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This is Where I Live (Sophie)

I live in a traditional stone mountain house in the Serra da Estrela, surrounded by ancient chestnut forest.  We moved here in November and I’ve fallen in love with these mountains.


At 850m altitude, we have some pretty spectacular views. We can see to the Caramulo mountains in the distance, and the sunsets are amazing.  The quinta was abandoned for 4 years before we bought it, and the wonderful 86 year old lady who lived here alone before that hadn’t been able to work it fully, so we are slowly bringing it back to life – we pruned all the grape vines this year and we have many fruit and olive trees in need of attention when it is the right season. The chestnut forest supplies all our firewood needs and we have a pure mountain stream running through the quinta (complete with little waterfalls!) which supplies all our water.


The quinta is for sale, as we bought it to live in over the winter and sell on, but we love it so much we’ve stayed longer, and I’ve planted a small garden – just 5 raised beds at the moment, growing tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, runner beans, lettuce, onions, chard, sweet potatoes, courgettes, a few potatoes, and lots of marigolds and other flowers to add colour & deter pests.


View across the quinta to the neighbouring property (also for sale!).  One of the reasons we decided to sell despite being so in love with the place, is that we don’t want close neighbours – so these houses are empty which is such a shame.  The two quintas together would be perfect for a family / group of friends / small community and we’d love to see people living here and caring for the land here, and would especially love to see children growing up here. There are about 8 houses in total, with about 6 hectares of land. Let us know if you are interested, we’re not advertising it on the website, this is a very special place and we’re not in a hurry to leave!


I’ve only been convinced to sell by the promise of moving to another property in the same area – just a few hundred metres away!  Keep an eye on my blog posts for news and updates 🙂


9 thoughts on “This is Where I Live (Sophie)

  1. wow sophie lucky you see you in two years or do you need a pro gardener over to help keep the land tidy ? 26 years exp gardener in exchange for a small plot?

    1. Could be possible!
      We do actually have a plot with no paperwork that we are thinking of giving away. Ownership is not in dispute, but it’s not possible to sell it without the papers (hence we feel OK to give it away, as it will only be to someone who really wants to care for it, not sell it on for a profit). Stone ruin, lots of land, water source, stunning views, but no vehicle access. I’d love for someone to take it on who wants to reforest it 🙂

  2. Hi Sophie, looks lovely, we are interested in the property could you let me know the price and size of the house that is for sale along with the size of the land, many thanks Louise

    1. Hi Louise, since writing this blog post the old lady we were in the process of buying some extra buildings from has sadly died, so the purchase has been held up whilst all the inheritance paperwork is sorted out. We’ll be putting it on the market once that’s done. In the meantime I’m going to put together an info pack with details and photos.

  3. Hi Sophie, please ignore the last email I sent you, I have just realised that you had answered my question in your blog, we are still interested in the property though. Many thanks Louise

  4. Good Morning Sophie,

    Would your property be still for sale? If so, I would be interested to have further information and pictures.

    All the best,

    Arabella de Beaupuy

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