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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Getting Residency In Portugal (pre Brexit)

If you are moving to Portugal and looking to buy and live in Portugal this is the video for you! We spoke with the wonderful Tig James of British In Portugal who works alongside The British Embassy and British In Europe and is a font of knowledge for all things residency related (especially for those who will be affected by Brexit). Today we answered lots of questions from you about how to apply for residency in Portugal, the process you ...Read more

5 Inspirational Garden Trends for Your Home in Portugal

Think of your garden as an extension of your room to enjoy and relax in. If you liven up your garden with inspirational garden trends, you can enjoy the great outdoors for most of the year. Whether you want to give your garden a complete makeover or simply want to add new elements to improve its functionality, we’ve compiled 5 inspirational garden trends to steer you in the right direction. Container gardens Container gardening adds incredible versatility to your garden ...Read more

Your Drivers Licence In Portugal

Here we hope to dispel some of the myth and confusion which comes with driving in Portugal and whether you need to do anything with your driver’s licence be it an EU licence, British licence or a driving licence from outside of the EU. You will not, as a rule, need a Portuguese driving licence if you are just a temporary visitor in Portugal (temporary being anything up to six months) generally, you are permitted to drive using your international ...Read more

Living In Portugal

Here you will find all sorts of articles on all things that come with living in Portugal, from getting residency, to licensing buildings, healthcare & much more – This is a big & varied topic, so if we have missed anything please email us on & ask for more help. We also have a fabulous services directory which has vetted experts and Pure Portugal partners who can help in all areas of property buying in Portugal & we also have ...Read more

Speaking Portuguese

Arriving in a new country is always an exciting experience, so many new things, different people, culture and traditions. A whole new “world” to discover and learn about. But it can also be a little scary, and the communication may sometimes become a problem. In spite of the fact that nowadays English is considered a universal/ global language and the Portuguese people are well known for their natural “adaptability skills” to talk with everyone, you can find yourself in a situation ...Read more

Buying In Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal can feel exciting and daunting all at the same time. The team here at Pure Portugal have purchased property and moved abroad ourselves, some of the team moved from other countries into Portugal and other members of the team who are Portuguese have moved to other countries in the past too, so we all know the questions and worries that can come with such a move. We do not just advertise property for private sellers, ...Read more

Real Estate in Portuguese – Useful Vocabulary

  With many thanks to Mia Esmeriz from Learn Portuguese  for this helpful blog! If you want to learn more about the Portuguese language, make sure to check out her online courses. If you are a beginner, she recommends that you start with her free Kickstarter Course. If you want to buy a house in Portugal, you might have some questions regarding vocabulary related to real estate in Portuguese. When you start searching for a house, you might see signs ...Read more

Payment Methods For Pure Portugal Plus


Join Us At Pure Portugal Plus

We are thrilled to announce that after huge demand (and a lot of background work) we have just opened up a members group called Pure Portugal Plus. Pure Portugal Plus is a dedicated space to connect on a deeper level, with even more professional advice for people moving to and living in Portugal. Membership is only 20€ per year, (just to cover some of the extra administration needed to build, organise and plan the many interviews and webinars we have ...Read more

Can We Work From Home Forever?

This blog is bought to you from Jacqueline who works for our mortgage partners Mortgage Direct. Firstly, our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope you and your loved ones are well and that this message finds you in good health and spirits. Although the lockdown period has enforced isolation on people that are used to a more social way of life, for those that have started to work from home it ...Read more

Living In Portugal – The Algarve

The Algarve has long been the favourite among foreigners, both as an area to holiday and to live in Portugal, there is estimated to be around 100,000 people who originate from outside Portugal that now call the Algarve home. The Algarve is (like all of Portugal) a very safe region, it has little crime and the usual laid-back lifestyle people expect to find in Portugal. Perfect for people of all ages, the Algarve caters for families and retirees alike, mainly ...Read more

Communities In Portugal

Communities in Portugal have existed for many decades, but it’s fair to say the interest in living this way has grown massively in recent years and with this more and more communities have formed. COMMUNITIES IN NORTHERN PORTUGAL Aldeia de Cabrum Amakura/Ecoaldeia de Cabrum – Cabrum A Portuguese-speaking community project, running regular events, open to volunteers and visitors. “A aldeia é um pequeno paraíso” Quinta das Relvas – Branca An artist’s community farm, open to collaborations, artist’s residencies, volunteering, and ...Read more


Deciding where to live in Portugal is one of the first parts to making the move over. For a small country Portugal it is always a surprise to people how vastly each area differs. From the cooler green North, to central Portugal where it feels like time slowed down, the mountains where you can ski in the winter and of course the South with miles of beaches and refreshing breezes! Here we hope to help a little by breaking down ...Read more


If you find your new home through the Pure Portugal website we will send you 50euros to spend on anything you like! Trees, a meal out, some hens, flowers, seeds, tools, fabulous Portuguese wine… just let us know the property reference, your bank details or paypal address and we will whizz it straight over to you with love and hugs from the whole team!   ...Read more

What you see isn’t always what you get (when you buy a property in Portugal)

This saying applies commonly in Portugal. Especially when you purchase property in a rural area. Typically when you want to buy a property, you travel to Portugal, view several places, find the right one, fall in love with it, and you immediately begin to imagine what you could do to make it just like the place you have dreamed about for years. You begin to negotiate the price, you reach an agreement, shake hands and that’s it! Well, not quite. ...Read more

COVID-19 & Mortgages

With the coronavirus still very much in the spotlight we thought we would share this wonderful update from our mortgage partner Mortgage Direct about the situation with mortgages at the moment amid the virus outbreak and lockdown. In light of the circumstances currently affecting the world, we are keeping a close eye on government recommendations concerning Covid-19. All the Mortgage Direct Team are well, and we hope you and your families are too. Fortunately, all our advisers work remotely and ...Read more

Living In Portugal – How To Licence A New Build

Some of you may remember the wonderful videos about tiny homes and legalisation of tiny homes from the wonderful Raphael from Ecositana builders. If you have not seen them yet you can find part 1 here which also links through to the second part. Today we are pleased to share another great 2 part video from Raphael about the steps you need to take to license a new house in Portugal. Many thanks to Raphael for sharing more of his ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Coastal Central Portugal

The Silver Coast is located in the central region of Portugal with 150km of coastline. A great alternative to the Algarve for people looking for a lifestyle by the sea. The weather here is not always as idyllic or settled as can be found in the Algarve but unspoilt coastlines and bustling little villages and towns can be found in plentiful supply and prices for property here are as a rule, still notably lower than in the Southern/Algarve area. The ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Inland Central Portugal

It seems a lot of visitors to Portugal never make it inland in Portugal, those who do consider Central Portugal to be the ‘real’ Portugal. It has a village called Monsanto which was voted as the most Portuguese village in Portugal so maybe there is a lot of truth in this! (read more about Monsanto here). Central Portugal is scenic and beautiful, there are broad, winding rivers, river beaches, lakes and rolling hills, the air is pure and much of ...Read more

Covid-19 & Currency

With hourly coronavirus headlines and significant currency volatility, you may be wondering what the link is, and why markets are moving so dramatically. Currency specialists Global Reach explain why exchange rates have shifted so quickly, to help you make more informed currency decisions. Markets don’t like uncertainty. It could be an election with the threat of a new government, it might be increasing geopolitical tensions, or it could be a force majeure event—like Covid-19. Events like these can put a ...Read more

Life Reimagined

Here we meet Jack and Hannah who, after travelling and testing out life in Canada bought a beautiful property that they found here on the Pure Portugal website to create a sustainable eco resort in the Algarve. How did you find out about Pure Portugal? / Did you know of us before moving to Portugal? When we first started looking for a property we were living in Canada and so we began scouring the internet. Initially we wanted to move ...Read more

Covid-19 & The Property Purchase Market In Portugal

At the moment everyone is worried about the Covid-19 virus and the effect it might have on the health of oneself, loved ones and wider circles. These worries are understandable, however can be overwhelmingly increased by something far worse than Covid-19: Fear. Fear is all around us nowadays, in the news, social media, everywhere! Fear affects another important thing: Confidence. People lose confidence in themselves and in the future. Fighting fear and lack of confidence is as much important as ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Northern Portugal

Portugal was founded in the North in the 12th century. It is the most populous regions after Lisbon and the third largest by area. Known for Port its wine, natural wonder and rich heritage which includes ancient monuments, churches and modern buildings alike. The River Douro is one of the main rivers crossing the Iberian Peninsula and can be explored by boat or train. Northern Portugal’s only national park is called Peneda-Gerês, boasting beautiful wilderness, mountains, waterfalls and abundant wildlife. ...Read more

Portugal Coronavirus Update

The ongoing Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak is already having a huge impact on people throughout the world. Here at Pure Portugal, we wanted to reach out to you to reassure you during this time of change. The service we provide at Pure Portugal will continue to be here and we will still be adding properties to the website (though we expect a slower rate and less properties to be being listed for the coming few weeks while people understandably assess the ...Read more

Significance Of Implementing Housekeeping Rules And Regulations

When housekeeping is done properly, it can create a place that can become your sanctuary, whether at home or in your workplace. Thus, in order to create a comfortable and safe space, housekeeping is necessary. With housekeeping comes housekeeping rules and regulations that ensure that a space is well-maintained, reducing the risk of safety and health hazards. Here are several reasons why housekeeping rules and regulations are of utmost importance: Safety One of the primary reasons why implementing housekeeping rules ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Getting Residency

Getting residency in Portugal is something you will have to do if you intend to stay for more than a couple of months. It can feel a little overwhelming and confusing but fear no more, our guide to becoming ‘official’ in Portugal is here to help you out! This guide is designed to help people who are based in the EU and have freedom of movement, of course changes will come about from the UK leaving the EU, for not ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Guide To Portuguese Public Holidays & Celebrations 2020

Whether you are just visiting Portugal or already living here you will want to be sure you know the important dates and public holidays which happen through the year, many businesses close over holidays and there are some great celebrations to join in with too! Not all businesses close for a public holiday, generally you can still find supermarkets and main shops open especially in larger places, public transport will still run usually also, but expect to find the local ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – June’s Story

  We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet June Da Silva who moved from South Africa to Portugal in 2006  Have you lived in ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Ahimsa Food Forest

We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet Em McGowan & Simon Hickman who found their property through Pure Portugal & started the Ahimsa Food ...Read more

Explore Portugal – The Dão Valley

This blog is bought to you with many thanks to The Caminho do Dão project, a new long-distance hiking trail in the Dão Valley in Northern Portugal. The Caminho do Dão is a week-long nature pilgrimage through the beautiful valley, from the source to the mouth of the river. For more info and booking see here. The Dão valley and its rich patchwork of landscapes that tell the story of what is happening in and to nature in the entire ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Guide To Advertising Your Property

Selling your home can be an exciting and daunting time! We thought it would be helpful to put together some top tips for advertising your property to give you the best chance at getting a strong buyer and a quick sale with Pure Portugal! Listing with us: We can add up 24 photos of your home (see how to get the best images below) Photos need to be in jpg format and a minimum size of 640 x 480 pixels, ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Festivals Guide – 2020

Portugal knows how to party, this we already know! But if the year-round festas are not enough for you, fear not! Festivals are making more and more of an appearance in Portugal each year and 2020 is set to be one of the biggest and best yet!  To help you decide which festivals are a total must we have compiled a month by month list so you can enjoy Portugal and the festival season to the max…From small one day ...Read more

Portuguese bread (and a little rant)

Some days ago I ranted a bit on Facebook and Instagram because of the insane amount of tourists today who are worried, mostly, with collecting stamps on their passports and taking selfies for the gram – you know what I mean. Years ago I stopped reading travel blogs (except for a select few) because of how most of them just seemed to have a checklist of places to visit but apparently didn’t really reap any real, life-enriching benefit from all ...Read more

Home Improvements That’ll Add Value to Your Home

It’s only logical for people to stay put and postpone any thoughts of moving or changing houses with the real estate market being in a slump at the moment. Instead of selling their houses, people have realized that the smart thing to do is to improve their houses. Making your house more comfortable will make the house feel more like home to you. These improvements will not only benefit you right now, but they will also increase the resale value ...Read more

5 Ways Water Destroys Your Home and Commercial Buildings

Although we cannot live without water, no one can deny that it might sometimes be destructive. Every year, thousands of home and business owners pay hundreds of dollars to fix water damage. In fact, water is the first reason behind the severe structural damage that leads to collapsed buildings. Because it is your responsibility to keep your property free of any potential hazards, you must know the ways water can damage your building, so check out the next few points ...Read more

Living In Portugal – The Promissory Contract

A few months ago we asked the Pure Portugal community what their top legal concerns where when it comes to living in Portugal – Thanks to Solicitor Nuno Almeida for his blog about the importance of promissory contracts when it comes to completing property purchases in Portugal. When buying property in Portugal you need to consider several points from beginning to completion of purchase . Usually after finding a property you like you will make contact with the seller or ...Read more

Split Your Life Between Portugal And The UK To Get The Best Of Both Countries

Even with the Brexit debacle still ongoing, the UK remains a great country for those who want to enjoy high quality of life and many exciting job opportunities. That being said, the one downside to the UK is the weather. Despite the beautiful landscapes and countryside, Britain is not a country that is renowned for its sunny weather, so it’s understandable that many expats from the country have wanted to settle in Portugal over the years. As the country makes ...Read more

My Portuguese House

We are really excited to share this short piece from Herbert Daybell who wrote a fantastic book about the ups and downs of falling in love with, and renovating an old house (and not just any old house!) in Portugal in his book My Portuguese House: A Palacial purchase available from Amazon here. So, it’s the dream isn’t it? Find a property in sunny Portugal and live there happily ever after. But how many people buy part of a royal palace? ...Read more

The Ultimate Long-Distance Moving Checklist This 2020

Moving a hundred or thousand miles away can be a stressful and strenuous task. With all the things that need to accomplish, advance planning and preparation will always pay off. And while it’s almost impossible to make your entire relocation process stress-free, there are ways that you can do to stay organized and reduce the tension you’re feeling. So, if you’re planning to move anytime this 2020, keep reading to learn more about the ultimate long-distance moving checklist you can ...Read more

EVR58: Organic Shop & Cafe

Hello Portugal Lovers! On our road trip, we visited this Organic Shop & Cafe that we are advertising for sale in the Pure Portugal website. Certified organic grocery store with cafeteria where bio/organic vegetarian meals are served daily and various activities & events take place. Operating since February 2017 in a rented space of 80m2. Located near Tomar in the Santarém district. €58,000 See below the video we made about our visit. If you would like to receive further information, ...Read more