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Reasons To Give Portugal A Try

Portugal plays host to a lot of different people seeking out ideal property. Some are permanent expats from other countries; some are retirees seeking a place to settle down; some are digital nomads who
may be passing through for just a year or a few months; and others are merely looking for an enjoyable holiday. Many of these people ultimately find what they’re looking for somewhere in Portugal. But if you’re on the fence, aware of the general popularity of this country for expats and travellers, but unsure of what specifically might lure you there, read on for some of our miscellaneous reasons to give it a try.

The idea here is to convey just how multi-faceted Portugal really is, and that ultimately it can and does appeal to all sorts of different people.

1. Activities In Nature

Portugal is teeming with natural beauty. Perhaps most notably, the country is famous for its beachside scenery and ideal waves – and by extension, surfing opportunities! Extraordinary surf spots can be
found all across the country, and in some places surfing is practically a way of life. Those with interest in this kind of activity will enjoy exploring Portugal’s extensive coastline, and particularly the southern beaches of the Algarve.

Nature lovers can also find some action exploring throughout Serra da Estrela Natural Park, Portugal’s oldest and largest protected natural area. Peneda-Gerês National Park, the only official national park in the country, is also well worth an expedition, and contains numerous beautiful hiking trails.

If you’d rather enjoy some natural adventuring off your feet, there are also opportunities to try some boating through some of Portugal’s prettiest natural areas. Best of all, the famed Rio Douro valley is welcoming to boaters, and meanders past vineyards, pastoral villages, and the famous city of Porto. Cruises along the river are available, though it’s also a gorgeous place to try your hand at sailing,
provided good conditions.

Lastly, for those who would like to enjoy the country’s natural beauty away from the mainland altogether, there are thermal springs and whale-watching opportunities on the volcanic islands of the Azores. While visiting these uniquely stunning islands, travellers can also climb dramatic cliffs, hike magnificent trails inland, and go swimming in pristine lakes.

2. The Charms Of The Capital

One major reason a lot of people fall in love with Portugal is the country’s capital city of Lisbon. There’s a certain character to the city, born of Moorish cobblestone alleys and old trams and enhanced by
modern culture to form an altogether unique capital experience.

Bairro Alto is one specific reason to visit Lisbon: a one-of-a-kind district with ancient homes, dynamic street art, traditional restaurants, and a vibrant bar scene. It’s also home to the Miradouro
de São Pedro de Alcântara, a landscaped terrace that offers panoramic views and is one of the most special places in the city.

Naturally, additional charms to the capital include local cuisine, and above all else you have to try the pastéis de nata – delicious Portuguese custard tarts. It is rumoured that only a handful of people
in Lisbon know the recipe for these world-famous egg-cream tart pastries, which makes them quite special among destination-specific delicacies in Europe.

3. Portugal’s Lively Football Culture

In Portugal, as in much of Europe, football is practically religion.

The Portuguese national team has competed internationally since 1921, and at this point is of tremendous importance to the citizens. Although the team has never won a World Cup, it did win the UEFA European Championship in 2016 and is often among top contenders. For those who may not be familiar, the team also happens to be captained by one of the greatest players in history in Cristiano Ronaldo; during his reign, the national football fever has only intensified.

The national team is only in action so often, and unfortunately most of its players are on club teams that reside elsewhere in Europe. The Portuguese club leagues are still very active, however, and offer a
high quality of football to enjoy while you’re staying or living in Portugal.

Ultimately, there’s a whole culture built around watching matches, be they local club contests or national team exhibitions. Many will dress in jerseys and perform chants. Many will also engage with online sports betting platforms from the UK, which make it easy to place cheap or even free wagers on high-profile football matches. But whether or not you end up choosing a team to support, learning chants, or placing bets, you’re likely to get swept up in the fun of it all one way or another.

4. The City Of Relics – Sintra

When it comes to city travel, it’s not all about the capital. Sintra is a picturesque destination, portraying an almost fantastical setting of forested hilltops, castles, and palaces. Just north of Lisbon, this
fairy tale city is only a day’s journey from the capital, at most. Once there you’ll find a town surrounded by mountains, many of its lavish landmarks having been awarded status as UNESCO World Heritage

One of Sintra’s most spectacular landmarks is the Castle of the Moors. This medieval castle was built in the 8th century, and boasts astonishingly well-preserved ramparts and towers. The Moorish castle
is a vision unto itself, but also offers remarkable panoramic views of the Sintra Mountains.

Sintra is also renowned for having many opulent palaces. The Pena Palace, for example, is one that was built in the 19th century for Ferdinand II. The structure exhibits colorful statues, walls, and
tiles, and is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. It’s known as well for the fact that its Romantic architecture boldly encapsulates Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance influence all at once.

Altogether we hope this spattering of attractions and highlights has given you a clearer idea as to why so many adore Portugal. It’s an incredible country, worthy of the consideration of travellers and
expats alike.

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