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Stuck up an Olive Tree…

Olive tree

Here is the proof that I can still climb trees! ….. Although I never expected to be putting this childhood talent into practice for 3 days of Olive Harvesting!

My Inner child was very happy to have a “grown up” excuse to climb ladders and balance on tree branches, as I was determined to reach all of the Olives that were way out of my reach! It was great to be out doors all day and have lunch cooked on an open fire at Sophie’s new Quinta. The Pure Portugal team managed to collect the 200 kg target just in time for the appointment at the local “Lagar” (Olive Press)

Olive harvest

I am in complete admiration of the Portuguese men and women, who in their 80’s can still climb trees and harvest many more Olives than we needed. Their general fitness levels to work the land all year has sold me on the concept that this is a much better way of life. And after I ended up flat on my back in bed with a slipped disc for 3 days afterwards, I definetely need to get in training before next years harvest!


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