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Sharing her love of travelling and making connections – Raquel from the Pure Portugal team

One of my biggest passion is travelling, knowing people, projects and being inspired from the world around me!

Transition Network
I’ve discovered Permaculture some years ago and it makes a lot of sense to me! I’ve been exploring since then other ways of living, so I’ve been visiting some sustainable projects, doing connections, and now I’m a part of the Transition Network Movement, on the Beehive LIGAR, for Transição Portugal.
In this Beehive, our aim is visiting Transition groups and projects and give impulses for the Transition blood to flow more smoothly local-national-international, and between movements in Portugal.

Sometimes I do housesitting. For me it’s a way of serving the community around me, travelling, meeting people and try new routines.
By the way, it was doing housesitting 2 years ago, that I’ve found the PP Community and it has been fantastic ever since! I’m learning a lot with you guys!

Travelling and Connecting: Road Trip
Me and Daniel have a big project in hands now that will help to connect our dreams and passions!
Our van it is now being converted into a camper van. We’re super excited, as we will be able to travel more and make bridges with other projects we are in!
So, with the camper van, we will have more time and flexibility to mix travelling, housesitting, meeting PP Community members, sustainable projects and transition initiatives.

Exercise body and mind
I think it’s really important to be aware of the present moment, to have a good physical and mental health, so I try to run several times a week and I’m doing yoga classes with a very inspirational couple: The Jewel of Yoga.
I’m also doing some volunteer work in an amazing organic farm in Boliqueime: Espírito da Terra Organic Farm.
I’m passioned about personal growth and love to read about this subject. One of my favourite books is The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO, by Robin Sharma.
Also like to cook and eat a good meal 🙂

Book of choice – The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO: A Remarkable Story about Living Your Heart’s Desires


To follow our experiences
On our website you can have an idea of the projects we are involved in.  So, you can subscribe and follow our experiences and personal transformation!

Sustainable initiatives map:


See you on the road! 😉

Raquel Ribeiro


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