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Why Choose an Infrared Grill?

Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor BBQ parties with friends and family. For that purpose,
you need a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. A grill is a crucial part of an outdoor kitchen. Grill
selection can be a bit difficult if you are a beginner as all grills look similar at a glance. The thing
which makes one grill different from the other is technology.

There are various types of grills like a gas grill, charcoal grill, portable grill, infrared grill, and
electric grill. Most people today live in an urban area and cannot use fire or gas for making BBQ.
Infrared grills are the right choice for such situations. Whether you are living in a condo or an
apartment, you can relish with BBQ at your balcony or rooftop with the help of these grills.

If you don’t know which one is the best according to your requirements then you don’t have to
worry because there are many great grills that can help you out, like these grills from the Fire
Magic brand. Here are some benefits of choosing an infrared grill:

Preparation time
While traditional grills need preparations before cooking like collecting charcoal or gas and
burning up fuels, infrared grills do not require any preparation. They heat up instantly within 2-4
minutes and you can cook steaks and cutlets within no time.

Distribution of heat
One of the best things to use infrared grills is that they provide heat evenly to the food without
leaving uncooked or burnt food. Whereas in charcoal grills, the heat has to be adjusted
continuously by changing charcoals and wind can easily affect the heat distribution leaving food
uncooked at places. Therefore, selecting an infrared grill is a smart move.

Retains moisture
Other grills use 100% heat for cooking whereas these grills require only 35% of the heat which
saves the original juicy flavor of the BBQ meat and provides a sizzling flavor to the meat. You
can easily enjoy the traditional juicy BBQ meat without any extra effort.

BBQ lovers know how difficult it is to clean charcoal after grilling, and the maintenance of those
grills is one of the most hectic processes. You need not worry about such issues in case of
infrared grills because they can clean remaining food particles. It automatically increases the
heat after finishing the cooking process and use vaporization technology to sterilize the grills.

Safe cooking
While working with gas grills or other conventional grills, the danger of flare-ups while cooking
the food. Infrared grills ensure safety as it provides optimum heat for cooking food and it also
decreases the risk of flare-ups because it contains bowl-shaped holding for collecting juices
falling from the BBQ meat.

Infrared grills are a bit costly than other grills but they use less fuel, cook food early, require no
pre-heat process, retain the original taste of the meat, and are safer to use. You can select
infrared grills on the base of fuel as some use gas while others use electricity. So, it depends on
where you live and what you prefer. But they are better than traditional grills in every way so you
should go for them.

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