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Rewilding project after wildfires in Portugal – Can You Help?!

We wanted to take a moment to share this fabulous GoFundMe because it is such a fabulous cause!
Steve and Sarah bought Quinta da Chumbaria after seeing it advertised on Pure Portugal and what they have achieved there is nothing short of amazing!
Not only are they lovely humans, who deserve all the luck in the world, what they are aiming (and succeeding) to achieve is nothing short of amazing, they are a real inspiration!
If you can help with their fundraiser in any way please do! If you can not help financially please share their fundraising link for them because this will also help a lot we are sure!
Here is a little intro from them about the project and if you click the link below you can see what they want to do with any money raised.
In July 2022, wildfires ravaged our little abandoned Quinta da Chumbaria in the district of Central Portugal, destroying much of the 3 hectares of land that we (Steve and Sarah) have spent the last four years revitalizing through permaculture and regenerative practices. The wildfires were fueled by invasive Eucalyptus trees, leaving our small farm in desperate need of restoration. Year on year, we see more and more extreme weather conditions around the globe. Driven by climate change and it’s difficult to know exactly what to do to help our planet.
We have dedicated ourselves to the ethical principles of permaculture, working tirelessly to rejuvenate the tired farmland and promote biodiversity. We have reinstated the vegetable gardens in a drive to become more self-sufficient. Now, we are faced with the daunting task of rebuilding what was lost. The funds raised through this campaign will support the critical efforts to clear land, rewild the landscape, build a wildlife pond, plant native trees, and enhance biodiversity.
By contributing to this campaign, you will directly support the following initiatives:
1. Land Clearance: The funds will be used to clear the charred debris and dead trees left behind by the wildfires, preparing the land for renewal.
2. Rewilding: Through the strategic reintroduction of native flora and fauna, we aim to rewild the farm, allowing nature to reclaim its balance. We will be working with Portuguese Companies, supply organic seeds and local nurseries to supply the trees and plants.
3. Wildlife pond: Construct a 10 by 5 metre pond to support a vast array of aquatic plants, insects and other wildlife. For example, dragonflies, damselflies, bees, hoverflies, amphibians, bats, small mammals and birds often rely on ponds to drink, feed or breed.
4. Planting Native Trees: Native trees are essential for restoring the ecosystem and providing habitats for wildlife. The funds will be used to plant a diverse range of native tree species.
5. Biodiversity Improvement: A portion of the funds will be dedicated to implementing measures to enhance biodiversity, including creating pollinator-friendly habitats and promoting natural pest control.
Join in supporting us as we work to heal the land and improve bio-diversity in Central Portugal. Your contribution will not only help us recover from the wildfires but also contribute to the long-term sustainability and resilience of the local ecosystem.
Much of the work will be carried out by people from our local Portuguese community. There will be an improvement in the environment, and a more natural landscape will act as a much needed fire break between adjacent eucalyptus plantations. Following the local tradition, any excess yield, be it oranges, chestnuts or olives will be shared amongst the local community.

< div>The benefits will be far reaching, both into the community, and into the future.

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