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Top Travel Apps for 2016

Post by Zest Car Rental

Whether we like it or not, smartphones have become invaluable tools for planning and booking holidays. They’re also fast replacing guide books and maps once we arrive at our destination, thanks to the power of the internet. These days, travel apps are a rapidly growing business and whilst many of them are poor, there are some great ones too. So with that in mind, what are the top travel apps for 2016?

Top travel appsPhoto by: georgejmclittle/Fotolia

Our Senior Web Developer Ian says “as a professional coder, I want an app that looks good, is reliable and doesn’t crash every few seconds. It has to offer value and needs to be unique”. Easier said than done!

Ian and I have run our beady eyes over numerous travel apps and come up with our favourites. These gems can help you fluently book a last minute room in Vietnamese (or Azerbaijani!), navigate your way around Tokyo without getting lost, find a parking space in London, and much more.


Gone are the days of sifting through various tickets or print outs. Tripit combines all your travel bookings into one master itinerary which easily lets you view your whole trip from start to finish. You can view your travel information on any device, even when you’re offline. Best of all, it syncs your travel plans with your calendar and stores everything in one place. Tripit Pro offers real-time travel alerts and gives you alternative flight suggestions. It also lets you know if you’re eligible for a flight refund, and tracks any loyalty points/air miles you may earn.

Download from Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Blackberry

Packing Pro

Perfect for individuals, couples, families, and groups, Packing Pro enables you to create lists for day trips, weekend breaks, road trips, camping, skiing holidays, and much more.

You can select from a range of sample lists or customise & create your own. The app also allows you to sync with your iOS devices, share with friends and family, and attach photos to items so you know exactly what to pack.

Download from Apple iTunes

XE Currency

When you’re abroad, knowing the exact cost of things is pretty important. The days of 10Francs to the Pound are long gone. Now, when it comes to exchange rates, XE are the big name and perhaps the most trusted. Their app offers live exchange rates and stores the most recent rate so you can still calculate the cost of something if you don’t have internet signal.

Download from Apple iTunesGoogle PlayBlackberry, and Windows

Google Translate

Top travel apps 2016: Google Translate

Recently updated to provide real time auto voice translation, Google Translate enables you to have a conversation with someone in a language you can’t even speak! It can translate 90 languages through typing and, amazingly, you can use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages. Indecipherable signs are a thing of the past thanks to this feature!

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play


It may only have around 30 cities currently loaded around the world, but if you’re in one of them, you’re sorted! With tourist attractions, transport options, location services, and A-B directions, this app will have you navigating your city like a local. Citymapper are currently asking for suggestions for new cities to map so why not put your request in?

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play


Top travel apps 2016: Parkopedia

With data for 6,308 towns in 75 countries, it’s safe to say if you’re looking for a parking space, Parkopedia probably knows where it is. Providing information on location, number of spaces, car park type, and prices, Parkopedia has everything you need to get parked quickly and cheaply so you can spend more time exploring.

Download from Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Windows


If you’re not a frequent flyer or don’t have lounge membership, Loungebuddy is here to save the day! Many airport lounges around the world are actually available to economy passengers for a one off fee. Create your Loungebuddy profile and it will tell you which lounges you can escape to! Very handy if your plane is delayed or you want to relax in comfort before catching your flight!

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

Jet Lag Rooster

Speaking of long flights, if you’re travelling to the other side of the world, this jet lag app is for you. Enter your start point and final destination along with some other data and the app will tell you how to adjust your sleep cycle so you’re not affected by the dreaded jet lag.

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

What are your top travel apps?

Do you have a must download app tip for us? Do you have any top travel apps? If so, let us know and we’ll update the list. Tried one of these and found a problem? Again, let us know!

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