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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Tiny House

One of the many benefits of living in a tiny house is, undoubtedly, having a smaller surface to clean and less clutter. However, tiny houses also need regular maintenance and a good cleaning routine. Plus, when you are living in the middle of nature, you are exposed to more dirt and various insects. That is why spring cleaning is very important for a tiny house.
If you want to refresh your tiny home and get rid of dirt, clutter, and any stale energy, here are some tips to boost your spring cleaning this year.

Keep insects away
Even in a tiny house, you can find spider webs, ants or roaches. Pest control is the first step for a clean kitchen and a clean home. During spring, when the weather gets warmer, your tiny house can become invaded by all sorts of insects. If roaches are the problem, the fastest solution is to use a roach fogger and you can find out more on this website.

After making sure you have eliminated bugs and insects from your house, you can strategically place pots of aromatic herbs next to windows or cabinet doors. Plants such as thyme, basil, lavender, mint or sage have an insect repelling effect.

Refresh your tiny home textiles
Having a smaller living space also means fewer home textiles to worry about. You no longer have a large number of curtains, rugs and bedding sets. Therefore, it’s easier to use natural cleaning and refreshing methods. Back in the day, people would take out their mattresses and carpets and give them a good beating.

This old-fashioned method is not only useful for getting all the dust out, but it effectively purifies the fibers. Find a place to hang your carpets, curtains or bed sheets and leave them out in the sun, after removing all the debris. Sunlight is known to have purifying properties for our health and for our home as well. Try this and your home textiles will become truly refreshed.

Use natural cleaning ingredients
In big houses, it might not seem feasible to only use a couple of natural ingredients on the whole surface. A tiny house is, however, the perfect place to start using simple and pure cleaning ingredients. Lemon is the best example because it is incredibly versatile and effective for spring cleaning your entire place.
Instead of using chemical cleaners that have a serious impact on your health over time, you can clean your entire tiny house with lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. Lemon juice is great for removing stains on sinks or kitchen countertops. You can also clean the inside of your oven or microwave by heating up some lemon juice.

You can also replace your vacuum with a simple broom because a tiny house doesn’t take that long to clean. This way, you are saving energy and helping the environment.

Then, after sweeping and mopping the floors, refresh the air inside your tiny house by spraying a natural mix based on essential oils.

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