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Pure Portugal RoadTrip in Benfeita

Hello Portugal Lovers!

On their road trip, Raquel and Daniel visited this nice property advertised by Pure Portugal, near Benfeita, Arganil, and they made a short movie about it!

The current owner of this property is living in Benfeita for more than 4 years and is participating in a reforestation project of the protected area of Mata da Margaraça.

This community is very concerned about ecological transition everywhere in the world, and as Benfeita is a Transition Town, they are all trying to live a more sustainable life. So, there are a lot of projects in the area that are experimenting new techniques, researching and trying to find solutions so they can live in nature and regenerate the land.

This community is collecting local people to help promote conservation, diversify the wildlife, implement eco tourism, and bring back life to the village, with new schools and more local business.

We went to a fundraising dinner event for a new alternative school in Benfeita, and got to know a lot of people on the area that are creating a new environment and ideas to this village. The movement and work people are doing is really incredible!


Here’s the link to the property:

STV32: Casa da Fonte


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