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Sharing his love of technology and travel – Daniel from the Pure Portugal team

Since little I’ve been amazed by technology and how we are at exciting times of profound breakthroughs. Twenty years ago it was unimaginable to have the level of global connection and knowledge sharing that the internet has gave us. I try to follow closely the evolution of new technologies and how they can be put in good use as a solution for a more conscientious, responsible, sustainable and fair world.

Palheiro conversion
My ancestors come from a small village in the Douro region. Every year, in Autumn, my family gets together for the grape harvest of several small pieces of land around the village to make our own wine. In there, I’ve this project of renovating an old stone “palheiro” that was initially constructed by my great-grandfather and was used for animal shelter and storage. It was in ruin, but about 2 year ago has started to be slowly renovated. At this stage it has been rebuilt and it’s almost finishing the interior details.

Van Conversion
I love to travel. I enjoy the feeling of getting out of the familiarity, doing slow travel and trying to absorb other cultures. I like to use travel social networks like TrustedHousesitting and CouchSurfing.So me and my partner have this common dream of travelling and living in a van. We have been thinking about this for some time and now it’s getting closer to become a reality. At the moment our van is already being converted and we’ve been dreaming for the day that we start this new step of our life.

I like to organize hiking events with friends. There are so many amazing trails to do in Portugal! From the Gerês to the Douro region, Aldeias de Xisto, Rota Vicentina, and the islands of Madeira and Azores. It’s unbelievable the diversity and richness in Portugal. We also do GeoCaching as we find it a great way to find secret places in nature all over the world.

Filming and Editing
I always liked to record my travels and making and editing videos about them.
We have also the idea of making other videos while on the road. We are already offering the Pure Portugal community to make small promotional videos about their properties for sale or holidays and rentals. But we have other ideas for videos like the van life, the unique locations that we visit and hikes we do, interesting people, sharing ideas, and other adventures.

Our Inspiration
As someone that lived many years unfulfilled in his current situation and making such a big effort just to maintain that bothered life. We started looking for alternatives and slowly gaining consciousness that it was possible to change our life.
Knowing many people around us that are in the same situation as we were, that are also searching for new solutions for their lives. That we think that sharing our process, can bring suitable alternatives that might work for them too.
Also showing other people that walked this path, made a radical change and chased their passions. Started living with a different conscience and a more fulfilled life.

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