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The Importance Of A Topographic Survey

Imagine that you have found the property of your dreams in Portugal, land with a large area and a house where you can enjoy the sun and fresh air…. You’ve found what you always dreamed of, and can’t wait for your new peaceful life to begin…

Before taking the definitive step towards that dream, some precautions should be taken. One of them, that we have talked about here at Pure Portugal, is the importance of a promissory contract (see here)

Another main issues you can encounter especially when we talk about larger properties and in the interior of the country, is the exact definition of the boundaries of the property that you are intending to buy.

In the vast majority of cases the boundaries with neighbouring properties may be undefined: either due to the absence of markings (because the markings are old and and have since disappeared) or because these delimitations are the subject of some conflict with neighbours that the buyer does not know about. These boundaries cannot always be analysed and confirmed by the legal documents alone. Therefore, the topographic survey is of the utmost importance, you as a buyer can arrange one or you can request the seller includes one. The topographic survey can be created by a surveyor and the exact definition of the boundaries will be known, making the whole negotiation process much more transparent and constituting a defence document for the buyer in case in the future problems arise with the neighbours.

Surveying is also important to ensure you know the exact area of the property you want to buy. It is not uncommon in Portugal to find that the farm that you aspire to buy has a different real land area than advertised (sometimes it can be much larger, it is not always a smaller area).

Only with a survey will you get an accurate idea of what you are buying. And only then can your lawyer accurately check the area and configuration of the property with what is contained in the documents needed for the purchase and sale.

By demanding a survey, along with the promissory contract, you are safeguarding your rights, and you are safeguarding the safe and calm life that you so much aspire to.

Thanks to Nuno from APNA Lawyers for the advice in this article you can find out more information about the services they provide here.

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