spend one of the most amazing trips in Serra da Estrela of Portugal. Experience the mesmerizing tall mountains and scenic places to visit in this region. Apart from its love for football, Portugal is well known for its vibrant culture, sandy beaches, and port wine. It is one of the oldest countries in Europe that boasts captivating sceneries and historic aesthetics like the azulejos tiles. One of the most mesmerizing places in Portugal is Serra da Estrela. It is a ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Settling In

Moving home is exciting and stressful at the best of times, moving country and home is often an even more unnerving experience, regardless of how sure you are that making a move is the right thing to do! All of the members of the Pure Portugal team have moved country (some more than once!) so we thought we would put together a guide with some of our top tips to help you feel at home as soon as possible. Before ...Read more


José ‘o agente imobiliário‘ pulls up to the gate of the property just outside Parades de Coura, in the beautiful Portuguese countryside, and quickly points out the cute chapel at the end of the dead-end street. He asks me to listen to the birdsong and the little creek burbling undisturbed by traffic or other noises. The property is looking good, so I ask José to show me inside. It is 5:30 am in Canada, and I have just woken up, ...Read more

Four Best Sailing Destinations of the World: Europe Edition

This summer, sail to some of the best destinations of the world and experience the best of Europe. Is it just me or is the idea of sailing around Europe on your own boat the ultimate bucket list item? Think about it—a salty cool breeze blowing through your hair while you cruise across crystal clear, incredibly blue water. The sun hits your skin and warms you up, even on the inside. Right at that moment, you feel it’s just you ...Read more

The 10 Best Places to Live in Portugal

Wondering where to move to in Portugal? We take a look at some of the best areas to live no matter whether you’re retiring, an expat or looking for the perfect holiday home. Whether you are considering retiring and moving to Portugal, or you are looking to purchase a holiday home there, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. This diverse country has plenty to offer, including the hilly areas around the Monchique Mountains, the sun-kissed Algarve or many ...Read more