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Top 5 Universities in Portugal for Exchange Students

Not only because of its affordability and high quality of education, Portugal is one of those countries where students from all over the world come to learn. A true reason is adherence to strong morals and the friendliness of college professors who appear to be much nicer and less strict while still being demanding. If you ask an average exchange student in Portugal, you will receive happy feedback and encounter a sense of relaxation. Let’s see what universities you should check if you are considering studying in Portugal or visiting for the summer or winter academic terms!

Top 5 Universities in Portugal for Exchange Students

1. University of Lisbon.
When you wish to join one of the best premier universities in the country with many courses taught in English, it is the one to choose. It is mostly focusing on Data Science, Engineering, Physics, and AI-based technology subjects. Regarding admission requirements, it asks for a personal statement essay, so an instant writing service online should remain in your bookmarks if you need an expert to edit things to perfection!

2. NOVA University Lisbon.
It is one of the best universities for those students who plan to become young entrepreneurs and develop their business and creative skills. It is one of the “youngest” universities in the country, which instantly shows as you choose the subjects from Healthcare and Sociology to Engineering and Anthropology. If you wish to join a creative environment and push your limits along with caring teachers, do not miss this one!

3. University of Porto.

It is a public university where you can find amazing research labs and numerous guest lecturers from all over the world. Still, what makes it stand out is that it is a unique Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Research Institute. It is based on computer systems and remains one of the most innovative environments. It also has over 13 faculties for exchange students and represents one of the most diverse cultural communities.

4. Catholic University of Portugal.
Although it is a Catholic university that started as a Philosophy research team, it is quite normal for non-religious individuals as long as you show respect. What makes it stand out is the presence of strong morals and the presence of social and environmental projects. It focuses on Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts. It has over 17% of international students and cultures that come from all over the world.

5. University of Beira Interior.
It is one of those Portuguese universities that provide a wide range of academic subjects from Mathematics and Healthcare to Arts and IT Engineering. It has five amazing research centers and an innovative Computer AI facility that is second to none when it comes to research work. It also has many social services, music clubs, libraries, gyms, and even a preparatory program that can help you boost your language skills.

Culture and Climate
Another great reason to study in Portugal is the great mixture of the Mediterranean climate and the friendliness of the locals. If you are looking for a great share of both, you should consider one of the great university choices above. As the sixth most spoken language worldwide, you will also increase your job chances if you learn the basics. Luckily, the local students will gladly help you out as you can join one of the free language courses for exchange students. Considering the local safety in Portugal, you will be able to travel through the country as well and enjoy beautiful sights and all the cuisine, music clubs, and surfing spots!

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