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The Power of Josticks

Yesterday I bought a packet of josticks from “Hiper China” in Gouveia (there are many chinese shops in Portugal, yet few Chinese restaurants – go figure).

I chose them because I liked the smell, but on closer inspection the packet told me that burning them will attract money 🙂  I haven’t even taken them out of the car and into the office yet but today we have 3 properties that are now in the process of being sold, and I’ve just had another tonight! In addition to that I’ve heard from some clients who have been a little tardy with payments that they are about to make them, and one client came to the office to pay our fee!


To round off a good working day – one without a traffic jam on the way to the office (see pic above) – I also received an email from Jules Brown, travel writer, with a fantastic mini-article for our newsletter. Make sure you subscribe at to receive the next issue which we are in the final stages of writing now.

Here’s Jules’ “Postcard from Central Portugal” as a 30 second snippet of what’s in store!

Jules writes for Rough Guides, amongst other publications, and we highly recommend his Rough Guide to Portugal, you can buy from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

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