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Quinta da Alvarinheira is inviting to join!

A few days ago we visited Quinta da Alvarinheira.

This farm is much more than a Manor House restored for tourism. It has also a collaborative vision, which respects the traditions and keeps them alive, to be shared by others.
It’s a kind of small community village around the patio, where everyone has an activity to help bring more value to the quinta. At the moment there are 3 families living there. One is the caretaker and host, and then two other families with different micro-business, Viladoce for cookies, jam, etc and Licores de Fatima making spirits.

João, the caretaker told us they would love to invite others to participate, such as by holding retreats, classes, therapies, etc since the quinta has capacity for sizable groups. They are also adding a licensed kitchen for preparing and packaging food and that could be something appealing to the PP community!! 🙂

If you would like to collaborate with this project, please use the contact form to communicate with the owner: Quinta da Alvarinheira

We feel very honoured of knowing such a great place and more that we are advertising it on our website!


We keep on making connections!

See you on the road!


Raquel & Daniel


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