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Super Wednesday

Every Wednesday Fran and I work together at the Pure Portugal office in the Freixo house.  Fran has nicknamed this “Super Wednesday!” and as well as getting a lot of work done, we also have a lot of fun 🙂  If we’re feeling a bit sluggish, we get ourselves going by jumping around to music, one of our favourites being from a breath workshop we both attended, Gloria Gaynor’s “I am what I am” or we’ll do some yoga / stretching exercises (Fran is a yoga teacher).

Sometimes we bring food in to share, and our combinations always turn out to be healthy and yummy, and sometimes we go to one of the local restaurants for lunch.  This Super Wednesday we decided on lunch at Fonte dos Namorados in Melo, named after the fonte (spring water source) opposite, and the name means “lovers’ source” as young lovers would arrange to meet there, using the excuse of going to fetch water.

As well as good food in the restaurant, Fonte dos Namorados specialise in local produce and they sell fantastic Serra de Estrela cheeses, here Fran is enjoying some that always comes as a starter course with bread and olives.



For our main course we chose to share a “black cauldron” of Javali (wild boar) cooked in a rich and picante sauce.  Then we chose a selection of tasty treats from the dessert buffet.



I adore Portuguese food, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it being fish or meat served with chips and rice – and not a vegetable in sight!  Most meals come with a side salad, and sometimes seasonal vegetables are available (which will be fresh, delicious, and beautifully cooked) but don’t expect it to be the norm. If you want vegetables, you’ll need to ask!

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