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Real Estate in Portuguese – Useful Vocabulary


With many thanks to Mia Esmeriz from Learn Portuguese  for this helpful blog! If you want to learn more about the Portuguese language, make sure to check out her online courses. If you are a beginner, she recommends that you start with her free Kickstarter Course.

If you want to buy a house in Portugal, you might have some questions regarding vocabulary related to real estate in Portuguese.

When you start searching for a house, you might see signs and adverts in publications and on boards that have words you do not understand. Here we share some words which we hope might help you when you look around!

Imobiliário/ Bens Imóveis  – Real Estate

Agente imobiliário/ Mediador Imobiliário – Real Estate Agent

Agência imobiliária – Real Estate Agency

T1, T2..V1, V2 – These refer to the number of bedrooms you can find in a house – typically T is used for apartments and V for houses or villas

Assoalhada – Rooms in a house.

Casa – House

Moradia/ Vivenda – House with some space around, generally a garden

Isolada – Detached house

Geminada –  Semi-detached house

Apartamento – Apartment

Terreno – Land

Sala – Living-room

Cozinha – Kitchen

Quarto – Bedroom

Casa de banho – Bathroom

Lavandaria – Laundry Room

Despensa – Pantry

Escritório – Office/ Study Room

Jardim – Garden

Pátio – Yard

Varanda – Balcony

Terraço – Terrace

Garagem – Garage

Garagem Individual – Private Garage

Lugar de Garagem – Parking Space

Arrumos – Storage Room

Lareira – Fireplace

Recuperador de Calor – Heat Exchanger

Ar Condicionado – Air Conditioning

Aquecimento Central – Central Heating

Aquecedores – Heaters

Rés-do-Chão – Ground Floor

Andar/ Piso – Floor

Último andar – Penthouse

Cave – Basement

Piscina – Pool

Condomínio – Condominium/ Also the fee you pay per month when you buy a house, to keep the condo infrastructures (cleaning, elevators, common grounds, etc)

Condomínio Fechado – Gated Community

Água da rede – Municipality water

Luz/ Eletricidade – Electricity

Gás Natural – Natural Gas

Contador – Meter (Can be related to water or electricity and it is where what you spend is counted).

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