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Q&A With One Of Pure Portugal’s Longest Standing Rental Clients

As part of our Pure Portugal Past & Present 14th Birthday Celebrations, we decided it would be nice to interview one of the people who have advertised their rental property with Pure Portugal since the early days.

See their rental property here

What were you doing before you started renting properties? 

We came here to retire , but soon decided that we needed to do something to keep us busy.

How did you first find out about Pure Portugal, and what did you know about us before you joined us?

We were recommended to you by our dear friend Simon (expats in Portugal) who recently passed away, he said you were a good site to advertise on.

Tell us something you love about being connected with Pure Portugal?

That the response is very quick, you give lots useful info, enjoy reading your newsletters.

If you could go back to the beginning of your business and could give yourself one piece of advice, what it be?

Get a cleaner to help, it really takes the stress off!

2 thoughts on “Q&A With One Of Pure Portugal’s Longest Standing Rental Clients

  1. Hello. My friend struck lucky in Spain. He pays £20 pound a week for a bit land and a small house and he actually owns it. Wow. There is actually a company that deals in rent to own in Spain. Are there any companies in Portugal who provide this, or how would I go about getting a small piece of land of my own with cheap monthly payments for camping holidays, and later for off grid living. All the best.

    1. Hello! You can buy land and property using a contract in Portugal, this means the buyer and the seller agree a term, this could include a rent to buy option and the amount is just up to whatever you both agree. The law is that if you then pull out before the contract is fulfilled you lose anything you’ve paid, and if the seller pulls out they have to give you double what you have paid them in return as compensation. Hope this helps! Pop over to our Facebook page ‘Pure Portugal Living The Good Life’ for more advice

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