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The Perfect Place To Create A Community

We bring you not one but three incredible properties, all are available as separate units but come with the unique situation of being set next to each other, which, for those people who wish to start a community is a dream come true!

 Property 1 – Land Of Oaks – 3 ruins with 180m2, another ruin footprint showing 73m2. Land with 12ha, a cork oak plantation, a lake with fresh water perfect for swimming in! Click here for more info.





Property 2 – Old School Farm – 3 ruins with 100m2, cellar with 25m2 & a former village school. Land with 10.8ha, garden terraces, fruit & olive trees, cork oaks & a lake for swimming in. Click here for more info.





Property 3 – Little Village Farm – A house with 140m2 & 6 rooms, a house with 80m2 & 2 rooms, 2 ruins, 1 residential with 45m2, 1 with 50m2. Land with 4.4ha & panoramic views to the ocean. Click here for more info.

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