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Split Your Life Between Portugal And The UK To Get The Best Of Both Countries

Even with the Brexit debacle still ongoing, the UK remains a great country for those who want to enjoy high quality of life and many exciting job opportunities.

That being said, the one downside to the UK is the weather. Despite the beautiful landscapes and countryside, Britain is not a country that is renowned for its sunny weather, so it’s understandable that many expats from the country have wanted to settle in Portugal over the years.

As the country makes it clear it will welcome expats even after Brexit, it’s obvious that now more than ever is a great time divide your time between Portugal and the UK. If you’re planning to do this, here are some tips on how you can enjoy the best of both countries.

Choose The Perfect Place To Live In Both Countries
In the beginning, when you first decide to split your live between Portugal and the UK, you need to find somewhere to live. The UK is a beautiful country filled with thriving cities in which driven professionals can make a name for themselves. As for Portugal, there are a wide variety of resorts, holiday apartments and other housing options, meaning that you can find your ideal part-time home.

Find A Reliable Storage Company
When you’re not in one country, you’ll need to make sure that your belongings are safely stored so that they’re ready for you when you get back. You could also try to find a self-storage firm that offers international removals as well, so that you can store your items and then send them on if you decide that you’d like to have them with you. Working with a flexible company will also give you the chance to combine two services into one and work with the same company to move your larger belongings internationally and store all of your precious possessions that you don’t want to travel with.

Learn To Speak The Language
Living in a new country is an exciting experience, but it can be tough if you’re not able speak the language and communicate with your fellow citizens. As such, you should try to learn to speak Portuguese by taking a class, or simply immersing yourself in the language by only speaking Portuguese when you’re in Portugal. This will allow you to enjoy a better experience living in the country and learn a valuable new skill.

Get Your Pet A Passport
Travelling with a pet is perfectly possible as long as their vaccines are up to date and they are fit and healthy, but they do need a pet passport. Not all pets are eligible and there are some restrictions regarding taking animals abroad, so make sure that you take the time to review these and make sure that you’re completely compliant with the relevant regulations before you and your furry friend start travelling.

Create A Flexible Work Schedule
Whether you’re working for yourself or operating remotely for a flexible company, you need to make sure that you create an organised working schedule that suits you and your new living situation. For example, when you’re travelling between countries you need to make sure that you’ve booked enough time off to get yourself settled. Being prepared will ensure that you aren’t stressed, are able to work efficiently and enjoy life to the fullest.

Befriend Your Fellow Expats
Relocating your life for half a year to a new country can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you make the right friends. Find fellow members of the local expat community and ask them for help and advice when you need it. This will give you the chance to use their knowledge and make you feel much less lonely and isolated in your early days living in a new country.

Take Out Health Insurance
If you’re a UK citizen, then you will be entitled to care under the NHS, but the healthcare rules in Portugal are different, so review your options and find a health insurance policy that will keep you covered. This will allow you to enjoy your life safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re protected.

Make The Most Of Every Opportunity
Splitting your time across two countries is a great chance to make new memories, so it’s important that you make the most of the experience by taking every opportunity you’re offered. Try your best to make new friends and spend your time enjoying yourself and seeing the best that both the UK and Portugal have to offer.

Living in two countries is a unique experience and a great way to immerse yourself in two cultures at once. I hope these tips help you to achieve your dream.

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