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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

Mastering the Portuguese B2 DIPLE Language Level

“Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. “ — B2 DIPLE Language Level After a two-year absence, I returned to Portugal on a month-long working holiday, two weeks of which were spent as writer in residence at Cerdeira — Home for Creativity, an artistic retreat high in the mountains above Lousã. It is a high, serene place, linked to the town down below by ...Read more

The End of the Non Habitual Residency Program (NHR).

The end is near for the 10 year tax benefit offered by the NHR status, first launched in 2009. This program alone is responsible for thousands of foreign nationals relocating to Portugal since its implementation. People from all over the globe attracted to Portugal by our nice weather, culture, peace index and low taxation offered to non-habitual residents. The government announced on 2nd October 2023 that NHR will stop in 2024 as a measure to fight fiscal injustice. This is ...Read more

Permaculture in Portugal: December Delights and Duties

Ah…December in Portugal! While the rest of Europe dons heavy coats, Portugal, with its mild winters, offers a unique gardening landscape. As Christmas bells jingle in the distance, those with green fingers still have a wealth of permaculture tasks and opportunities. Let’s dive into the world of December gardening in Portugal from a permaculture lens. Portugal’s December Garden: A Snapshot Sure, the days are shorter and nights cooler, but the Portuguese soil is far from dormant. Winter rains grace the ...Read more

Christmas in Portugal

Some of us are preparing for our first Christmas in Portugal! Some of us are well-seasoned stayers for Portuguese Festivities! Having spent Christmas in many different countries over the years and having the joy of seeing many different traditions and celebrations I can truly say that none compares to the warmth and love of the Portuguese Christmas! Little villages and towns are adorned with decorations, nativity scenes ‘presépio’, coloured lights and more often now the seemingly obligatory climbing Santa. In ...Read more

12 Days Of Christmas

We decided to share the Pure Portugal 12 days of Christmas. Where for the first 12 days of December the Pure Portugal Team picked a Portuguese word relating to Christmas or winter to prepare us all for the fun festive time ahead! First Day Of Christmas Pinheiro – Pine Tree  The favoured tree to be used as the Christmas Tree! Can also be known as ‘Avore de Nata Second Day Of Christmas Rabanadas – French toast A traditional treat, sometimes ...Read more

How to Dry Citrus Fruit in The Oven

Great tips from The Mini Smallholder on how to dry citrus fruit to use as cheap, low impact decorations. When you dry citrus fruit in the oven at home you go low and slow to fill the house with a gorgeous festive smell. Because this time of year is all about creating memories. This falls into the category of things your kids will love about Christmas. It is more sustainable than plastic decorations which are designed to be used this ...Read more

Surviving and Thriving: November Permaculture in Portugal

In the realm of survival, every advantage is essential. In Portugal, as November ushers in the final lap of autumn, the earth is not dormant; it’s just more selective. Leveraging permaculture principles, even in the slightly cooler climes, can be your ace in the hole. Let’s explore how to maximise yields and prepare for the coming months. The Lay of the Portuguese Land in November While Portugal’s coastal regions benefit from the tempering influence of the Atlantic, its interiors can ...Read more

The Portuguese Caminho de Santiago: Solo, Group or ….Forever?

Thinking of walking solo on the Caminho de Santiago? It’s a fun and challenging walk whether in a group or as a solo traveller. Having done it with a partner and by myself, I can say I enjoyed both, but would probably lean towards going solo next time. Wait a minute, you say, …what’s this about “next time”? Once you have done the Caminho, it can become a regular thing, or even an obsession. It is hard to put into ...Read more

‘Halloween’ In Portugal

Not so long ago, Halloween, as many people know it, wasn’t really something celebrated widely in Portugal, however ‘Halloween’ has actually always existed as a day of celebration in a traditional form. ‘All Saints Day’ is celebrated on the 1st of November, which is a public holiday, and is followed by All Souls Day on the 2nd of November, which is not a public holiday. *During a public holiday Banks, post offices and other public services are closed (this includes ...Read more

Devilish Pumpkin Bowl Soup

Ingredients For the Soup 2 tbsp olive oil 2 onions , finely chopped 1kg pumpkins or squash 700ml vegetable stock or chicken stock Salt and freshly ground black pepper Method Cut the top off the pumpkin and set aside. Scoop out the seeds and fibres from the middle, discard or you ca n set them aside if you want to bake/roast the seeds to eat or dry them to save a plant later. Using a sharp knife and a spoon, ...Read more

Permaculture in Portugal: October Planting and Nurturing

  If you’ve been wondering how to harness the beauty of Portugal’s October season, you’re in the right place. Let’s deep dive into the permaculture world, tailored to the Portuguese landscape. Understanding October in Portugal From the rolling expanses of Alentejo to the picturesque slopes of the Douro Valley, Portugal boasts a wealth of diverse environments. As summer’s heat gradually mellows into autumn’s crisp embrace, October emerges as an ideal month for planting and tending. Harnessing Water: With summer drawing ...Read more

Architecture in Portugal: Building Houses with Eco-friendly and Low Impact Features

As nations worldwide make strides towards a more sustainable future, Portugal has not been left behind in adopting eco-friendly and low-impact practices in its architectural sector. A country with a rich history of architectural prowess, from the traditional Manueline to contemporary designs, it is on a path that entwines sustainability with architectural innovations. This is a journey through the noteworthy steps Portugal has taken in establishing eco-friendly and low-impact homes that are not only architectural marvels but also testaments to ...Read more

The Goldmine in Weeds!

Forget the pricey commercial fertilisers! Embrace the magic of fermented “weed tea” – with a hidden treasure trove of nutrients – plus it doesn’t cost a penny! Years ago, our ancestors weren’t rushing to stores to buy fertilisers. They had their secrets – compost, manure, and even… wait for it… urine! But one secret weapon that’s been overlooked is Weeds. Yes, the ones you might be regularly discarding! Many people have heard of comfrey tea, which is a fabulous way ...Read more

How to Buy a House with Cryptocurrency

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a property is a pivotal moment, particularly when utilizing the pulsating world of cryptocurrencies. Start with a Solid Crypto Foundation Adequate knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work, including the functionalities of wallets, blockchain, and transaction verification, lays a solid foundation for a seamless transaction. Platforms like the Paybis website provide a user-friendly interface for buying, selling, and understanding cryptocurrencies, making it a solid starting point for enthusiasts and experienced traders alike. Legality and Compliance are ...Read more

A Seasonal Guide to Nurturing Your Garden By Area

Portugal, with its vast array of climates and fertile soil, beckons to gardeners both new and experienced. The land holds a promise of abundance and variety, inviting you to understand its agricultural heartbeat and rhythm. With this understanding, you can create a garden that blossoms throughout the year. Here’s our guide to growing your own food in Portugal. Portugal’s Farming Canvas North Portugal Climate: A bit cooler, kissed by the rain – a home for leafy greens and root vegetables. ...Read more

Sustainable Living in Portugal: A Neighbourly Guide to a Green Home

With its captivating landscapes and inviting climate, Portugal welcomes not just tourists but those who are keen to embrace a sustainable way of life. If you were to walk through the beautiful streets of Lisbon or the rustic countryside, you might find neighbours sharing tips on water conservation or proudly displaying solar panels on their roofs. Here’s a neighbourly guide on how to join the growing trend of green living in Portugal. Portugal’s Friendly Approach to Sustainability People in Portugal ...Read more

Portuguese Traditions By Region: Experience the Heartbeat of a Nation

Ah, Portugal! A country so rich in culture and tradition that each region feels like a new world waiting to be explored. We thought we would take you on a personal journey through the traditions that have captured the PP team’s hearts, just as they have enchanted generations of locals and travellers alike. Up North: Where Tradition Meets Celebration Have you ever been hit with a leek? In Porto, during the Festa de São João, it’s a compliment! People of ...Read more

Studying Portuguese: How to keep motivated

Thanks again to Leslie Smith for her wonderful insights to learning Portuguese! Ahh, motivation. That sweet, elusive butterfly which brings with it an ineffable sensation of “entusiasmo” that we have when first starting a new project or job, moving to a new location, beginning a new relationship, or mastering a new skill. It’s elusive It’s all good in the beginning, but as the degree of difficulty increases, and we begin to realize the enormity of the task of mastery ahead ...Read more

Water Management in Portugal: Embracing Sustainable Water Usage for Off-Grid Living

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, and its management is crucial for sustaining life and promoting a healthy environment. In Portugal, a country blessed with diverse water resources, the concept of sustainable water management, especially in the context of off-grid living, is gaining significant attention. Water Sources in Portugal You will see properties for sale on our website with a varied range of sources, wells, springs, water mines, dams, rivers and lakes. With a long coastline, desalination also provides ...Read more

Exploring Portugal: Unforgettable Break for US Students on Holiday

With its rich history, culture and stunning landscapes, Portugal has emerged among the top travel destinations for US students. Academic life can get stressful, and a getaway is what all students need to rejuvenate. For this purpose, Portugal is a hidden gem with significant potential for wanderlust. This place can make your holiday memorable. So book your tickets and get your backpacks ready. To help you navigate a foreign country, mentioned below are some of the best places to explore ...Read more

Edible Landscapes and Organic Gardens: Reaping Nature’s Bounty

Edible landscapes and organic gardens represent a shift towards sustainable and healthy living. Growing your food not only reduces your carbon footprint but also connects you more intimately with nature’s cycle. Edible Landscapes and Organic Gardens Edible landscapes and organic gardens transform your living space into a productive environment. You can grow a variety of food, from vegetables and herbs to fruits and nuts, right in your backyard. These gardens promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and can provide a substantial ...Read more

When & What to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is a true treasure for any traveler because it offers incredible nightlife, fine wine, and beaches with gold-like sand and turquoise clear waters. However, what is the best time to travel to Portugal? How long should your vacation last and what cities should you visit? Let’s find out! For how many days to visit Portugal? The golden mean for a vacation duration is usually 8-10 days because it allows you to recharge batteries fully and adapt to the environment ...Read more

Animal Integration for Sustainability: Harmonizing Ecosystems

Integrating animals into our living environment forms a crucial aspect of sustainable practices. An aspect of permaculture, animal integration fosters a healthier and more balanced ecosystem, facilitating mutual benefits for both humans and animals. Animal Integration and Sustainability In the realm of sustainability, animals play a key role. Their integration into our ecosystems has numerous benefits. For instance, chickens can control pests and contribute to soil enrichment through their droppings, goats assist in managing overgrown vegetation, and bees, through their ...Read more

What to do on a Weekend Getaway to Portugal?

Golden beaches and emerald valleys, harsh mediaeval fortresses and cosy fishing villages, Gothic monasteries and ancient forests – Portugal has something to charm even a seasoned traveller. In addition, the country is less crowded with tourists, unlike neighbouring Spain. This means you have all the ingredients for an exciting journey. Yes, it would be a perfect idea to organise a 3-day getaway in Portugal and fully enjoy its highlights. However, where to go and what to do within its vast ...Read more

Hot off the press – President rejects proposed law changes for Golden Visa

An update for you from Holborn Assets. Against the odds, the President has this morning, vetoed the proposed Golden Visa changes, and sent the decree back to Parliament for amendments. See article here.  This allows approximately 45 days until the President reassesses, which gives us some much-needed time before the new law will come into effect. However, please note, the Socialist party and in turn the government, will be able to force his hand at this time. So, great news ...Read more

How to Experience the Authentic Culture of Portugal on a Student Budget

With its sun-kissed beaches, historic cities, and a rich tapestry of culture, Portugal is a magnet for travellers worldwide. Yet, for students on a tight budget, the dream of experiencing the authentic charm of this nation might seem out of reach. Not to worry! Portugal’s genuine essence can be enjoyed without breaking the bank with a touch of planning and a sprinkle of creativity. Dive in to discover how!       Prepare for Travel Ensuring your academic responsibilities are ...Read more

From Earth’s Bounty to Ocean’s Waves: Immersing in Portugal’s Natural Pleasures

Portugal is a country woven with cobblestone paths and echoing with fado tunes. Whether you find joy in the fragrant embrace of a vineyard or the heart-thumping thrill of riding a wave, Portugal has a universe of experiences to satiate your senses. Portuguese Vineyards As you step into the sun-dappled vineyards of the Douro Valley, the whispers of centuries-old winemaking traditions fill the air. The fertile soil cradles the vine, crafting each grape with a storyteller’s patience. As you sip ...Read more

Understanding the Portuguese Healthcare System: A Guide for Newcomers

Portugal is of course adored for its rich history, stunning coastlines, and friendly locals, is also recognized for its efficient healthcare system. As a newcomer preparing for your move, getting to grips with how healthcare works in Portugal is crucial. Public and Private Healthcare in Portugal Portugal’s healthcare system consists of public and private sectors. The Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), the public health service, offers free or low-cost healthcare to residents. Private healthcare, renowned for shorter wait times and ...Read more

A Tour Of The Best Wakesurfing Spots In Portugal

Portugal is a popular destination for surfers from around the world. With its long coastline and consistent waves, it’s no wonder why. However, for those looking for a different kind of surfing experience, wakesurfing may be just the thing. Wakesurfing is a hybrid water sport that combines elements of wakeboarding and surfing. Unlike wakeboarding, the rider is not attached to the boat with a rope, but instead surfs the boat’s wake. Portugal has some of the best wakesurfing spots in ...Read more

Permaculture: A Sustainable Approach to Living and Its Implication in Portugal

Permaculture, is a combination of ‘permanent’ and ‘culture’, also seen as a holistic design system for creating sustainable human habitats. This approach is not merely about growing plants; it encompasses energy-efficient building design, integrated water resources management, and even community development strategies. With an emphasis on the principles of ecology and the interconnectivity of life, permaculture strives to work with nature, rather than against it, in a self-sustaining manner. Permaculture in Portugal Portugal is a country with varied landscape, abundant ...Read more

Mortgage lowdown by Jerremy Klingers

Dear Reader, My name is Jerremy Klingers. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but also have Portuguese nationality from my mother’s side. I made the decision to emigrate from the Netherlands to Portugal (near Faro) in August 2019. I joined Mortgage Direct a month later and enjoy being part of a great team. I have an in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese banking system and have created some invaluable and excellent contacts. I speak Dutch, English and Portuguese and ...Read more

Cultural Etiquette for New Residents in Portugal: What You Need to Know!!!

Transitioning into a new culture can often be as exhilarating as it is challenging. As you take the leap to become a resident in Portugal, understanding some simple local cultural etiquettes can help smoothen your journey. 1. Greetings Politeness is valued in Portugal. A firm handshake and a smile when meeting acquaintances. Close friends and family often greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks, starting from the right hand side! 2. Use Formal Titles Using formal titles like ...Read more

The Benefits of Warm Climates for Mental Health

Being in Warm Climates Increases Time Spent Outdoors – Increasing Physical Activity, and Improving Mental Health The benefits of living in warm climates for your mental health, are several and wide-ranging. Being exposed to higher temperatures, more sunshine and natural light, increases time spent outdoors, which can improve our mood. This increased time spent outdoors consequently often increases the amount of time spent engaging in physical activity. Exercising in a warm climate has many potential benefits for our mental health, ...Read more

Portuguese Cuisine: Must-Try Local Delicacies for Food Lovers

When it comes to experiencing Portugal, we cannot overlook the vibrant and rich flavours of Portuguese cuisine. Each dish is a culinary voyage in itself, reflecting Portugal’s history and diverse regional influences. So if you are a food lover, planning a gastronomic journey in Portugal, here are some must-try local delicacies that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. 1. Bacalhau a Bras Bacalhau, or codfish, holds a special place in Portuguese cuisine. One of the most beloved preparations is ...Read more

Steps to Buying Property in Portugal: A Pure Portugal Guide for Prospective Buyers

If you are dreaming of owning a property in Portugal, a sun-soaked country renowned for its captivating landscapes and rich history you are not alone! Portugal’s real estate market has seen a surge in interest from international buyers. Our comprehensive guide will take you through each step of buying property in Portugal. 1. Research the Portuguese Real Estate Market The first step in your journey to property ownership in Portugal is understanding the market. Portugal’s diverse regions, each with unique ...Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Sauerkraut: Easy Steps for Delicious Fermented Goodness

Welcome to an easy guide to make sauerkraut, where we’ll unravel the secrets of crafting this tangy and crunchy delight right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of fermentation – making sauerkraut is simpler than you might think! This step-by-step guide is tailored specifically for beginners, providing you with all the necessary knowledge and confidence to embark on your journey into the world of homemade sauerkraut. Get ready to savour the probiotic-rich goodness that ...Read more

Hiking Spots: The Perfect Companion for Your New Home Purchase

Portugal is a country renowned for its rich tapestry of diverse landscapes, enticing beaches, delicious gastronomy, and captivating history. But for those adventurous souls thinking of buying a property in Portugal, there’s more than just the charm of new homes and neighbourhoods to explore. Portugal is a haven for hiking enthusiasts, offering an array of trails from coastal pathways to lush mountain terrains. Here at Pure Portugal we like to think of this as a place to act as your ...Read more

Transitioning Your Pet to Portugal: What You Need to Know

Relocating to a new country is an exhilarating adventure, and when it comes to moving to Portugal, it’s no different. From the sun-drenched beaches to the enchanting historic towns, there’s plenty to capture your heart. However, if you’re planning to bring your furry friend along, it’s crucial to understand how to transition your pet to Portugal successfully. Pet Passport and Vaccinations Portugal, being part of the European Union (EU), requires pets from non-EU countries to have an EU Pet Passport. ...Read more

“Everyone speaks English!”

Many thanks to by Leslie Smith for this fabulous insight 🙂 Recently I was contacted by an American expat who intending to write the Portuguese B1 exam soon. A California native, this professional woman now lives with her husband in a beautiful Portuguese surfing town where she takes Portuguese lessons. Still, Catarina (not her real name) was uneasy that her level of Portuguese might not be up to par for the exam. She had not taken the easier A2 level ...Read more

Bacalhau what’s it about?!

Bacalhau, the Portuguese word for codfish, isn’t just a fish in Portugal – it’s a cultural icon. Thanks to its versatility, it’s often said there are 365 bacalhau recipes in Portugal, one for every day of the year! There are even people who are attempting to try every recipe in their lifetime! But what is the love of this essential ingredient in Portuguese cuisine? Bacalhau’s Historical Importance Historically, bacalhau was the solution to long sea voyages when refrigeration didn’t exist. ...Read more