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Speaking Portuguese

Some basic sentences you may need to know in Portuguese.

valença do minho
(Valença do Minho)

Arriving in a new country is always an exciting experience, so many new things, different people, culture and traditions. A whole new “world” to discover and learn about. But it can also be a little scary, and the communication may sometimes become a problem.
In spite of the fact that nowadays English is considered a universal/ global language and the Portuguese people are well known for their natural “adaptability skills” to talk with everyone, you can find yourself in a situation where you may need to know some words in order to connect with others.

Next I will tell you some easy words and sentences that can be useful when you decide to spend some time in “our” sunny, warm and beautiful Portugal.

Some basic words:
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Thank you: Obrigado (masc.), Obrigada (fem.)
You’re welcome!: De nada
Please: Por favor
Sorry: Desculpe, Com licença
Hello: Olá
Good morning: Bom dia
Good afternoon: Boa tarde
Good night or Good evening (after dark): Boa noite
Bye: Adeus
See you later: Até logo


Museum : Museu
Bank : Banco
Police: Policia
Post Office: Correios
Shop: Loja
Supermarket: Supermercado
Restaurant : Restaurante
Street: Rua
Beach: Praia
River: Rio

Bus Station
: Rodoviária
Bus: Autocarro
Airport: Aeroporto
Plane: Avião
Train Station: Estação Ferroviária
Train: Comboio
Taxi: Táxi
Car: Carro
Parking : Estacionamento
Rent a Car: Alugar um carro

75833_10152154893301278_1752670484_n(Serra da Estrela)

Money : Dinheiro
Coins / Change: Moedas
Credit card: Cartão de crédito
Expensive: Caro
Cheap: Barato
Open: Aberto
Closed: Fechado

Breakfast: Pequeno- almoço
Lunch: Almoço
“5 O’Clock Tea”: Lanche
Dinner: Jantar

Left: Esquerda
Right: Direita
In front of: Em frente
Up: Cima
Down: Baixo
Far: Longe
Near: Perto

Portugal, Porto
Portugal, Porto

: Primavera
Summer: Verão
Autumn: Outono
Winter: Inverno

Some easy sentences:

Esse autocarro/ comboio vai para…? That bus/ train goes to…?
Quanto custa? How much does it cost?
Onde posso alugar um carro? Where can I rent a car?
Vocês têm…? Do you have…?
Tem comida vegetariana? Do you have vegetarian food?
Abre aos domingos? Does it open on Sundays?
Pode mostrar-me no mapa? Could you show me on the map?
É muito longe? Is it very far?
Onde fica a praia mais próxima? Where is the nearest beach?
Qual a direção para…? What is the direction to…?
Onde fica a rua…? Where is the street…?

“Tourists do not know where they’ve been…travelers do not know where they go!”


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