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Pure Portugal – it’s a Trade Mark!

We’re happy to announce that Pure Portugal is a registered trademark!


This means that we are now officially and internationally recognised for having “acquired an extensive reputation and goodwill” – woohoo!

The trademark certificate arriving in the post this morning coincided with this comment in a client’s email that landed in our inbox: “I’ve heard positive references regarding Pure Portugal so you’ve made a good name for yourselves in Belgium.”

We’ve also had some great feedback from our Owners and Agents Survey, one of our favourites being: “Pure Portugal is still the best “gateway” for property seekers in Portugal” – we kinda like the implication that we might be a gateway drug – buy a Pure Portugal property and you’ll be into hardcore permaculture before you know it 😉

So we’re feeling proud of ourselves and thankful to all our clients, friends and family who’ve helped us reach this point – it’s cheesy I know, but we really couldn’t have done it without you.

registered trademark

ps. Andrea is sitting at her desk cackling, rubbing her hands together with glee, and writing “cease and desist” letters to anyone who’s been using our name for their own business – every so often I can hear her mutter “right, another one for the hit list!”.

Whilst we are generally great encouragers of sharing and supporting one another (and understand that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”), trying to use someone else’s name and hard-earned reputation for your own business is definitely not ethical.

One thought on “Pure Portugal – it’s a Trade Mark!

  1. Hi I have only said positive things about this site .Some might mention my name some will not .
    So I tell you maybe once a week I refers folks to pure Portugal .
    Good luck when I return we will meet .
    My son Craig Scott Keane and his wife Dan included.

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