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What to Do When You Visit Portugal

We’re all anxiously waiting for summer to come. The first thing that falls on my mind when I think of summer is beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear sea waters. When you add an exciting cultural trip to this, you’ve got a winning combination. One word is enough to describe it. Portugal. In this country, there is something for everyone. There is something so mystical and beautiful about this country.


Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Its borders have remained unchanged since the 12th century. The Portuguese language is the 6th most spoken language in the world. The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, offers a magical touristic exploration. This city is full of cultural heritage and unforgettable landscapes that will be always stuck in your head.
Once you’ve been there you always come back. The city’s character is very tourist-friendly. You can have a short trip by a little tram that will take you to some of the most important parts of the city for less than three euros. Museum, theatres, historical buildings, nightlife clubs are just of the few things you can’t miss visiting while you are in the city. Here is what you should do when you find yourself in this city.

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There is no chance you’re visiting Portugal without having a drink in Lisbon’s cafés where you can hear the traditional fado music. The name of this music genre originates from the Latin language, which means fate. The narrative is very poetic while soft music is playing in the background. The melancholic vibes you get are from the lyrics that talk about misery. Clube de Fado, Senhor Vinho, Tasca de Chico, just to name a few of the places where you can enjoy Lisbon’s nightlife while having a drink.

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