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Pure Portugal Live 2016

“Living the Good Life – Goes Live”

pp live

Looking for property in Portugal and finding the whole process a bit daunting?
If you’re dreaming of self-sufficient sustainable living, and thinking of buying property in Portugal, this event will help you make Connections, discover communities, and be on the way to
Living the Good Life!

We have an expert panel of people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. You can ask all your niggling questions about relocating to Portugal. The Highs and the Lows!

Already living in Portugal?
Come along and meet like-minded people, ask any questions you have, share your experiences, and make new friends!

Do you have skills or services to share?
This is a unique opportunity to become one of our select Connections. Share your advice and promote your business at the event.

VENUE: Restaurante Solar do Bacalhau, Rua da Sota 12, 3000-392 Coimbra, PORTUGAL
DATE: Sunday 17th April 2016
TIME: 12:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs

Come and join us for a fun and informative afternoon, including:

  • Three Course Lunch
    A traditional 3-course Portuguese meal including a glass of wine, bottled water, and coffee. (Extra drinks at own expense.)
  • “Question Time”
    Our Question Time Panel are ready to answer your questions and share their experiences and advice on Living the Good Life in Portugal.
  • Make Connections
    Meet the real people behind the scenes of our popular Facebook group
    Pure Portugal – Living the Good Life
  • Afternoon Refreshments
    Sandwiches, pastries, cakes, fruit, and cheese. Water, juice, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

This is a non-profit event and places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Single Ticket: 35.00 euros
Couple Ticket: 60.00 euros
 – limited early bird tickets available at this special price!

Child Ticket: 17.50 euros


By train:
2 minutes walk from Coimbra train station (not Coimbra B!)

By coach:
13 minute walk (1.1km) from bus station (Av. Fernão de Magalhães 667, 3000-316 Coimbra).

By car:
Google Maps
Free parking – car park opposite the Oslo hotel and next door to the pharmacy. Bring your car park ticket to the restaurant and the staff can give you a free ticket when you leave.

Coimbra Accommodation:
Pure Portugal Holidays

12 thoughts on “Pure Portugal Live 2016

  1. Is there a group/s for people who dont have enough money to buy their own property individually but who would be interested to buy as a joint or group venture with the common aim of living a sustainable lifestyle ?

    1. We’ve put together “fractional ownership” groups of two-four co-owners to purchase property in Southern Spain. Now, we are looking to find a home for ourselves in Portugal — which we’d consider co-owning — and spending our time between Spain and Portugal. Of course, we’re hoping that Portugal is easier to deal with in being granted a residency visa than is Spain! 🙂

      1. This sounds interesting Bruce. I would like to know the details and how it works in practise. I think there are a number of people who would go for this solution as long as they are like minded and perhaps get to know each other a little including face to face meeting/s.
        Thanks again George

        1. In theory, principle, and practicse, it isn’t that difficult. Being the first of three co-owners, we selected the four months of each year that we wanted to “own.” The second co-owner(s) then chose their four months, and the third co-owners were pleased to accept the remaining months. We tried to be fair. Since we all are Americans none had residency visas, we were limited to staying a maximum of 90 days … followed by 180 outside the EU … and then up to another 90 days. For our own schedules, the months of April, May, December and January worked best; the second set of co-owners chose June, July, August, and March; the last two co-owners were happy enough with February, March, September, and October. Remember: Unlike a time share — where one only “owns” the time — each of us co-owners owned one-third of the property, as recorded and attested to be the deed. In other matters, we located a customizable legal *template* for co-owners and fractional ownership, which we adapted specifically to our needs. Finally, we engaged the services of a solicitor who represented us — including being granted Power of Attorney — and liaised between us, the property agent and her clients (the sellers), and the Notario who — in Spain — is ultimately charged with and responsible for conducting the legal transfer of the property. Ultimately, we had an “owner’s manual” how all aspects of the co-ownership would work … as well as the legal documentation handled by a Spanish attourney and notario. Hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them. 🙂

  2. Co-owning property few months each sounds ok as holiday but what about just sharing a property so a few owners could start something special all have there own section of land and then all the rest as shared adventures? we are looking at a few places and thinking wouldnt this be nice to build a small farm and grow our own foods and live a peaceful life from a caravan, yes some have a ruin of building which could be made as a sharing place for all to have one place to meet up? looking now at a lovely place online 2 h flat land be nice split into 2 between 2 families who want to share.

    1. hullo Daisy from Patrick I might be interested in shared ownership. My motive in considering Portugal is better climate with reference to husbandry and utilisation of my (2) horses.

      1. I too could be interested in shared ownership as I want a place to keep horses on and ride. At times however I want to be away and out of Portugal and so want to be assured that someone would look after them (as I would for other co-owners as well).

  3. Good Afternoon,

    My family and I are just in the process of selling up in the UK, we currently have been residing in our motorhome with two small children for a year now and are planning on traveling through spain and portugal during winters over the next 5 years or more. We will return to Britain to work during the summers. We are hoping that we can own a piece of sustainable land in the future and would by it out right to live there permanently – once we know which area we would like to integrate into. We would keep british citizenship , but prefer to reside in our own haven – is this possible? or would it be easier to just rent a small holding? we are put off renting though as we really want to be bill free.

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