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Permaculture in Portugal: October Planting and Nurturing


If you’ve been wondering how to harness the beauty of Portugal’s October season, you’re in the right place. Let’s deep dive into the permaculture world, tailored to the Portuguese landscape.

Understanding October in Portugal

From the rolling expanses of Alentejo to the picturesque slopes of the Douro Valley, Portugal boasts a wealth of diverse environments. As summer’s heat gradually mellows into autumn’s crisp embrace, October emerges as an ideal month for planting and tending.

Harnessing Water: With summer drawing to a close this often sees the arrival of the rains, sometimes the rain can be HEAVY! So now’s the time to think about water conservation. Swales, rainwater harvesting systems, and keyline ploughing can help ensure your plants are well-hydrated.

Nourishing the Soil: After a long summer, the soil’s in need of a bit of TLC. A thick layer of organic mulch, perhaps straw or local plant remains, can do wonders. And don’t overlook plants like comfrey and yarrow; their deep roots draw up essential nutrients, rejuvenating the topsoil.

October Planting Guide: Here’s a snapshot of what thrives in Portugal’s October:

Leafy Greens: Spinach, kale, and chard are keen to grow in this temperate window.

Root Vegetables: It’s a good time for carrots, beetroot, and turnips to go in.

Legumes: Plant broad beans now, and you’ll be reaping the benefits come spring.

Plant Companions: To keep pests at bay, consider integrating marigolds into your garden. Calendula, aside from being lovely to look at, boasts both repellent and medicinal properties.

Embracing Wildlife: Nature’s full of helpful allies. Birdhouses and insect habitats can introduce beneficial creatures to help keep those pesky plant-eaters in check.

Thinking Perennial: For long-term gains, consider perennial plants. Trees and shrubs, like olives and figs, are well-adapted to Portugal’s climate. Planting them in October allows them to establish themselves ahead of winter.

Wishing you a happy October! And remember Permaculture is all about synergy with nature. By embracing its principles, you’re setting yourself up for both immediate rewards and long-term sustainability.

Here’s to a productive season!

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