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Paying taxes by direct debit

Even with lot of technology nowadays, sometimes we forget some responsibilities. Direct debits are a simple and convenient way to make certain periodic payments.

To help taxpayers, the government tax department started allowing the payment of several taxes by direct debit. Because when paying taxes, forgetting can lead to paying fines.

If you want to be free of the anxiety of keeping track of tax payment dates and duties, you can now schedule these payments so they can be payed automatically by direct debit.

We’ll show step by step how to enable this feature.


Start by logging in to the Portal das Finanças (the Governamental Tax Collection Website)


Go to “Todos os Serviços” (All Services) and then “Débito Direto” (Direct Debit).


Click Pedido de Adesão (Subscription Request).


And “Novo Pedido de Adesão” (new Subscription Request) to create a new payment authorisation.
If needed, it’s possible to edit the existing bank account number following this link: Alteração de NIB/IBAN


When creating a new Subscription Request, select the Type of Payment (Tipo de Pagamento) as Punctual (Pontual) or Recurring (Recorrente) and specify the Tax (Finalidade) from this list: IRS, IRC, IMI, IUC, Pag. por conta do IRS.


It’s also possible to define the Maximum Debit Amount (Montante Máximo de Débito) and the Authorisation Deadline (Data Limite de Autorização). To continue click “Continuar”.


To complete the entire process, the taxpayer must click confirm (Confirmação) and re-authenticate to the website to get the document with its SEPA Direct Debit Authorisation.


At any time it’s possible to manage the authorisations already given and also the payments history.

With this simple steps you can now schedule the payment of taxes, liberating your time and mind for more enjoyable tasks.


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