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What does ‘Living the Good Life’ mean to the Pure Portugal team. And you?

As we are in the 14th anniversary celebration year of Pure Portugal, we reflect on what Living the Good Life means, from both the original founder Sophie and the seven other team members that now make up the Pure Portugal family. The organisation has come a very long way through hard work, and continues to grow alongside its community.

“Originally the tagline ‘Living the Good Life’ came from the TV series in England called The Good Life” said Sophie. The main characters, Tom and Barbara, were trying to live self-sufficient lives, alongside which was shown the polarity of their consumeristic posh neighbours Margo and Jeremy. The humour of the journey that many can relate to in today’s world.

So, since the beginning and to this day, supporting the return of people back to rural living is still the heart of Pure Portugal’s purpose. People reconnecting to nature and living in ways that are less harmful to the planet drive what the organisation does. We all know integrating ourselves back with nature is not an easy task; it takes a lot of unlearning and gaining new skills but it is so rewarding and feels so right.

So what is ‘Living the Good Life’ to the team?

Living in a healthy and natural environment

Having big dreams, big hands, and big hearts to work on the land and be in nature. This means fresh air, the birds singing, bees buzzing, mud on the hands, and all that in a thriving, biodiverse environment. Being in touch with the natural rhythms of day, night, the moon, and the seasons whilst celebrating nature’s calendar. Spending time outside, seeing things grow, witnessing the seasons go by, reconnecting with an awe of nature and everything it has to offer.

Rethinking food, either growing it or understanding where things come from and the implications of every choice you make at the supermarket or – even better – farmers’ market. The importance of eating local and less meat, the luxury of making your own anything and everything. Being able to have happy animals around you, ones that bring you joy and maybe also fresh eggs, and that are in an environment that is appropriate as well as good for them too.  Living in the countryside, on a piece of land, off-grid and in an enjoyable climate. Living from the land as much as possible and learning from topics such as permaculture.

An internal state of well-being

Smiling, the feeling of freedom, and moving at a slower pace. It is about coming back to our roots, knowing what it is essential, owning less, and having more time to do the things that one loves. It is minimalism, but minimalism that creates the new to allow more nourishing aspects of life to be embraced. It means spiritual growth that leads to wellbeing and greater creativity, and ideas that benefit all aspects of the planet. Living life on your own terms and around what makes your heart and soul sing.

Strength & power for change

To change the paradigm into one that contributes to balance in nature and humanity. To bring a quality of life that is way beyond just money or wealth – on the contrary, it is the simple, relaxed, quiet life that brings joy and abundance. From this place, change-makers are created to protect the environment, the soil, the water, the trees, the insects, the animals, and fellow humans. It is about re-living through hard work on the land and the feeling of arms and legs growing stronger. It is about failure or success but either way finding the beauty in it. Being mindful that there is no planet B, and inspiring others to care for it too (composting, reducing good waste, saying no to plastic, aspiring to zero waste, etc.)

Following our passions

It’s all about living the life of our dreams! But instead of being lazy, we need to work hard. If we wish to change our mindset and open up to new possibilities, we have to recondition ourselves. Inside each one of us is a history, and for many of the western countries a recent path of not being close to nature. So we consciously decide to do things differently, and allow nature to make us pay attention to what’s really important while doing the things that give us satisfaction and contentment. Doing the work that really makes us feel fully alive and inspired. Doing work that transforms and brings out our own and others’ creativity. Carving out time for activities that make you smile, in our cases things like riding horses, protecting bees, reforestation, writing, reading, hiking, travelling, gardening, dancing and experimenting with DIY as well as homesteading recipes.

Creating a supportive tribe and community

Laughing and being with friends and family, people who make one feel inspired and happy. Spaces for deep listening and sharing where we can offer a cozy home to welcome people under the stars. Finding your tribe, the people who are on the same wavelength as you, who don’t tell you what to do but how they can help. Ultimately, it’s about creating your own happiness & reducing your impact on the environment. We are our own bosses, working for ourselves and being free.

So… now it’s your turn! Pure Portugal is curious, what does Living the Good Life mean to YOU?



2 thoughts on “What does ‘Living the Good Life’ mean to the Pure Portugal team. And you?

  1. I like Pure Portugal “Living the Good Life” very much it is very helpful when you decide another life closer to nature in Portugal and I am learning a lot more then finding properties ! Thanks to Sophie and of course the TEAM and also the members congrats!

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