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Portugal Districts

Portugal is divided into 18 districts. The districts are further divided into Concelho and Freguesia.

The 18 districts are Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu. Plus, there are the Azores Islands.

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Pure Portugal Blog

The Smoke Will Rise – By Kiva Morris

  The smoke will rise As the ash will fall, I look to the hill To see a crimson wall. The infernal tongue licks the trees, It burns the trees and roasts the fleas. I stand beneath the fiery gloam, I beg: Please, Don’t take my home. The wind blows it toward the bush, turning all the fruit to mush. It comes faster up the hill, Yet I can still feel a horrible chill. The clouds cover a patch of ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Expat Story

    We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet Alison Kearin who moved to Portugal from the UK 8 years ago.  How did you ...Read more

Join The PP Service Directory & Share your Skills!

The Pure Portugal Services Directory is now in its third year and has 11 categories offering a broad range of services from wellbeing to finances, architects to builders, marketing & communication services and much more!  Over this time we have seen the demand for these types of skills and services in Portugal grow, and it is now bubbling with new opportunities for people here. We have seen more and more successful collaborations happening, proving it really is possible to make ...Read more

Quinta da Alvarinheira is inviting to join!

A few days ago our team members Raquel and Daniel visited Quinta da Alvarinheira and found that a dream of theirs had been realised! This farm is much more than a Manor House restored for tourism. It has also a collaborative vision, which respects the traditions and keeps them alive, to be shared by others. It’s a kind of small community village around the patio, where everyone has an activity to help bring more value to the quinta. At the moment ...Read more

Pure Portugal team visiting our partners

The team members Raquel and Daniel are on the road making connections and visiting partners! On our road trip to Castelo Branco, we visited one of our partners, who are advertising these lovely and typical properties on the Pure Portugal website: We keep on making connections! See you on the road!   Raquel & Daniel   ...Read more

5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

  Investing is something that not enough people even consider as a viable way to enhance their overall financial health. The truth of the matter is that it can lead to some startlingly high long-term returns and it’s a financial decision that you’re unlikely to regret. There’s lot of things that you can invest in. Many businesses are well-known for offering good Return on Investment (ROI) for their investors, and it’s not hard to find the most reputable ones. You ...Read more

12 Days Of Christmas

Each day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day the Pure Portugal Team decided to share a Portuguese word relating to Christmas or winter to prepare us all for the fun festive time ahead! If you missed the daily posts on our Facebook group – Pure Portugal Living The Good Life you can read them all here again below! First Day Of Christmas Pinheiro – Pine Tree  The favoured tree to be used as the Christmas Tree! Can ...Read more

Memory Jars

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault To visitors it looks odd when they first come over and see, there, set upon a windowsill or the kitchen side a huge jar filled with little slips of paper, to us its normal, it is one of the treasured items which has followed us around to the dozen or more houses we have lived in over the last decade ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Serra da Estrela

Our place of the month this month is the Serra da Estrela mountains.  This months blog is kindly bought to us by Faith Canter at Project Roots which is located near Vale de Prazerers, Fundao  The Serra da Estrela happen to be not all that far from us. This is quite a result for the hiker in me (Faith Canter) and I intend to explore much more of this mountain range over the coming years. Serra da Estrela is the highest ...Read more

Let’s meet in 2019!

Our team members Raquel and Daniel, from the Pure Portugal Holidays website, are finally on the road making connections and visiting partners! 2018 was a great year for us, with big challenges and dreams coming true! Taking care of the Pure Portugal Holidays and Rentals site and starting our vanlife has been one of the most amazing experience in our lives! We are so happy that we can travel more, meet our partners and make new connections! Some of the places ...Read more

My Little Casa – Alentejo Discovery

  Thanks to author, Lee Middlenam who mentioned Pure Portugal in his recent book – My Little Casa, as thanks to us for being a part of his journey.  Here you can read a little more from Paul about his book which is available to buy on Amazon now! Deep in the rich and diverse agricultural heartlands of the Alentejo region in Portugal, villagers were going about their simple everyday life, with some tending to their farms, while others dine ...Read more

Interview with Richard from Aspen, sharing his experience on solar energy

Here Pure Portugal speaks with Richard from Aspen Heating and Energy Installation, where he gives his guidance on solar energy setup and where to start. Richards’ years of experience make him a wonderful asset to the Pure Portugal Service Directory. His opening lines in our interview inspired us straight away. “I get such pleasure from bringing something as fundamental as power to someones home. When the power gets switched on, the excitement from the client is infectious”. Read on for ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Passadicos de Paiva

  If you’re anywhere near the Center of Portugal, a fun day outing fit for all ages is to go walk the Passadicos de Paiva. Located in Arouca, 85km away from Porto (a bit under a 90min drive), this boardwalk has won the World Traveler Award every year since 2016.   An 8km boardwalk snakes through a gorgeous valley in the Arouca Geopark, running parallel to a river and with access to three river beaches. The walk is linear, so ...Read more

Meet Dan Kruger Of The Merkaba Community

  What bought you to Portugal in the first place? Too much work in the UK really, I had jobs coming in from all areas, and lots of customers, I always want to take on so much as I am really passionate about what I do but, it wore me down to the point of feeling like I was having a breakdown. I had already been sick for a while before this with Crohn’s disease and had to have 6 ...Read more

Toffee Apple Cake Recipe

A delicious and devilish autumn dish to sweeten up your Autumn! You will need: 140g flour 85g butter – melted – can be replaced with an equal amount of coconut oil if preferred 100g golden sugar/unrefined sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 200ml milk 1 free range egg – beaten 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch of salt (optional) 2 cooking apples Bramley or other, peeled, cored and sliced up For the Topping 140g sugar (dark brown if possible) 75g pecans, chopped ...Read more

‘Halloween’ In Portugal

  Not so long ago, Halloween (O Dia das Bruxas), as many people know it, wasn’t really something celebrated widely in Portugal, however ‘Halloween’ has actually always existed as a day of celebration in a traditional form.   ‘All Saints Day’ (Dia de Todos os Santos) is celebrated on the 1st of November, which is a public holiday, and is followed by All Souls Day (Dia dos Fiéis Defuntos) on the 2nd of November, which is not a public holiday. ...Read more

Discover Portugal – Mira de Aire Caves

  Our pick of the month this month is the beautiful Mira de Aire Caves, located in the small mountain town of Porto de Mós, Leiria, approximately one hour from Lisbon.  The drive there itself is a feast for the eyes, winding through stunning mountain roads with the most breath taking views of the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros National Park.   The formations date back as far as 150 million years ago, when the dinosaurs roamed, but the caves ...Read more

Women Economic Forum Portugal 2019 International Conference – Inspiring Passion and Innovation Through Sustainable Change

  WHAT IS IT? The Women Economic Forum Portugal 2019 International Conference – Inspiring Passion and Innovation Through Sustainable Change – belongs to the annual cycle of WEF Conferences that happen around the world. The “mother” of these Conferences is Annual WEF always in New Delhi (11th to 16th April 2019). These Conferences are organized and promoted by All Ladies League (see below). More info about the Event: click here. WHAT ARE THE WEF CONFERENCES? Belonging to All Ladies League ...Read more

List your rental for FREE!

On 23rd September, the Pure Portugal Holidays website was re-launched by Raquel and Daniel, and new packages were designed. If you have a property or a spare accommodation that you’re not using, you can rent it making some income while supporting the new members of our community in their transition when moving to Portugal. Now you can add your rental listing for free! For rentals over 1 month, we promote your place for free and the fee is based on advertising results! ...Read more

Road Tripping in Portugal: Hidden Gems and Sleepy Secrets

While over 20 million visitors a year flock to Portugal, each comes in search of their own unique experience. From delicious wine to cascading coastal cities, Portugal has something to offer everybody, but there is one way to make your experience even better. Driving through a country is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see all of the beauty it has to offer. Exploring Portugal’s beautiful coastal towns and delightful inland villages is best when done by car, and ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Renovation Special

We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet Paul and Ali in a renovation special!  Paul and Ali are an English couple who recently moved ...Read more

Brexit and Exchange Rates; How to Manage Your Currency Transfers

  Whether you are about to buy a property in Portugal, or already live here, if you need to make international payments, Brexit developments and fluctuating exchange rates are sure to make things more confusing than ever!  Fortunately Pure Portugal’s currency partners FC Exchange offer a quick summary on progress so far, and what you can do to protect your funds.  How is Brexit Progressing? Brexit has created a number of uncertainties, and with no deal currently in sight, there ...Read more

Folha Verde – Natural Education and Community Project

  Folha Verde is a project initiated and carried out by the local community of around 150 like-minded adults and 50 children, most of whom have moved to the central region of Portugal to be closer to nature and to live a more sustainable life. The project is situated in a central valley next to the river in Benfeita, which makes it easily accessible for all of those living in the surrounding villages of Luadas, Esculca, Pai das Dona, Pardieiros, ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Mata do Bussaco

We had heard whispers about a magical palace reconverted into a hotel, with a restaurant and wine produced exclusively for that estate. When we finally went to explore, we discovered a lush, green forest full of trails and vestiges of an almost forgotten era, with at its heart a legendary convent turned hotel. Welcome to the fairytale that is Mata do Bussaco (also spelled Buçaco). The Buçaco forest bears two papal bulls on one of its gates, forbidding women from ...Read more

Launching a new project for Pure Portugal Holidays on 23rd Sep!

We are very happy to announce that Raquel and Daniel are taking over the website on the next equinox, 23rd September (great time for changes!). So, this is not only about a new website launch, but also a new management, keeping a deep connection with Pure Portugal ethics, community and network.   New Design The PurePortugal Holidays site fits perfectly with other projects and dreams that we have. To implement all the ideas and features, we felt the need to re-design ...Read more

All You Need To Know About Healthcare When You Move To Portugal

Life in Portugal is great, according to the Expat Insider 2017 report which claimed that the Portuguese have the best quality of life in the world. This accolade was awarded to the country after factors, including the country’s healthcare, were reviewed by thousands of respondents. Therefore, if you’re considering moving overseas and finding a home in Portugal, how do you ensure you receive the best quality healthcare?       Your responsibilities When you move to Portugal permanently, be sure ...Read more

Discover Portugal: Praia da Arrifana, Algarve

The South of Portugal is a popular destination, but it’s a big place. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the beach, gorgeous views, and fun activities that are family-friendly, you might want to look into Praia da Arrifana. Located 1h30 up the coast from Faro, or a 3h drive from Lisbon, this beach is in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park. With its surprising turquoise waters, Praia da Arrifana is surrounded by dramatic cliffs that provide a stunning view as ...Read more

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

  I have made elderberry syrup around this time of year for nearly a decade, over the years I have tweaked the recipe to my liking, making it slightly sweeter in recent years to suit the taste of the little people in my life too. You also can play around with the recipe adding some things or taking out others, you don’t have to use cloves and cinnamon but I add it for flavour and medicinal value. Before I start, ...Read more

Adi, the nomad architect

Olá Good life people! Finally, I am here. My name is Adi and I am a nomad Architect. Two years ago, I visited Portugal and completely fell In love. The landscape, the colorful buildings,the kind and open-heart people. It was only a short vacation and I promised myself to come back some day. Back then I had no idea what is about to happen. In what ways my life are about to change and which opportunities will present themselves  before me. ...Read more

The ABCs Of Driving In Portugal

The ABCs Of Driving In Portugal The number of fatalities on Portuguese roads has increased to 14% in 2017 compared to 2016 and is the second highest in the EU 28 after Cyprus. The good news is according to the 12th Road Safety Performance Report, Portugal is one of the 15 countries in the European Union that performed better than the EU average when it comes to reducing serious injuries and road deaths. That said, whether you intend to visit ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Expat Story

We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet Bruce and Russ who moved to Portugal from America in May 2018! How did you find Pure ...Read more

Pure Portugal Podcast Episode 3: August 2018

  Our fabulous Podcasts are presented and produced by the wonderful Carl Munson. Carl is a radio presenter, with nearly 30 years’ experience – on pirate, community FM, RSL and Internet stations. He created The Barefoot Broadcast in 2010 to explore and share all manner of spiritual, ecological and inspiring subjects and speakers. He’s also an event and festival MC and compère, now living in and loving Portugal after a first visit in 2008, encouraged by Pure Portugal. He is ...Read more

Why You Should Invest in A Property In Portugal Today

The property market in Portugal is thriving with 25% of all homes sold last year bought by foreigners. French and Brazilian buyers lead the pack. A fantastic Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, easygoing life and cheaper costs of living are just a few things that entice foreigners to make the move to this southern European country. For those who choose to relocate, there’s even better news with the introduction of tax breaks and easier residency process that make it financially lucrative ...Read more

DIY Project – Building a solar shower

By François Cramer Key words: DIY, shower, solar, renewable energy, pallet, sustainability   We live in a off-grid Tiny House in Portugal, near Guarda (in the central region, close to the Spanish boarder). We have a limited amount (but clean!) of solar electricity. Given that gas and others are non-renewable resources, we decided to create a solar shower, where water is directly heated by the sun’s radiations. I inspired myself from a mix of designs I saw while travelling and ...Read more

Tiny Homes Permission. The Lowdown Part 2

Following on from our Tiny Homes Permission, Part 1. Paulo Borges, a professional architect, from Plataforma – arquitectura, shares his insights on legal permissions around Tiny Homes. Is there such a thing as ‘non permanent dwelling’ in the Portuguese system? It’s a difficult question. In the Portuguese system there’s no definition for a non permanent dwelling. What we have is a definition for camping and a definition for dwellings. Camping is a temporary installation of a portable shelter to be placed ...Read more

Bringing back the wool industry crafts in Portugal

Mara shares her passion about working with wool. In the past years I have been working with local wool. Moving countries to me, meant not only learning a new language, adapting to a new climate and swimming in different rivers. It meant discovering a new world of wool! In the east of the Netherlands I had plenty addresses of shepherds and small scale farmers providing me a steady good wool flow.   Moving to Portugal 4 years ago, I first ...Read more

Woodworking… which are the best tools?

One of  the main topics of conversations for renovation projects in Portugal is which tools are best, which brands are best and where to get them from. It can keep people engaged in conversation for a long time. For this blog piece, Healthy Handy Man, shares the best random orbital sanders for woodworking in 2018. If you’re serious about advancing your craft, you can’t put off buying a random orbital sander for long. But, the process of buying your first ...Read more

Festa Time! Óbidos Medieval Festa & Market

  One of the most talked about Festas in Portugal is the Óbidos Medieval Festa & Market, which runs Thursday’s to Sunday’s between the   12th of July and the 5th of August, offering visitors the chance to feel as though they have been catapulted in time.  Many people get dressed up for the occasion (fancy dress hire is available locally) so you can walk down the narrow cobbled streets, mingling with actors and friends alike, all dressed in historic ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Expat Story

  We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet Pam and Mark Tipping who found themselves in Portugal in 2012 after they had left UK ...Read more

Corpo Atelier features in the respected magazine Architecture

We are excited that one of the Pure Portugal architecture services, Corpo Atelier, have been featured in Architecture. The project in the publication shows the renovation of a small stone house, refurbished on a low budget. Congratulations Filipe from the Pure Portugal team. Details below: WOOD STRUCTURE INSIDE STONE WALLS Tipology: Refurbishment of a single house Location: Sernancelhe, Portugal Date: 2014 Architecture: Corpo Atelier ( Design Team: Filipe Paixão Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves ( Awards: Shortlisted for the “Portuguese Wood ...Read more