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Wellbeing – Remembering To Look After YOU

Wellbeing, or wellness is a term generalised for the over all condition of a group or individual person.  You moved to Portugal because you wanted a better life, more relaxation, more time spent doing the things that fulfil you, eating better, feeling healthier.

However a change of country, job and lifestyle isn’t always all that’s needed, previous to your move you may well have had pamper sessions, practiced yoga, or arranged a massage, and being in Portugal doesn’t mean these things don’t still have an important role in life, especially in the first few years when a lot of time and energy needs to be invested in top priorities such as land maintenance, growing food, learning a whole new language and culture, and renovating property to live in.  We forget to love ourselves, and can quickly get wrapped up being so busy ticking off the ‘to-do’ that we no longer stop and pay attention to our personal needs.

This is why one of the sections of our services directory is dedicated to Wellbeing, its not all about wafting around a field barefoot with a ring of flowers in your hair, we find people who can offer rejuvenating and practical solutions to ease your aches and metal tiredness, which can really help you re balance.  On our services directory we already have the wonderful Lisa from Sharing Your Gifts who, as an intuitive guide and healer can help you as you walk into your new dream life or business idea with her readings and healing sessions, and Serra Yoga who offer wonderful weekly gentle yoga and relaxation classes in Gouveia and…on top of this Pure Portugal HQ is just about to open up a wonderful wellbeing space offering massage, cranial osteopathy and Shiatsu bodywork too!

Pure Portugal is committed to helping people as a whole, it doesn’t just stop with us finding you your perfect house, life continues after this point and we know how stressful and exhausting moving to a new country can feel, we have all been there ourselves! Click here to see our Wellbeing category and keep an eye out for more details on our Pure Portugal HQ wellbeing space!



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