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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Promissory contract: Why is it so important?

A few months ago we asked the Pure Portugal community what their top legal concerns where when it comes to living in Portugal – Thanks to Solicitor Nuno Almeida for his blog about the importance of promissory contracts when it comes to completing property purchases in Portugal. When buying property in Portugal you need to consider several points from beginning to completion of purchase . Usually after finding a property you like you will make contact with the seller or ...Read more

Split Your Life Between Portugal And The UK To Get The Best Of Both Countries

Even with the Brexit debacle still ongoing, the UK remains a great country for those who want to enjoy high quality of life and many exciting job opportunities. That being said, the one downside to the UK is the weather. Despite the beautiful landscapes and countryside, Britain is not a country that is renowned for its sunny weather, so it’s understandable that many expats from the country have wanted to settle in Portugal over the years. As the country makes ...Read more

My Portuguese House

We are really excited to share this short piece from Herbert Daybell who wrote a fantastic book about the ups and downs of falling in love with, and renovating an old house (and not just any old house!) in Portugal in his book My Portuguese House: A Palacial purchase available from Amazon here. So, it’s the dream isn’t it? Find a property in sunny Portugal and live there happily ever after. But how many people buy part of a royal palace? ...Read more

The Ultimate Long-Distance Moving Checklist This 2020

Moving a hundred or thousand miles away can be a stressful and strenuous task. With all the things that need to accomplish, advance planning and preparation will always pay off. And while it’s almost impossible to make your entire relocation process stress-free, there are ways that you can do to stay organized and reduce the tension you’re feeling. So, if you’re planning to move anytime this 2020, keep reading to learn more about the ultimate long-distance moving checklist you can ...Read more

EVR58: Organic Shop & Cafe

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited this Organic Shop & Cafe that we are advertising for sale in the Pure Portugal website. Certified organic grocery store with cafeteria where bio/organic vegetarian meals are served daily and various activities & events take place. Operating since February 2017 in a rented space of 80m2. Located near Tomar in the Santarém district. €58,000 See below the video we made about our visit. If you would like to receive further information, ...Read more

DZF89: Star View Farm

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited this farm that we are advertising for sale in the Pure Portugal website. House with 116m2. bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom. Land with 1.9ha, olive & fruit trees, pine, oak, cork, maple, cypress, borehole, spring, 3 wells, solar & a generator for backup. Located near Oliveira do Hospital in the Coimbra district. €89,500. See below the video we made about our visit. If you would like to receive further information, please ...Read more

Furnishing tiny houses: Brilliant ideas for small spaces

Your home is your own peaceful and loving sanctuary no matter the size. Owning a petite home doesn’t have to represent a burden let alone be a problem of any kind, on the contrary, decorating and furnishing a tiny home only represent an invigorating challenge. There are numerous ways to upscale your little piece of heaven and make all the amenities functional and comfortable. Here are some rather nifty ways to spruce up your tiny house and make it a ...Read more

Quinta da Mizarela, the Awakened Life Project

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited Quinta da Mizarela, the Awakened Life Project, an ashram in Benfeita, Central Portugal. As we know that many of you have the dream of coming to Portugal and create your own retreat centre, we thought this might interest you! Pete and Cynthia bought this abandoned mountain farm in 2007 and had the vision to create a beautiful place dedicated to the liberation of the human spirit in a context of communion ...Read more

The Holidays team wishes you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

2019 was an intense year for us! We started to live on our campervan full time, travelling, working and meeting our partners along the road. It has been a great journey meeting our partners in person, as we learn a lot and build stronger relationships! This is bringing many opportunities and new ideas for the website and for partnerships that we will keep exploring on the following months. On the back stages, this year we have been working in more ...Read more

Beginners DIY Wheat Heat Pack

Portugal is warm much of the time, but when it’s cold, it is cold, and suddenly aches and pains creep back in. Thanks to the mini smallholder blog who brings us a great tutorial on how to make a super simple wheat pack! They are a perfect way to use up any small, unwanted scraps of material & the bags work out to be only a few euros each in cost, plus they are much better than a single use ...Read more


SPRING 2020 DATES Saturday 8th February 2020 – 9.30am – 4pm and Saturday 9th May 2020 – 9.30am to 4pm This is an exciting NEW course for 2020. Practical and hands-on for BEGINNERS but I also welcome those of you who have worked with metal before and who might appreciate the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their technique and creative ideas within a small group. It will be an intensive class and may run over a little depending ...Read more

Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Portugal

It’s just as sunny as Spain, the food is fantastic, and the wine’s as good as it is in France, while the beer’s just as cheap as it is in Germany. And with a low cost of living, it’s no surprise that Portugal is one of the most popular countries for students who are looking to live and study abroad. If you’re considering studying abroad, here are some of the best reasons to choose Portugal as your destination. 1. Excellent ...Read more

The Perfect Place To Create A Community

We bring you not one but three incredible properties, all are available as separate units but come with the unique situation of being set next to each other, which, for those people who wish to start a community is a dream come true!  Property 1 – Land Of Oaks – 3 ruins with 180m2, another ruin footprint showing 73m2. Land with 12ha, a cork oak plantation, a lake with fresh water perfect for swimming in! Click here for more info. ...Read more

How to Dry Citrus Fruit in The Oven

Great tips from The Mini Smallholder on how to dry citrus fruit to use as cheap, low impact decorations. When you dry citrus fruit in the oven at home you go low and slow to fill the house with a gorgeous festive smell. Because this time of year is all about creating memories. This falls into the category of things your kids will love about Christmas. It is more sustainable than plastic decorations which are designed to be used this ...Read more

A Guide To Off-Grid Water

We bring you this guest blog from The Mud Home where they share their experience of off-grid water. Water is one of the top priorities when you’re building an off-grid world (for the full list see here). Having suffered plenty of experience in doing it the wrong way, I was a little obsessed about water this second time around. I’ve made sure in my new off-grid world that water is in abundance. I can tell you now, the difference it ...Read more

Simple Ways To Take Great Care Of Yourself

Every day you take time to go to work, go grocery shopping, pay the bills, see your friends or visit your parents. But do you take the time to take care of yourself? When our lives are chaotic and we are running around just trying to make it through the day as best as we can, it is easy to neglect our bodies and minds. If your schedule is crazy busy, if you have a stressful job and you have ...Read more

Keeping Fit Through Winter Months

Keeping fit in Portugal is not hard to do thanks to the many days of sunshine and warm weather, however as winter bites the shorter days and rainier weather can mean we find it harder to get out and this means we lose the health benefits that come with being active. Here are a number of ways you can exercise and keep feeling fit and well. Get out of the house You only need to go as far as your ...Read more

Moving to Portugal – Expat Story

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our our team members Raquel and Daniel road trip, they visited a rental we are advertising at the Pure Portugal Holidays website and spoke with Vaila and her husband, a couple of tenants  that rented this place via our website, and we instantly felt connected with them! Vaila would love to work with communities in Portugal and be connected to retreat centers and therapies, as she has experience on these areas. So, we asked them to ...Read more

Pure Portugal Holidays YouTube Channel

Hello Portugal Lovers! We are adding videos to our newly YouTube Channel for Pure Portugal Holidays and Rentals, from the visits we’ve been doing on our road trip through Portugal. It has been amazing to meet our partners and the properties we are advertising on the site! We believe that we are building a stronger relationship with the community, that will be a key to serve better the clients who are looking for a place to rent in Portugal. We ...Read more

Calling for retreat lovers!

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited a very special rental opportunity in the north of Portugal, and we made a short movie about it! This is a totally off-grid retreat, fully renovated with traditional materials. It is a great place for running retreats, and the owner is actually trying to find someone who would like just to rent the place for a few months and/or someone to stay in one of the houses and start a project ...Read more

Witchy Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients For the Soup 2 tbsp olive oil 2 onions , finely chopped 1kg pumpkins or squash 700ml vegetable stock or chicken stock Salt and freshly ground black pepper Method Cut the top off the pumpkin and set aside. Scoop out the seeds and fibres from the middle, discard or you ca n set them aside if you want to bake/roast the seeds to eat or dry them to save a plant later. Using a sharp knife and a spoon, ...Read more

Casa Ribeiro needs people to help on the farm

Hello Portugal Lovers! This week we visited this family in this remote and beautiful valley. The work they have been doing in this farm for the last 35 years is admirable! Thomas has a huge knowledge of many crafts, so he takes care of everything in the farm. He is now looking for someone to help him, or a family, to exchange work for accommodation. Suitable for people with skills in Forestry, Orchards, Horses, Building, Renewable Energy and Agriculture. Single ...Read more

Our visit to Quinta das Mil Flores

On our road trip we slept at Quinta das Mil Flores, in Pedrógrão Grande, with the smell of roses and aromatic herbs! This farm is open to the public with guided tours of its beautiful gardens. Also hosts events. It has an organic vegetable garden, and also several species of plants and trees. For example, they grow 40 different species of citrus and over 300 species of Roses! It is a lovely place for a wedding, for sure, as it ...Read more

Casinha da Parteira rental

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited a pet friendly rental opportunity in the north of Portugal, and we made a short movie about it. It is a partially furnished little and renovated house, in a very peaceful and genuine village, 5min from the river and 4km from Passadiços do Paiva.   For further information and to send a message directly to the owner, please follow the link bellow:   See you on the road! Raquel & ...Read more

The Harvest Fair in Arouca

While doing this road trip through the EN2, visiting partners and the Pure Portugal community, we’ve had the chance of participating in some events. Last weekend we went to the “75ª Feira das Colheitas”, the harvest fair in Arouca. It is an annual big event with crafts and arts, regional products and many activities for families. We saw a parade of ox carts bringing the crops, in gratitude to the mother earth and we met some inspiring eco social projects ...Read more

How To Make An Eco Friendly Scourer Pad

Thanks again to the wonderful Mini Smallholder for sharing one of her brilliant blogs with us! This time she shows us how to make a scourer pad for the kitchen is one of the easier crafts you can try at home and it is zero waste because the twine you use will compost when it is a bit tired and sad. I have invented the instructions as I couldn’t find much to inspire me already. You can play it lose ...Read more

Your Guide to Gardening in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best countries where you can enjoy so many outdoor activities. One of the major reasons why people move permanently to Portugal is to enjoy the long warm summer. Due to the hot climate, you will spend most of your time outside your house. As a result, you will find that most homes and apartments usually have a balcony where you can enjoy the outdoor life. However, if you love gardening, it might be a bit ...Read more

Fire Resistants – Documentary Film

It gives us great pleasure to share and support the making of this documentary which shares stories of resistance and rebirth following the 2017 Portugal wildfires. Two Italian anthropologists, along with a team of Portuguese filmmakers decided to make a documentary about the new opportunities the fire brought to the lives of five families of the area and also talk about the pulp plantation policies, which are, of course, the main cause of the massive dimension of the wildfires. Offering ...Read more

Acupuncture In Lisbon

We thought we would share this fantastic interview from Hayley who features her acupuncture practise in the wellbeing section of our services directory. The interview was featured in a great blog Blanca Valbuena – Digital Nomad Turned Expat in Portugal, check out her brilliant blog here! Blanca explains that she started a new project on her blog, interviewing friends, colleagues, and others who have moved to Portugal to learn more about what drew them to Lisbon, what they are doing ...Read more

5 Best Work Boots For Farming – Review for 2019

  ‘When we are spending a lot of time ‘on the ground’ footwear is part of our suit of armour ‘ There is nothing more important than having the right footwear. Being able to work around thick bushes, climb fences and cope with building work or animals without having second thoughts of what you might step on is key. It is best to shield your feet by investing in a good pair of military boots. These types of boots will ...Read more

Why do politics impact your exchange rate?

  Why do politics impact your exchange rate? If you’re looking to make a currency transfer, you may be wondering why Brexit has so much influence on the Pound, or why trade tensions between the US and other nations have impacted markets in recent months. Our currency partner, Global Reach, discusses the reasons why currencies fluctuate on political events, and how you can make the most of your currency transfers. The impact of Brexit Brexit is a prime example of ...Read more

Reasons To Give Portugal A Try

Portugal plays host to a lot of different people seeking out ideal property. Some are permanent expats from other countries; some are retirees seeking a place to settle down; some are digital nomads who may be passing through for just a year or a few months; and others are merely looking for an enjoyable holiday. Many of these people ultimately find what they’re looking for somewhere in Portugal. But if you’re on the fence, aware of the general popularity of ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Tomar

The historic town of Tomar is set along the banks of the Nabão River and filled with ancient churches, cobbled streets and traditional houses. Rightly known as a jewel in the crown of Central Portugal, Tomar offers a true key destination to visit, bursting with stunning architecture and surrounding lush mountains.   The fascinating history of Tomar includes being known as one of the religious centres for The Knights Templar, a powerful and secretive order who once ruled from their ...Read more

5 Reasons Why You Need To Take Workplace Hygiene Seriously

Hygiene is one of the most reliable indicators of how individuals live their life. People who are careful about their health, they will be more comfortable with the people around them. Good hygiene means good manners, something we carry around wherever we go, in public as well as in the workplace. Personal hygiene and cleanliness should be part of every workplace. Cleanliness is an important indicator of what the company stands for, and how seriously it is about its business ...Read more

Making Infused Oils

Many people know and have heard of or used essential oils, but what are infused oils? And why are they something to consider instead of essential oils? Read on to find out why and how to make them!  The main reason infused oils are well worth considering are because they only use a small amount of plant material, essential oils use huge amounts of material which, especially if you are hoping to make your own is a huge benefit, having ...Read more

Hidden Treasures In Central Portugal

Thanks to our friend and partner Melanie, we share this guest blog post about another Treasure in Central Portugal! The undulated valleys and dramatic, forested mountainscapes of Central Portugal quietly guard a modest and timeless beauty. Sleepy villages, waiting to be discovered, reachable by winding rustic roads, nestle into a landscape laced with idyllic river spots and spectacular panoramic viewpoints. There truly is a sense that time slows here, and that life continues as it always has, with a simple ...Read more

MamaSeed cares for You, for your Home & our Planet.

  MamaSeed combines Selfcare and Ecology in an organic range that makes everyday life naturally more blissful! Through her different lines of 100% nature-based, bioactive & organic products, she offers you a way to treat yourself, your family and your home in your conscious daily life. Cruelty free, Chemical free and recycled glass and PET containers. * Cosmetic Essentials ~ your toiletry essentials for home & travelling  * Eco-Home cleaning products ~ your house clean & our planet safe from ...Read more

Interconnectedness & Off-Grid Living

Here we share a lovely blog from the great people at Vale da Mata, you can find out more about them and see other blogs here. The economics of being off-grid are far from straightforward. The cost of a solar electric installation to produce sufficient electricity even in winter without depending upon grid supply can at first glance seem expensive. Its a considerable capital investment. In winter when days are shorter and electricity need is higher, there is less sun. ...Read more

Are You Looking For A Credible Roofer For Your Home?

Are you on in the market for a roofer? Since the roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, it demands expert attention when it comes to repair, installation or replacement. It’s of utmost importance to hire a reliable roofing company like since any misstep could mean severe damage to your property. The post below offers insight on how to choose a good roofer. Search around Don’t just settle on the first roofing company you come across ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Guide To Advertising Your Property

Selling your home can be an exciting and daunting time! We thought it would be helpful to put together some top tips for advertising your property to give you the best chance at getting a strong buyer and a quick sale with Pure Portugal! Listing with us: We can add up 24 photos of your home (see how to get the best images below) Photos need to be in jpg format and a minimum size of 640 x 480 pixels, ...Read more