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Selling Your Home FAST in the UK? An Expat’s Guide!

Finding yourself needing to sell your home quickly can be daunting, especially when living abroad. As an expat, selling your home might be a rollercoaster of emotions and a challenging experience, but it is still possible. You just need the right resources and careful planning.
So, let’s get in-depth and explore the best ways you can sell your home quickly from abroad.

Ensure You Have a Reliable Conveyancer
As you may be residing miles away from the UK, making frequent trips back to attend to legal matters and documents related to the home sale might not be the ideal solution. Therefore, you need a reliable conveyancer to help you. Conveyancers are legal experts who draft contracts, oversee the transfer of funds and coordinate with the HM Land Registry. To find a trustworthy conveyancer, you should search for those with a good reputation in assisting UK citizens living abroad. Once you find a conveyancer, you might need to utilise a courier company that will send you all essential documents that require your signature. However, you can even do this whole process online due to the digital signature options.

Hire an Estate Agent
Another solution that will help you sell your house quickly is to take the traditional route and hire a UK-based real estate agent that will take care of the sale. You will benefit from this approach as the estate agent is responsible for the listing and viewing process on your behalf, which can be difficult for you to manage as an expat. However, you should keep in mind that real estate agents come with additional fees, and you’ll also not get the best potential profit from the sale.

Choose a Trustworthy Buying Company
A home buying company is an excellent option for selling your home while you’re abroad. These companies provide competitive cash bids to purchase your property. Also, you don’t pay any legal fees or commissions for the transaction, like you would with an estate agent.
What’s more, quick property-buying companies speed up the selling process, making it much faster than selling with a real estate agent. So, if you’ve ever asked yourselves, “How can I sell my house fast,” this service is the best way. You’ll sell your UK home quickly, hassle- and stress-free!

Utilise a Specialist Currency Company
Selling your house overseas leaves you exposed to constant changes in exchange rates, which may result in significant financial losses. Even the most minor exchange rate change can cost you a lot when it comes to transferring money in and out of the UK. To avoid this risk, you should consider options that can minimise your financial losses. One option is to work with a specialist currency broker that can help you “lock in” an agreed-upon exchange rate. Additionally, specialist brokers can advise you when it’s best to transfer your funds, and they offer more competitive exchange rates than your regular bank. This will protect you from market volatility and will also speed up the process, as these specialists know how to handle transactions in no time.

When time pressures you, selling your home might be a complex task, even more, if you’re living abroad and can’t take care of things on your own. However, selling your house as an expat is possible if you follow the best options we’ve provided in this article. As a result, you will sell your home quickly without worrying about closing and processing fees.

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