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Sustainable Forests for Portugal

We – a group of Portuguese and foreigners who believe there has to be a better way for the environment AND the people – have set up this page because we believe that NOW would be the perfect opportunity to replant the devastated forests of Portugal with the indigenous forest of sweet chestnut and oak.


But local people need an income, so chances are we’ll see more pine and eucalyptus, This is the real root of the problem – massive monocultures of these trees – and they’re affecting the environment in many other negative ways as well.

Yet chestnut and oak are far more valuable as timber, and the former can be coppiced and harvested sustainably on a 10-12 year cycle, especially with the speed trees grow here. So it’s potentially a better and more regular source of income than eucalyptus, but it seems that the lack of local market is the main limiting factor. It wouldn’t take much more than an EU subsidy to turn that situation around and Portugal could supply the enormous demand in Northern Europe for hardwoods as well as benefit from far fewer fires.

The environmental benefits would be much greater than just fewer fires too. There’d be more water, healthier soils, and a much greater diversity of plant species and wildlife


3 thoughts on “Sustainable Forests for Portugal

  1. We have house in Portugal and see the both vast forests and the lack of employment. Here in the UK I have a floristry business and we buy eucalyptus weekly. I never see eucalyptus from Portugal? Surely this would be another excellent business opportunity for the country?
    Good luck with your campaign!

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