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Pure Portugal RoadTrips

Hello Portugal Lovers!

This year, the Pure Portugal team members Raquel and Daniel will be doing several road trips throughout Portugal, visiting projects, the Pure Portugal community and partners.

In their first trip they will be going from Porto to Oleiros, in the Castelo Branco district.

And they would like to interview some of the members of the community about the journey and experiences living in Portugal. So we can promote a stronger community and support each other!

If you would like to share your experiences, needs, expectations and dreams please email to

Send your contact even if you are not in this route, because they will be doing more road trips in the next months.

To follow their experiences
They have a blog and a YouTube channel where you can follow their experiences and transformation. In the next months they will be posting weekly videos about migration movements, challenges and opportunities.
Subscribe to the youtube channel to keep updated of their latest video:



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