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The Pure Portugal Festivals Guide – 2024

Portugal’s vibrant festival scene continues to thrive and grow, offering an array of events that cater to all tastes and ages.

Whether you’re into music, art, culture, or just looking for a great time, Portugal’s festivals in 2024 are not to be missed.

Here’s is your 2024 month-by-month guide to some of the most anticipated festivals of the year.

FESTIVAL MED (27 – 30 Jun): A celebration of global culture, music, and gastronomy in the sunny ambience of Portugal.

Primavera Sound Porto (6th – 8th June): Held in Parque da Cidade, featuring a lineup of top alternative music artists.

Porto Beer Fest (14th – 18th June):

Walking Life (19th – 24th June):

Afro Nation (26th – 28th June):

NOS ALIVE (11th – 13th July): A 3-day extravaganza of art and music, attracting international acts.

SUPER BOCK SUPER ROCK (18th -20th July): A haven for rock and metal fans, with performances from renowned global artists.

FMM Sines (20th – 27th July):

BOOM Festival (20th – 26th July): Dive into a unique experience of music performances and stunning visual exhibits.

SUMOL SUMMER FEST (5th – 6th July): A combination of music, skateboarding, surfing, and beautiful beaches.

MEO MARES VIVAS (19th – 21st July): A major music festival in the north, featuring three stages and top-tier artists.

ZIMP FESTIVAL (1st – 13th August): Emphasizes self-knowledge, well-being, and nature.

VODAFONE PAREDES DE COURA (14th – 17th August): Celebrating over 25 years, this beachside festival is a favourite among music lovers.

FATT FESTIVAL (29th August – 1st September): Showcasing didgeridoo music and Australian Aboriginal culture.

EDP VILAR DE MOUROS (21st – 24th August): Portugal’s oldest rock festival, featuring legendary artists.

SONIC BLAST (8th – 10th August): Known for its good vibes and sonic jams, held at a new location each year.

These festivals represent just a sampling of Portugal’s vibrant festival scene. For the most current information, including exact dates and line-ups, be sure to check each festival’s official website or social media channels.

Don’t forget Portugal also hosts numerous local and regional festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from traditional folklore to modern arts.

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  1. You should add at least Porto Beer Fest, the best craft beer festival in the country or maybe make a list of non-music related festivals.

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