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Why You Should Move to Algarve, Portugal

Madonna’s “Madame X” project suddenly put Portugal on the hot spot for places to see, how rich and diverse the Portuguese culture is, how great their music is, but if there is one place in all of Portugal that manages to stand out even more than the rest of the country, then that place is surely the Algarve region.

This is the southernmost region of the country and though it only has about 451,000 inhabitants that live here permanently, this number triples during the holiday season when people come here to enjoy their vacation. The region has 16 municipalities and is the biggest draw of all the Portuguese tourist attractions.

Why do people move here?
There are many reasons to move to this region of Portugal as this well-written review shows as well. First of all, you’ll find here already an expat community existing especially among the retirees who choose to relax in a sunny area for the next couple of decades. This means you may find people with the same background as you for when you are feeling homesick.
Not only that, but the region also has special bars and supermarkets that cater to the expats so you will be able to find here products that you would normally only find in your home region.

When you decide to settle somewhere for the rest of your life or, at least, for the summer, climate plays an important role. This region has about 3,300 hours of sunshine per year which means you won’t have to face horrible icy winters, while summers are perfect to tan and go for a swim.

Is it safe?
Not only is Portugal one of the safest countries in the world (it ranks at number 3 in 2020), but Algarve is also one of the safest in Portugal. This means crime usually is about some petty thefts during summer in the tourist-crowded areas and violent crimes are close to non-existing.

This area combines modern and classic buildings giving the infrastructure a special look. The infrastructure is modern and it includes an airport, highways, and a university. The health care in Portugal is also one of the best in the world as it has improved a lot during the years, in no small part thanks to medical tourism being highly popular.

Don’t think such an idyllic-sounding place is also boring. From music festivals to the beautiful blue lagoons and sandy beaches, you always have something to do here even if it’s just for a dive. The area also has 42 golf courses across 100 miles, classy restaurants, and open-air markets so there is no chance you’d get bored here.

The cost of living can be seen as high or low, depending on where you are coming from, but when compared to other regions in Western Europe, Portugal and this region come across as very cheap. On average, a retired couple could live highly comfortably here with about 1,200 euros/month which is unheard of in other popular European destinations.

So, what are you waiting for?

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