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Sharing her love of horses, growing food, meditation and more – Clare from the Pure Portugal team

Aside from work with Pure Portugal I am also a Tipi Maker, I love being creative, and when not writing I adore sewing and making the tipis, seeing a roll of fabric become a wonderful retreat space/bedroom/communal gathering space fills me with joy each time and, in nearly a decade of making Tipis I still find myself filled with wonder when I put them up and see them in their new homes. So… having Pure Portugal and the tipis as my creative outlets I am a very happy person!!

I also love spending time around horses, they were my first love, having always had my own from a young age, life without a horse in it would be a very sad one indeed for me! Over the years I have rescued and rehabilitated many who had lost their trust in humans, I use a gentle and positive method of clicker training (a hobby and slight obsession which was passed to me thanks to Pure Portugal’s Sophie!). Generally I just love being in their company whether riding or just hanging out with them in a field.

I get less time now than I used to with the horses as I have two small children (8 and 3.5 years old) who are homeschooled  with the help of Andy my husband. Together each day we follow a plan of writing, reading and maths and then at some point always head off with our dogs to one of our favourite stomping grounds in the woods, beach or on moors for a good walk!

At the end of most days I like to meditate, if I have time I will also practice some yoga, but meditation is something that I always reach for, even if it’s just five minutes of being still, it really balances me ready for the next crazy day ahead.

Aside from all of the above I also love cooking and preserving food, growing vegetables and flowers, chatting to our chickens, planning madcap adventures and travels and have a keen passion in reducing our impact on the planet, whether that’s through lowering our use of plastics, to living off grid and repurposing items that are no longer of use!

Scary or Happy Movie? Ohh! Happy always! (I’m a real wimp!)
Favourite colour? Purple
Furthest you’ve ever been from home? Australia
Favourite ice cream flavour? Anything with the word Chocolate in it
Favourite Book? There are so many to choose from! But I chose Richard Mabey – Food For Free, this was the first book I remember really inspiring me to live in a different way many years ago, I still have the copy today and refer to it all the time, it not only taught me a lot, but more importantly it set me on the path I am on still now!


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