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Pure Portugal’s – Must Have Books!


This book list will be added to monthly as each months ‘must have book’ is shared on our facebook community page – Pure Portugal Living The Good Life.  You can pop over to this blog page looking for an ever increasing list of essential book inspiration!

We will ensure it is a varied selection about Portugal, learning Portuguese and other useful books to enable you to start living the good life.


April 2018 – First Thousand Words In Portuguese

Not just for children! A thousand everyday words, illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help people of all ages learn key vocabulary. Especially great for those visual learners who are new to Portugal!


May 2018 – Food For Free – Richard Mabe

One of the very first books I remember reading many years ago which started me on my foraging journey, this book really opened my eyes to just how much food we are surrounded by in nature showing over 200 types of food that can be gathered, foraged and picked in the wild.! Although written with the UK in mind, many foods here can be found throughout Portugal.  The text is accompanied by stunning drawings and a wealth of information on identifying, collecting, cooking and preparing as well as history and folklore.

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