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AGRICULTURE – Spring Planning

Happy 2022 Pure Portugal Farmers & Agri Lovers.  For those of you with BIG ideas, please start your planning now!

Below are my TOP 5 tips to mull over in front of the fireplace this month – and then you can get moving!

1)      Agri Associations – This the time to find and join your local agriculture association.  They will have LOTS of resources and advice for you.  They also get busy in the Spring so now is a great time to get an appointment.

2)      Budgets – Put it on paper. Take the emotion out of it and see if you really can afford what you plan on building. Rather than stopping you, it can really help you focus on the priorities over extra bells and whistles.

3)      Cleaning – NOW is the perfect time to keep your cleaning land.  And don’t forget your burn permits! It is 100% online and automated so very convenient. See here for the permit form.

4)      Planting Pastures – For those of you keen on livestock, plant your spring pastures now.  There is regularly a shortage of good quality seed (even with local grass seeds) so don’t wait too long.  Grass needs a minimum of 6-8 weeks before it is both mature and offers any good nutrition.  And don’t forget to mix your seed – This year we planted Azevem (ryegrass) + Aveia Preta (Black oats) + Ervilheca (peas) giving our goats a great blend of vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein.

5)      Outsourcing – Can you build your dream or will you need help?  Give yourself time to find the right help whether it be the local village tractor, finding workaway’s / woofers or looking for specialists on the Pure Portugal directory.

Good Luck and always here to answer questions !

Rachel WIKID Farms

Contact Rachel here.

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