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Top 5 Best Places To Live In The World!

Every year many sources try to identify the best place in the world to live. They take into account GDP, crime, employment rates and standard of living among other things. Of course boiling things down to numbers doesn’t completely work as there are many reasons why people like to live in certain places that can’t be quantified.

Having said that, here are 5 of the best places to live in the world for differing reasons. 

1) Canada

This country is often ranked as the best country to live in for quality of life. For a country as large as Canada it has a very low population. It is the second largest country in the world yet has a population of around 36 million. Canada is friendly towards immigrants which makes it easy to settle. 

Vancouver in particular is maybe one of the best places to live. It has featured many times in the top 5 best cities in the world to live in, and for good reason. There is real cultural diversity in Vancouver along with friendly, safe neighbourhoods. There are easy to find, affordable properties in Vancouver B.C. The countryside is incredible with beaches, mountains and the incredible Sea to Sky Highway that runs by amazing scenery.

If you enjoy winter sports then Vancouver & British Columbia has it all including hockey, snowboarding and skiing along with incredible resorts such as Whistler Blackcomb.

Vancouver is best for families and nature lovers plus of course ski enthusiasts.

2) Thailand

Now this might not fit on many of the normal best places to live lists but it is here for a reason. Many younger couples and single people work now as digital nomads. Chiang Mai is highly popular with this type of worker along with English teachers.

Chiang Mai in the north has everything you would expect in a big city and a lot more. It has wonderful temples, extremely cheap local food, night clubs, small artisan cafes and shops and a friendly mix of locals and expats. It is easy to get by with English but there are many opportunities and classes to learn Thai also. It is a great base to stay and venture further out with easy access to Myanmar, Laos and southern Thailand, plus there is an airport and railway line here. Rent is also cheap.

One thing you would notice in Chiang Mai quickly is the price of meals in restaurants. When you first visit a Thai restaurant you will see how cheap the food is. This is one reason that it is quite hard to find an apartment with a kitchen as most Thais go and buy food ready made from food markets and street stalls.

Best for digital nomads and travel bloggers. 

3) Portugal

Lisbon offers a quality of life that is almost unmatched anywhere in Europe against the cost of living there. Property is inexpensive in many cases, especially if looking to buy something to renovate and fix-up. Many people looking to live and work in a more eco friendly environment come here. Foreigners can buy property easily here and rentals in Lisbon and other places are freely available.

Fresh seafood and meditarranean living mean that there is a high life expectancy. The locals are very family orientated and welcoming to outsiders. The countryside is spectacular as are the beaches and coastlines.

Best for almost anyone, retirees, families and digital nomads. 

4) Bali

Bali in Indonesia is an island of diverse nature. While in Kuta you have beaches and surfers plus western shopping you can also travel to Ubud to see the real beauty of Bali. Terraced rice fields among rainforest and with shrines and Hindu temples make up this spectacular landscape. Lush and green there are many holy sites here. In the town itself there are traditional crafts and Balinese culture to see.

Food is cheap and affordable in Bali although alcohol is more expensive. The local Bintang beer is affordable but restaurants selling cocktails charge high prices. Alcohol is taxed highly in Indonesia. From Bali it is easy to travel to Lombok to see the volcano and on to the Gili islands for either partying or complete tranquility depending on which island you choose.

Best for beach and nature lovers, surfers and remote workers. 

5) Australia

A vast area of land with only a small percentage inhabitable may not sound like the best place to live but Australia offers and delivers much. The Gold Coast, Byron Bay and cities like Melbourne offer a great way of living. Always ranking high up on the United Nations list of best places to live, Australia offers a vast range of employment for people bringing in necessary skills. There are water sports like surfing and diving, great restaurants and plenty of culture.

Best for young people looking for a place to work on a gap year and families wanting to start a new life.

Obviously this list is short and can’t possibly take in all the other wonderful places that you could live but that is what travel is for. Go and explore Portugal and Europe and find your own perfect place to live.

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