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Visiting Castelo de Vide

Hello Portugal Lovers!

During our travels we visited Castelo de Vide, a village in Alto Alentejo that still very much in its original state.
So we made a short video about it.

In Castelo de Vide we can still see the births in the cages outside the houses and the clothes drying on the walls of the houses. At this point it reminds us our city Porto, a few years ago…

A city full of history and small details, which combines what is old, with its people and places. A beautiful and alive village, at the same time authentic, with history and still with a great potential to be recovered.
It has an excellent potential, no doubt, although the location so inland was probably the biggest factor that made it stop in time. But that is also exactly why it is still in such a pure state…
Without a doubt, for us it is one of the most Portuguese villages in Portugal!

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See you on the road!

Raquel & Daniel

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