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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Top tips for moving to Portugal

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you are not familiar with the customs, language, and culture of the place. Portugal, located on the western coast of Europe, is a popular destination for expats looking to relocate. Famous for its sun, food, stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a top pick for many expats. However, before you make the move, there are a few things you should know. Accommodation Before you set out on your ...Read more

Exploring Alternatives in Azores

Escola Novas Rotas Hi Portugal Lovers! Did you know that there is an alternative public school in São Miguel island, Azores? We have a guided visit to Escola Novas Rotas by the two families: A Pequena Grande Casa  and Quinta do Bom Despacho, as their children are students from this school. It is a school without classes and with an unconventional organisation. It follows the national school curriculum and all learning moments are identified and have correspondence, but the students are free to investigate ...Read more

Azores Ecoliving Experience for thriving nomads

Hi Portugal Lovers! This time our destination is the Azores islands and the reason that moves us is an invitation to live an Ecoliving Experience for Thriving Nomads. They are digital nomads who have projects driven by the impact on the environment and communities.     So, a group of nomads from around the world who work online have been invited to spend two weeks living together, working and visiting the Azores. This proposal came from an eco farm in ...Read more

Visiting Castelo de Vide

Hello Portugal Lovers! During our travels we visited Castelo de Vide, a village in Alto Alentejo that still very much in its original state. So we made a short video about it. In Castelo de Vide we can still see the births in the cages outside the houses and the clothes drying on the walls of the houses. At this point it reminds us our city Porto, a few years ago… A city full of history and small details, which ...Read more

Vale das Botas eco farm

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trips we visited this retreat in the mountains of Central Portugal, and we made a short video about it. This eco farm has a unique location, with stunning mountain views and private river beach. It has 2 houses for holidays or long-term rental, a caravan for those who want a glamping style. Also has a swimming pool and access to the river beach. This farm belongs to a family of artists, namely musicians, and ...Read more

Building an Eco-Resort in Portugal

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trips we met Hannah and Jack, a lovely couple bought a very nice piece of land in the Algarve, via Pure Portugal Ltd and they finally moved to Portugal some weeks ago, to start building their dream project: An Eco-Resort in Portugal. We had a great time with them! We had so many things in common and to share that we forgot the time and it was already night when we left their place. ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Festivals Guide – 2020

Portugal knows how to party, this we already know! But if the year-round festas are not enough for you, fear not! Festivals are making more and more of an appearance in Portugal each year and 2020 is set to be one of the biggest and best yet!  To help you decide which festivals are a total must we have compiled a month by month list so you can enjoy Portugal and the festival season to the max…From small one day ...Read more

Quinta da Mizarela, the Awakened Life Project

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited Quinta da Mizarela, the Awakened Life Project, an ashram in Benfeita, Central Portugal. As we know that many of you have the dream of coming to Portugal and create your own retreat centre, we thought this might interest you! Pete and Cynthia bought this abandoned mountain farm in 2007 and had the vision to create a beautiful place dedicated to the liberation of the human spirit in a context of communion ...Read more

The Holidays team wishes you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

2019 was an intense year for us! We started to live on our campervan full time, travelling, working and meeting our partners along the road. It has been a great journey meeting our partners in person, as we learn a lot and build stronger relationships! This is bringing many opportunities and new ideas for the website and for partnerships that we will keep exploring on the following months. On the back stages, this year we have been working in more ...Read more

Pure Portugal Holidays YouTube Channel

Hello Portugal Lovers! We are adding videos to our newly YouTube Channel for Pure Portugal Holidays and Rentals, from the visits we’ve been doing on our road trip through Portugal. It has been amazing to meet our partners and the properties we are advertising on the site! We believe that we are building a stronger relationship with the community, that will be a key to serve better the clients who are looking for a place to rent in Portugal. We ...Read more

Calling for retreat lovers!

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited a very special rental opportunity in the north of Portugal, and we made a short movie about it! This is a totally off-grid retreat, fully renovated with traditional materials. It is a great place for running retreats, and the owner is actually trying to find someone who would like just to rent the place for a few months and/or someone to stay in one of the houses and start a project ...Read more

Casa Ribeiro needs people to help on the farm

Hello Portugal Lovers! This week we visited this family in this remote and beautiful valley. The work they have been doing in this farm for the last 35 years is admirable! Thomas has a huge knowledge of many crafts, so he takes care of everything in the farm. He is now looking for someone to help him, or a family, to exchange work for accommodation. Suitable for people with skills in Forestry, Orchards, Horses, Building, Renewable Energy and Agriculture. Single ...Read more

Our visit to Quinta das Mil Flores

On our road trip we slept at Quinta das Mil Flores, in Pedrógrão Grande, with the smell of roses and aromatic herbs! This farm is open to the public with guided tours of its beautiful gardens. Also hosts events. It has an organic vegetable garden, and also several species of plants and trees. For example, they grow 40 different species of citrus and over 300 species of Roses! It is a lovely place for a wedding, for sure, as it ...Read more

Casinha da Parteira rental

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited a pet friendly rental opportunity in the north of Portugal, and we made a short movie about it. It is a partially furnished little and renovated house, in a very peaceful and genuine village, 5min from the river and 4km from Passadiços do Paiva.   For further information and to send a message directly to the owner, please follow the link bellow:   See you on the road! Raquel & ...Read more

The Harvest Fair in Arouca

While doing this road trip through the EN2, visiting partners and the Pure Portugal community, we’ve had the chance of participating in some events. Last weekend we went to the “75ª Feira das Colheitas”, the harvest fair in Arouca. It is an annual big event with crafts and arts, regional products and many activities for families. We saw a parade of ox carts bringing the crops, in gratitude to the mother earth and we met some inspiring eco social projects ...Read more

Hidden Treasures In Central Portugal

Thanks to our friend and partner Melanie, we share this guest blog post about another Treasure in Central Portugal! The undulated valleys and dramatic, forested mountainscapes of Central Portugal quietly guard a modest and timeless beauty. Sleepy villages, waiting to be discovered, reachable by winding rustic roads, nestle into a landscape laced with idyllic river spots and spectacular panoramic viewpoints. There truly is a sense that time slows here, and that life continues as it always has, with a simple ...Read more

The Best Cities In Portugal For Expat Arrivals

Home to a diverse mix of inspiring cities, quaint cobblestone villages and endless stretches of golden sands, Portugal is a truly attractive destination for both expats and visitors alike. As well as being awarded 6th place out of 68 countries in Internations Expat Insider 2018, Portugal gained fifth place for ease of settling in and second spot for quality of life – further emphasising the country’s alluring power. The cities of Porto, Lisbon and Braga in particular, regularly crop up ...Read more

Carnaval In Portugal!

There is no doubt that being in Portugal for Carnival (Carnaval) is one of the most memorable times to be there, the whole country seems to explode into a big bundle of colour, smiles and music, excitement fills the air even in the weeks leading up to the big celebration. Many cities and towns come to a complete stop while long parades of adults and children in fancy dress, and beautifully decorated carnival floats glitter their way through the streets. ...Read more

Quinta da Alvarinheira is inviting to join!

A few days ago we visited Quinta da Alvarinheira. This farm is much more than a Manor House restored for tourism. It has also a collaborative vision, which respects the traditions and keeps them alive, to be shared by others. It’s a kind of small community village around the patio, where everyone has an activity to help bring more value to the quinta. At the moment there are 3 families living there. One is the caretaker and host, and then ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Serra da Estrela

Our place of the month this month is the Serra da Estrela mountains.  This months blog is kindly bought to us by Faith Canter at Project Roots which is located near Vale de Prazerers, Fundao  The Serra da Estrela happen to be not all that far from us. This is quite a result for the hiker in me (Faith Canter) and I intend to explore much more of this mountain range over the coming years. Serra da Estrela is the highest ...Read more

Discover Portugal – Mira de Aire Caves

  Our pick of the month this month is the beautiful Mira de Aire Caves, located in the small mountain town of Porto de Mós, Leiria, approximately one hour from Lisbon.  The drive there itself is a feast for the eyes, winding through stunning mountain roads with the most breath taking views of the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros National Park.   The formations date back as far as 150 million years ago, when the dinosaurs roamed, but the caves ...Read more

List your rental for FREE!

On 23rd September, the Pure Portugal Holidays website was re-launched by Daniel and Raquel, and new packages were designed. If you have a property or a spare accommodation that you’re not using, you can rent it making some income while supporting the new members of our community in their transition when moving to Portugal. Now you can add your rental listing for free! For rentals over 1 month, we promote your place for free and the fee is based on advertising ...Read more

Road Tripping in Portugal: Hidden Gems and Sleepy Secrets

While over 20 million visitors a year flock to Portugal, each comes in search of their own unique experience. From delicious wine to cascading coastal cities, Portugal has something to offer everybody, but there is one way to make your experience even better. Driving through a country is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see all of the beauty it has to offer. Exploring Portugal’s beautiful coastal towns and delightful inland villages is best when done by car, and ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Mata do Bussaco

We had heard whispers about a magical palace reconverted into a hotel, with a restaurant and wine produced exclusively for that estate. When we finally went to explore, we discovered a lush, green forest full of trails and vestiges of an almost forgotten era, with at its heart a legendary convent turned hotel. Welcome to the fairytale that is Mata do Bussaco (also spelled Buçaco). The Buçaco forest bears two papal bulls on one of its gates, forbidding women from ...Read more

Launching a new project for Pure Portugal Holidays on 23rd Sep!

We are very happy to announce that Daniel and Raquel are taking over the website on the next equinox, 23rd September (great time for changes!). So, this is not only about a new website launch, but also a new management, keeping a deep connection with Pure Portugal ethics, community and network.   New Design The PurePortugal Holidays site fits perfectly with other projects and dreams that we have. To implement all the ideas and features, we felt the need ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Praia da Arrifana, Algarve

The South of Portugal is a popular destination, but it’s a big place. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the beach, gorgeous views, and fun activities that are family-friendly, you might want to look into Praia da Arrifana. Located 1h30 up the coast from Faro, or a 3h drive from Lisbon, this beach is in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park. With its surprising turquoise waters, Praia da Arrifana is surrounded by dramatic cliffs that provide a stunning view as ...Read more

Portugal is a region full of the wonders of nature

Portugal is a region full of the wonders of nature, where you can find tons of fantastic excursions. The most famous is certainly the Rota Vincentina, a network of walking trails in SW Portugal, totalling 450 km along the most beautiful and best preserved coastline of Southern Europe. However there are a lot of wonderful alternatives we wanted to share here.         Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos: located in the extreme south of Portugal in the area of ...Read more

Q&A With One Of Pure Portugal’s Longest Standing Rental Clients

As part of our Pure Portugal Past & Present 14th Birthday Celebrations, we decided it would be nice to interview one of the people who have advertised their rental property with Pure Portugal since the early days. See their rental property here What were you doing before you started renting properties?  We came here to retire , but soon decided that we needed to do something to keep us busy. How did you first find out about Pure Portugal, and ...Read more

Discover Portugal – Sintra

An easy half hour away from Lisbon, Sintra is a lush valley a stone-throw away from the Atlantic Ocean. With its stunning view of the ocean, it’s no wonder that it was always a favorite getaway and the location of Lisbon’s elite family’s holiday and summer homes. Although the term “homes” is used loosely, because Sintra is in fact full of mansions and palaces, with quite a few open for visits – and well worth the detour! If you’re in ...Read more

7 Reason Why Everyone Is Going To Portugal

If you have been to Portugal before then you must have experienced the warmth and the vibrancy of its culture and the marvel of its abundant nature. Whether you want to experience the tranquility of nature or the thrilling daredevil then you’ll love the quality and unique activities that Portugal has to offer. As a matter of fact, not many countries can offer such a wide range of delights and experiences. Read below to learn about the 7 reason why ...Read more

Place Of The Month – March 2018 – Monsanto

The place that time forgot….Somewhere from out of the Flintstones……The most Portuguese village in Portugal… just some of the ways that March’s Place Of The Month is described by people. credit: visit portugal In actual reality this beautiful and fascinating little village, sat 758 metres above sea level in the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, near the Spanish border is called Monsanto. In 1938 it really was dubbed the most Portuguese village in Portugal and in 1955 it was also named as ...Read more

Place Of The Month – February 2018 – Berlengas

Looking for adventure? Wanting to find one of those magical looking islands that looks like its come right out of a fantasy book? Well February’s Place Of The Month is quite possibly for you! With the added bonus of only being an hour or so off the mainland of Portugal, Berlengas (known to British mariners as “the Burlings” ) is one of the 3 archipelagos that Portugal has (the other two being the somewhat better known Madeira and The Azores) ...Read more

4 Days Of Activities In The Algarve For Under 100 euros

We love the Algarve, but often when we head down it’s for work or seeing friends and family. This February we had the chance to head down for some real family time and were surprised at how much we managed to cram in without spending a fortune! We didn’t set out with a 100€ budget but, being only a few weeks since Christmas, and as self employed Tipi makers, winter is usually an especially dry time financially and we knew ...Read more

Discover Portugal: The Côa Valley

Looking for a day excursion somewhere different, where nature, culture, and gastronomy intersect? Then this itinerary might be for you. The Foz Côa Valley has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, and is considered the biggest open-air site of paleolithic art in Europe, if not in the world. We recommend starting your day by visiting the Faia Brava nature reserve, right on the border between the Center and the North of Portugal. It is the first ...Read more

Team Meeting @ Quinta Madre de Água

Our Team had a meeting in another amazing farm. This time in Vinhó, Gouveia. We started doing a check-up through all Pure Portugal areas and quickly we’ve noticed that Pure Portugal community is growing very fast! And we feel thankful to support, share and help people making connections, as this is our main purpose! And now our priority now is to launch the new french website. So, “Pure Portugal en Français” is coming very soon! We had a great lunch ...Read more

Pure Portugal RoadTrip in Faro

Hello Portugal Lovers! On their road trip, Raquel and Daniel visited this fantastic B&B advertised on Pure Portugal Holidays & Rentals Website. They found this amazing couple full of energy and skills, and was fascinating knowing their dreams and building bridges. This holiday property is in a beautiful valley in the south of Portugal and it’s perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the nature, the silence, swim on the lake…   For more information, please see the advert:…/monte-arneirinha/ If you ...Read more

Pure Portugal Holidays & Rentals

Do you have a cottage in Portugal that you’re not using? Do you need time out from your Quinta? We have many people in our community needing for a place to stay between 1 to 6 months. Normally while they are looking for a place to buy or just to have a taste how it’s like living in Portugal. You can support these new members of our community in this transition and at same time making some income by renting ...Read more

Pure Portugal RoadTrips

Hello Portugal Lovers! This year, Raquel and Daniel will be doing several road trips throughout Portugal, visiting projects, the Pure Portugal community and partners. In their first trip they will be going from Porto to Oleiros, in the Castelo Branco district. And they would like to interview some of the members of the community about the journey and experiences living in Portugal. So we can promote a stronger community and support each other! If you would like to share your ...Read more

The Algarve: 5 Reasons Why It Should Be On Your Map For 2016

Here are our top five reasons to visit Portugal’s top holiday hot-spot in 2016! You may well remember the Algarve from blissful childhood holidays in the sun, no doubt involving melted vanilla cornets and fresh sardines by the harbour. But with it experiencing a record-breaking tourism surge in 2015, with Portugal’s National Statistics Institute reporting an increase in its overseas visitors of 12.2 million, we think it’s definitely time to relive holiday memories or create some new ones! As the Algarve is hot for ...Read more

Car Hire Tips for Older Drivers

Recent research carried out by Economy Car Hire has shown that a number of car hire suppliers penalise older drivers simply because of their age. And it doesn’t matter how many years no claims or how much experience you have. In one instance, we discovered RecordGo charges drivers aged 70 or older an additional €58 per day up to a maximum of €192, including 21% tax. At current exchange rates, this adds around £136 to the cost of your holiday. ...Read more