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Speaking Portuguese

Arriving in a new country is always an exciting experience, so many new things, different people, culture and traditions. A whole new “world” to discover and learn about. But it can also be a little scary, and the communication may sometimes become a problem.

In spite of the fact that nowadays English is considered a universal/ global language and the Portuguese people are well known for their natural “adaptability skills” to talk with everyone, you can find yourself in a situation where you may need to know some words in order to connect with others.

Here are some easy words and sentences that can be useful when you decide to spend some time in Portugal. If you would like to look more into learning this beautiful language see here for lessons.

Some basic words:
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Thank you: Obrigado (masc.), Obrigada (fem.)
You’re welcome!: De nada
Please: Por favor
Sorry: Desculpe, Com licença
Hello: Olá
Good morning: Bom dia
Good afternoon: Boa tarde
Good night or Good evening (after dark): Boa noite
Bye: Adeus
See you later: Até logo

Museum : Museu
Bank : Banco
Police: Policia
Post Office: Correios
Shop: Loja
Supermarket: Supermercado
Restaurant : Restaurante
Street: Rua
Beach: Praia
River: Rio

Bus Station
: Rodoviária
Bus: Autocarro
Airport: Aeroporto
Plane: Avião
Train Station: Estação Ferroviária
Train: Comboio
Taxi: Táxi
Car: Carro
Parking : Estacionamento
Rent a Car: Alugar um carro

Money : Dinheiro
Coins / Change: Moedas
Credit card: Cartão de crédito
Expensive: Caro
Cheap: Barato
Open: Aberto
Closed: Fechado

Breakfast: Pequeno- almoço
Lunch: Almoço
“5 O’Clock Tea”: Lanche
Dinner: Jantar

Left: Esquerda
Right: Direita
In front of: Em frente
Up: Cima
Down: Baixo
Far: Longe
Near: Perto

: Primavera
Summer: Verão
Autumn: Outono
Winter: Inverno

Some easy sentences:

Esse autocarro/ comboio vai para…? That bus/ train goes to…?
Quanto custa? How much does it cost?
Onde posso alugar um carro? Where can I rent a car?
Vocês têm…? Do you have…?
Tem comida vegetariana? Do you have vegetarian food?
Abre aos domingos? Does it open on Sundays?
Pode mostrar-me no mapa? Could you show me on the map?
É muito longe? Is it very far?
Onde fica a praia mais próxima? Where is the nearest beach?
Qual a direção para…? What is the direction to…?
Onde fica a rua…? Where is the street…?

“Tourists do not know where they’ve been…travelers do not know where they go!”

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