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Women Economic Forum Portugal 2019 International Conference – Inspiring Passion and Innovation Through Sustainable Change


The Women Economic Forum Portugal 2019 International Conference Inspiring Passion and Innovation Through Sustainable Change – belongs to the annual cycle of WEF Conferences that happen around the world. The “mother” of these Conferences is Annual WEF always in New Delhi (11th to 16th April 2019). These Conferences are organized and promoted by All Ladies League (see below).
More info about the Event: click here.

Belonging to All Ladies League (ALL) Women Economic Forum (WEF) is the Global Conference arm created by ALL to promote strong and productive connections between women who are committed to bringing about constructive change in ALL areas of life.
The interdisciplinary context of these Conferences that take place throughout the year around the world, are a powerful international networking opportunity that aims to encourage women to expand their business opportunities and their global influence. WEF receives also men that support the cause of feminine leadership in all areas of life with open arms , so that both can grow and expand hand in hand.

WEF events are for soulful and heartfelt women (and men) coming from all walks of life, countries and social strata, allowing them to:
Expand their business opportunities,
Share learning experiences, knowledge and inspiration,
including in their lists of participants some of the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, diplomats, politicians, thinkers and professionals from the most diverse areas.

At Tomar’s City Council’s Sports Pavillion from 22nd to 25th March 2019.
(Tomar is a Templar City and its Christ Convent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

This event is organized under community-based principles and therefore, all local stakeholders have been invited to collaborate and be part of it. Tomar’s Municipality has taken the lead as organizer together with All Ladies League Tomar, Portugal and International, the Women Dream Weavers Project and Linda’s School as coordination headquarters, with a team of volunteers who are wholeheartedly dedicated to this cause, establishing connections to all other local language schools, public and professional schools, polytechnic institutes, employment and training centre, local associations, foundations and companies, merging public and private sectors as one towards the same goal: creating a better world for All.

To provide a networking platform that is rich in shared ideas, concepts, practical solutions and open, inspired and productive communication, within the context of Creative and Sustainable Change at all levels:

  • economic
  • social
  • cultural
  • environmental
  • in sports
  • in physical, mental and emotional health
  • in science and technology
  • in education
  • in spirituality

In order to promote:

  • new paradigms of success
  • citizenship
  • equity
  • new community structures and policies
  • new fair commerce and trade and balanced global interaction

Uniting experiential know-how at the same level as academic knowledge, eliminating inequalities at all levels, with a strong aim towards encouraging feminine leadership as a path to balance between genders, feminine and masculine walking hand in hand from now on, feeding a flame of mutual empowerment that benefits the whole and its parts as One and creates a sustainable environment where all can thrive.

Together with the Conference itself, we have created the Youth for a Sustainable World NOW International Conference, that revolves around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and consists on creating a project that can implement these Goals together with a strong Institutional Marketing Campaign in order to generate followers and supporters that will help implement each team’s projects.
Saturday night, 23rd March at 9 pm, will be coloured by the Art in Motion Finds a Voice Fundraising Concert. This concert is organized by secondary School youngsters and the artists are also secondary School students, from the different schools in Tomar. It is an Educational Collaborative Project and as well as the Contest, its aim is to empower youngsters to take change into their own hands. The Concert also serves the purpose of raising funds for local and internationational associations that benefit the education of children and youth.

Within the context of the event, we are organizing a Creative Sustainability Fair where goods and services that promote a sustainable life will be showcased, be it economically, socially, environmentally or emotionally, as well as related to people’s, animals’, plants’ and the planet’s health and well-being.

Our invitation is for us All to embrace change, moving towards a world where we respect each other, respect ourselves and respect the magnificent Earth that is our home and the infinite Universe that withholds it., practicing the principle that there is much more that unites us than the opposite.

All Ladies League (ALL) is the largest all-inclusive women’s Association whose membership is completely free and designates itself as a global movement towards the Well-Being and Prosperity of All, through the empowerment of feminine leadership. It has over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries so far.
The ALL acronym represents this Association’s inclusive spirit as well as its faith in the power of One and All. With a strong culture of positive energy and collaboration and a firm non-divisive and non-discriminatory rule, ALL is vested in building bridges, celebrating diversity and fostering business and creative collaborations across borders, beyond limits or prejudice.
ALL is a non-political, non-religious and non-dogmatic Association with a philantropic non-profit spirit and believes that it is possible to trigger the power of each One through the power of Unity.

ALL gives all of its members the freedom to create whatever inspires them, because this Association firmly believes in pooling resources, diversity and flexibility. Accordingly, the “glue” that keeps this vast and ever expansive movement’s cohesion are the shared human values of kindness, cooperation and positivity.
WEF Conferences are non-profit and their existence depends entirely on a volunteering spirit and on the mobilization of funds and resources within civil society, corporate and/or governamental support, promoting a win-win perspective, where all parts have much to gain, be it from the massive promotion of the projects/companies or charitable citizens that support the event, be it for the immense networking opportunities, be it for the richness that is born from the healthy sharing of resources, knowledge, wisdom and values.

Participation as:

  • Speaker
  • Delegate

Exhibitor (Note: Exhibitors get immediate access as Participants in the Event and can Register also as Speakers, with no added costs)

  • Supporter / Sponsor
  • Volunteer Interpreter
  • Volunteer in the Event’s Organization
  • Volunteer in the Concert’s Organization
  • Member of a first phase winning Team of the Youth for a Sustainable World NOW Contest
  • Awardee (50 Awards will be distributed throughout the 3 days)

Note: This event has a low participation cost which will be used to cover expenses with meals, including the Templar Gala Dinner on Friday 22nd March. We do not have funds to cover travel costs or any other costs incurred by participants / speakers, since ALL is a free membership Association and Tomar’s City Council’s financial support is extensive to logistics and any overhead costs that might not be covered by the Registration fees. We are highly respectful of all of the resources we have access to and we are therefore extremely careful not to waste what we have and what we are given, always choosing the path of Simplicity with complete Gratitude.

If by any chance we have excedent funds at the end of the event, these will be publicly announced and donated to local, national or international institutions to be named meanwhile, keeping in-tune with ALL’s non-profit philosophy.

  • The finalist Teams for the Youth for a Sustainable World NOW International Contest are exempt of Registration fee and also offered meals and accommodation by Tomar’s Municipality.
  • The volunteers who participate in the Event’s organization do not pay a Registration Fee and have access to meals, depending on their level of participation.
  • All have access to the event for free, without meals, entry in Parallel Sessions or participation as Speakers, since the main Plenary Hall where the Creative Sustainability Fair is also held, is open to the public who will be able to listen to the Plenary Sessions from the Stands.
  • Sunday, 24th March 2019, all have access to the networking afternoon.

More than an innovative event with a unique format around sustainable development, we would like to help promote sustainable heart to heart cultural exchanges. Past, and future hand in hand here and now, sharing the best of our people and culture, beyond Fado, Fátima and Football.

From the heart of Portugal to the rest of the world. From the rest of the World into our arms.


LINKS: (General Information about WEF Conferences) (Event’s Program, Registration and Payment Forms, Information about Transport, Hotels and Discounts, General Information about the event) (General Information about All Ladies League) (General Information about Tomar) (Guidelines/ Regulation and Registration forms for the Youth for a Sustainable World NOW International Contest)

2 thoughts on “Women Economic Forum Portugal 2019 International Conference – Inspiring Passion and Innovation Through Sustainable Change

  1. Greatings to you from Akello Maria once again. As per the previous conference that I was honored to be invited and I attended, I would like to take this opportunity to request this invitation letter to enable me attend this wonderful meeting too that is the WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM PORTUGAL 2019 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – INSPIRING PASSION AND INNOVATION THROUGH SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.

    Your kind reply will be of much help.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Thanks for your comment! I believe the best way to make contact with the organisers about this is via the links on the blog. I hope this helps!

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