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The Goldmine in Weeds!

Forget the pricey commercial fertilisers! Embrace the magic of fermented “weed tea” – with a hidden treasure trove of nutrients – plus it doesn’t cost a penny!

Years ago, our ancestors weren’t rushing to stores to buy fertilisers. They had their secrets – compost, manure, and even… wait for it… urine! But one secret weapon that’s been overlooked is Weeds. Yes, the ones you might be regularly discarding! Many people have heard of comfrey tea, which is a fabulous way to fertilise your garden, but you do not have to be restricted to only comfrey to get great results.

Why are weeds so special? Their extensive root systems act like nature’s nutrient miners. Delving deep into the ground, these roots draw up minerals that many crops can’t access. These minerals then become stored in the weeds’ leaves, making them power-packed reservoirs of nutrition.

So many pre made fertilisers are on the shelves. But honestly many of them are effectively junk food for plants – a quick energy zap and then once the zap is gone the plants are left craving for more.

On the other hand, weeds? Well, they are a whole nutrition package. Think magnesium, boron, iron, sulphur, the list goes on!

You really can make a great fertiliser tea out of just good old weeds! Throw them in a bucket, drown them with water, cover, and wait. About a month later, voila! A super potent weed tea ready to be served to your plants.

But what about those multiplying seeds? I hear you cry! Fear not:

Your weed tea process can help you strain them out.

Snip them off before they go to town with flowering.

The best of the weeds to use? Borage, chickweed, clover, and the ever-famous dandelion.

So, next time you see a weed, don’t think nuisance; think nutrient goldmine! Your garden will thank you!


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