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PP Team Member @ Transitioning Abroad Storytellers

We are very happy to say that Pure Portugal Team members Daniel and Raquel have been awarded a position in the Transition Network Storytellers Calling!!!

Being involved with the Portuguese Transition movement and being facilitators for foreigners who want to start living a sustainable life on the land in Portugal, they help them to connect and integrate with Portuguese sustainable initiatives.

Transitioning Abroad: Storytellers Project Introduction
They will embrace this storytellers project from July to December, posting one short video every week, interviewing different kind of people and movements. So, maybe they can ask for some of the PP members to share their experiences!
This will help to better understand the phenomenon about movement of people around the world, the impacts on the local communities and on the expats lives. They hope to find and share communities with good practices of integration, to promote network between expats and the local communities, and hopefully to inspire other projects around the world.

Road Trip
They bought a van and will start the conversion process for a campervan to do a road trip, for more flexibility to undertake this challenge. So, maybe we can meet them on the road!


To follow their experiences
They have a blog and a YouTube channel where you can follow their experiences and transformation. In the next months they will be posting weekly videos about migration movements, challenges and opportunities.
Subscribe to the youtube channel to keep updated of their latest video:

Watch this short video explaining this project:



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